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Chapter 3335: Didnt Panic At AllTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

But without her in his embrace, he thought of her again.

Consequently, he behaved like a despicable man and pulled Yan Zhiqing back to him after a few days.

This was how Wei Wucai spent his time on the set; he was stuck between feeling tortured and missing her—between feeling sorrowful and happy.

“Then why dont you pack up your luggage and come over here You need to wash the clothes you have on the set, anyway.

You cant just keep wearing them,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucais face lit up.

“So, youre saying you agree”

Yan Zhiqing didnt say anything in response, so Wei Wucai took her silence as agreement.

In any case, she liked Wei Wucai.

She also possessed the same belief that they would continue to stay as a couple forever.

The two of them were together every day on the set.

They were unlike most lovers who, at the start of their relationship, could only see each other during rest periods.

To begin with, the progression speed of their relationship wasnt the same as that of others.

Yan Zhiqing felt that with the way their relationship was progressing naturally, the two of them were already at the stage where they could live together.

As such, she didnt oppose the idea when Wei Wucai proposed it.

Moreover, Yan Zhiqing couldnt bear to be apart from Wei Wucai either.

In fact, she couldnt bear to be apart from him for even a short time.

She had long gotten used to being with him from morning till night.

After all, she just had to raise her gaze up, and she could see him no matter what time it was.

Now, having gone for a period without seeing him, she felt uncomfortable and was missing him.

Wei Wucai didnt say a word more and hurriedly took down the luggage bag he had placed in the car.

Although the clothes in his luggage bag needed to be washed, Wei Wucai decided that he would bring them to Yan Zhiqings place first.

He would bring his clothes back there after sending them off for laundry.

In any case, it meant he wasnt moving away.

Yan Zhiqing truly had too many luggage bags on the set.

Fortunately, it wasnt necessary to employ a delivery service.

This time, aside from Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai, the only other person who tagged along in the car was Fang Qiaohan.

So, there was plenty of space in the car, which they could fill to the brim with all of Yan Zhiqings luggage.

Having been at the set for three months, it was just like Yan Zhiqing was moving homes.

She didnt just have luggage bags; she also had many boxes of all sizes.

She had packed up all the items she used in her daily life.

Fortunately, she had a strong laborer, Wei Wucai.

So, Yan Zhiqing didnt panic in the slightest.

By the time Wei Wucai was done moving all of Yan Zhiqings belongings back into her home…

Yan Zhiqing was also done brewing a pot of coffee and poured a cup for Wei Wucai.

“Have a rest first.

Ill go tidy up these things,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Yan Zhiqing was once again grateful for her OCD.

She was unable to tolerate her home being in such a mess.

She made use of her energy to put away whatever she had to put away.

Afterward, she would be able to have a good rest without any pressure.

Otherwise, she would keep on thinking about how her home was a mess that had to be tidied up even while she was resting.

This meant that if she didnt properly tidy up her home, she wouldnt be able to get proper rest.

“Ill help you.” Wei Wucai put down the cup of coffee.

“No need.

You dont know where everything is supposed to go anyway.

Youll be able to help me tidy up after youve stayed here for a long time and have become familiar with everything,” Yan Zhiqing said with a breathy voice, panting while she tidied up.

Wei Wucai really loved hearing what Yan Zhiqing just said.

It meant Yan Zhiqing had already decided to let him stay here for a long time.

This made him happy.

Consequently, Wei Wucai cheerfully sat back down to drink his coffee.

However, Wei Wucai felt it wasnt good for him to be sitting around idly while Yan Zhiqing was so busy.

So, after finishing his coffee, he went to unpack his luggage.

During the three months on the set, he normally had the hotel wash his clothes.

As the check-out date approached, there were some clothes he wasnt able to send off to be washed in time.

However, there werent many of them.

Wei Wucai took them all out, intending to have them be sent off for laundry with Yan Zhiqings clothes.

Like him, there werent many pieces of clothing that Yan Zhiqing wanted to wash.

She also normally sent her clothes off to be washed by the hotel.

After that, Yan Zhiqing arranged her belongings back in their original positions.

Once Yan Zhiqing was done with that, Wei Wucai placed his belongings next to hers accordingly.

The two people were both busy with their own tasks, moving back and forth around the home.

It was a rather lively sight.

Before they knew it, they were done with tidying up.

It went by a lot faster than when Yan Zhiqing normally unpacked by herself.

Yan Zhiqing thought that this was the legendary phenomenon of not being tired when you did things as a well-matched couple.

After unpacking everything, Yan Zhiqing folded up the cardboard boxes and placed them in the storeroom.

It was in preparation for the next time she needed to move to a filming location.

Next, she went to the bathroom and washed her hands.

Unexpectedly, the moment she went inside, she saw Wei Wucai standing in front of the vanity while rubbing his chin.

Who knew what he was thinking about

Yan Zhiqing asked, “What are you thinking about”

Her OCD meant she really liked organizing things.

The mirror above the vanity was actually a cabinet.

A mirror had been built into the cabinet door.

Behind it was a cabinet with many shelves.

From the top to bottom, everything was arranged very neatly.

Ranging from face and mouth cleaning products to bottles and containers of all sorts of products that one might use in the shower as well as hair care products… The cabinet was completely filled with all those things.

However, it was fortunate that Wei Wucai didnt have many things.

So, it would be acceptable even if he placed his things inside.

At this moment with the cabinet door open, what Wei Wucai was looking at were two sets of toothbrushes and cups.

Coincidentally, the two electric toothbrushes were of the same brand and model.

The color was the only thing that was different.

The one Yan Zhiqing used was pink, while the one Wei Wucai used was black.

They immediately became acouple set.

“What happened to the small cup for charging that came with your toothbrush when you bought it” Wei Wucai asked her.

“It broke,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“What about yours”

Wei Wucai fell silent for a moment before saying, “Mine broke too.”

Otherwise, the two of them would have had a matching pair of cups as well.

“How about we go buy matching couple items” Wei Wucai said.

“Not just these cups.

We should also get cups for drinks, and phone cases.

Whatever we can get couple items for, we should buy them.”

Initially, Wei Wucai never even thought of such a thing as having matchingcouple things.

It had been Yan Zhiqing who said they should change their Weibo and WeChat profile pictures to couple ones.

It seemed that Wei Wucai had finally gotten a good taste of the sweetness that came from having matching things for couples.

Most of all, their mutual friends on WeChat said the two of them were being too excessive with their public displays of affection.

This appeared to have opened up a door to a whole new world for Wei Wucai.

So, he seized this opportunity to have more couple things.

Yan Zhiqing almost wanted to kneel down to him.

Why was this man so energetic His stamina had to be ridiculously good!

Didnt he know what it meant to be tired

Yan Zhiqing immediately hung on to Wei Wucai.

“I dont want to go out.

Im really tired.

Back there, I only slept three or four hours at most every day.

Ive finally come home and just finished unpacking.

I want to catch up on my sleep now.

No one can drag me outside.”

Hearing this, Wei Wucai felt that his behavior was a little unreasonable.

“Lets just buy them on the internet,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Its so convenient to buy online.

There are so many varieties, and we dont need to go out.

We just need to wait for the things to be delivered.”

Wei Wucai thought about it, and he also felt it was reasonable.

The two people then changed into their home wear clothes.

The clothes they brought back in their luggage were enough to last them a few days.

So, Wei Wucai didnt worry about it.

He then pulled Yan Zhiqing over to the bed.

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