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She had gotten used to hearing it.

“Have you two eaten lunch” Old Mrs.

Wei asked.


We ate something while we were outside,” Wei Wucai said, “But the food at that restaurant wasnt good, so we didnt eat much.”

Yan Zhiqing said frankly, “There were too many people at the mall.

Its my fault that we couldnt choose a restaurant that was more popular.

So, we ended up choosing a restaurant that didnt have that many people and sat at the corner.”

“To be honest, we expected it.

A restaurant with so few customers must not have good food.

However, we didnt think the food to be that horrible.” Yan Zhiqing complained, “The restaurant owner must be really rich.

Despite the restaurant business being that bad and being in such an expensive mall, it still hasnt closed down.”

When Old Mrs.

Wei heard this, she burst out in laughter.

“You two are quite silly.” OId Mrs.

Wei laughed and said, “Why do you have to eat at the mall You could have driven for a short while to Xiao Shens or Beichengs place for food.

Even if you didnt want hotpot at Beicheng, you could have gone to one of the restaurants owned by Xiao Shen.

He owns so many restaurants and one of them must have food that you two like.”

The Yan Familys business was within the hospitality industry.

They only own a hotpot franchise business because Yan Beicheng liked to eat hotpot and the hotpot restaurant accidentally flourished and became a franchise.

However, Zhao Gushens business was different.

The Zhao Familys business involved the food and beverage industry.

They owned one-starred, two-starred, three-starred Michelin restaurants and restaurants recommended by the Michelins Bib Gourmands as well as internet-famous restaurants.

They also owned a high-class restaurant that wasnt Michelin-starred but was still a reputable internet-famous high-class restaurant.

They also owned restaurants that specialize in various regional cuisines.

There were eight major cuisines in the country and the corporation owned a restaurant that specialized in each of the eight cuisines.

In addition, the restaurant wasnt selling a jumble of food from different cuisines.

Each restaurant specialized in one regional cuisine.

And so, the food would never give off that mish-mash vibe.

Old Mrs.

Wei had never asked about it in detail.

However, in her opinion, the Zhao Family already owned half of the food and beverage industry market.

“His familys restaurants are everywhere in B City.

You can find them anywhere and the taste of the food is guaranteed to be good.

Why didnt you go there” Old Mrs.

Wei asked.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

They simply thought they would eat in a nearby restaurant.

They actually forgot about Zhao Gushens restaurant.

Zhao Gushen had a restaurant in that mall as well!

Yan Zhiqing had been too nervous.

All she had in mind earlier was to come to the family home.

As for Wei Wucai, he listened to Yan Zhiqing.

At this moment, the expressions on their faces were indescribable.

Old Mrs.

Wei and Dong Muping didnt chat with Yan Zhiqing about work.

They were very curious about the news of various celebrities in the entertainment industry.

They were curious about whether this celebrity was really dating another celebrity or not.

They were curious about whether these two celebrities had broken up or not.

They were curious about the opportunities some celebrities were getting.

They questioned if their favorite celebrity would act the same when he was off the stage or if he was truly the person he had always presented to the audience.

To survive in the entertainment industry, Yan Zhiqing wasnt willing to stress herself out.

She didnt care about what she could tell or could not tell.

And so, Yan Zhiqing told them everything they wanted to know.

And now, for Old Mrs.

Wei and Dong Muping…

Yan Zhiqing wasnt just their confirmed granddaughter-in-law or daughter-in-law.

She was also the source of their latest celebrity gossip.

Yan Zhiqing knew so many things about other celebrities!

An entire afternoon was not enough for her to spill all the tea.

As for Yan Zhiqings identity as the confirmed granddaughter-in-law and daughter-in-law, the two had never doubted it.

Wei Wucai had finally lost his status as a single man and managed to trap Yan Zhiqing.

It was truly… rare for a girl to be able to tolerate Wei Wucai.

If Yan Zhiqing escaped, where would they find another one

Therefore, no matter what happened and no matter what Wei Wucai thought…

Old Mrs.

Wei and Dong Muping had decided that they would hold firmly on to Yan Zhiqing.

They wished that they could drag Yan Zhiqing away this afternoon to legally register her marriage with Wei Wucai.

They wanted to confirm this as soon as possible.

So, no matter what, they had to guarantee that Yan Zhiqing would become their granddaughter-in-law or daughter-in-law.

The two would occasionally refer to Yan Zhiqing as Zhiqing.

Most of the time, they would call Yan Zhiqing granddaughter-in-law or daughter-in-law.

They wanted to brainwash Yan Zhiqing until she got used to those terms and wouldnt feel odd hearing them.

After dinner, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing left.

When they left the house, Old Mrs.

Wei immediately rushed to give Old Mrs.

Yan a phone call.

Old Mrs.

Wei had no idea that Old Mrs.

Yan had been waiting for a phone call from Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Yan was thinking that if Old Mrs.

Wei still hadnt called after 9 PM, she would make the phone call herself.

And now, her phone was finally ringing.

Old Mrs.

Yan was holding her phone, prepared and ready.

When the phone rang, she excitedly raised her phone and saw that it was really a phone call from Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Yan immediately answered and said, “Aiyo, in-law! You finally called me!”

Old Mrs.

Wei felt so good to be calledin-law.

She was smiling so much that so much more wrinkles appeared on her face.

“Hahahaha! In-law! We are such old friends.

And now, our relationship has become even closer.

We are now in-laws!” Old Mrs.

Wei nodded in exhilaration.


I didnt expect such fate to exist between us,” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

“Zhiqing visited you today, right” Old Mrs.

Yan asked.

“She did.

Zhiqing is the best.

She told us so many stories in the entertainment industry,” Old Mrs.

Wei said happily.

“You have no idea.

Xiao Cai has excellent features, traits, and characteristics.

However, he could never find a girlfriend.

We had always been puzzled and worried about him.

He is tall and handsome.

He has a good job.

Why was he still single To be honest, there was a time I suspected that there was something wrong with him.”

Old Mrs.

Yan thought to herself.

Only grandmas related by blood would doubt their grandson like this!

Back then, Chu Zhaoyang, Yan Beicheng, and Han Zhuoli all had the same doubt.

But they would only suspect you of this if you were biologically related to them!

“And now, he finally encountered such fate.

When he first started dating Zhiqing, I wished they could just legally register their marriage the next day,” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

And based on what Old Mrs.

Wei said, she was obviously very satisfied with Yan Zhiqing.

Old Mrs.

Wei was obviously very happy about it.

Since Old Mrs.

Wei was very satisfied, Old Mrs.

Yan had to behave properly.

As she represented the girls family, she had to be more reserved.

She had to show that Yan Zhiqings family wasnt worried.

So, Old Mrs.

Yan laughed and said, “It depends on what the kids want.

We have no say in this.”

Old Mrs.

Wei could tell that Old Mrs.

Yan was beating around the bush and that she was being pretentious.

But Old Mrs.

Wei wasnt angry at all.

After all, the daughters of any families were always more precious than anything.

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