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Chapter 3351: The Benefit That One Gets Comes From OneselfTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“If you learn something new, you can try it.

Be patient when you are making this film.

Since this is your first one, you should take your time when filming.

Take it one step at a time and divide them up into different stages.

You can try again if one turned out bad.”

“Since you have already invested so much, dont just accept a bad result.

Make sure you succeed.”

“Yes.” Han Zhuofeng nodded.

With the two brothers support, he felt very confident.

“For now, I have already written down all the things I dont understand.

I will fly there after the new years celebration to learn more about it,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“I have it all planned.

Im going to ask Elder Brother Xiao Cai to help me with the visual effects editing.

Since he is a friend, he might offer us a friend discount.

Hehe.” Han Zhuofeng looked really evil as he talked about his plans.

Han Zhuoling nodded and said, “True.

We cant have him do it for free.

Just ask him to accept some as a memento.”

Shi Xiaoya snickered at the side.

Should they be losing money because they were friends

Thankfully, Wei Wucai was really a good friend.

Otherwise, he would have been so angry if he heard what Han Zhuoling said.

But even Shi Xiaoya couldnt escape from this.

Han Zhuofeng then said, “Eldest Sister-in-law, you can help with the special effects makeup.”

“No problem.” Shi Xiaoya nodded happily and said, “I have been wanting to try out this style of makeup, but there had never been an opportunity.

Since you offer conditions that are very convenient to me, you have to count me in.”

“However, although I have been learning and practicing, it will be my first time doing actual prosthetic makeup for a film.

I will just be using this chance as a way to experiment on things.” Shi Xiaoya said.

When Han Zhuofeng heard this, he quickly said, “Since you dont have experience and we are both learning together… Eldest Sister-in-law, how about you do this for free”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “Your brother asked you to be frugal and this is how you show frugality I dont even get paid much as a makeup artist!”

Han Zhuoling immediately said, “You cant be frugal when it comes to paying your eldest sister-in-law.

Just pay her the amount she should get paid based on market price.”

Han Zhuofeng paused for a moment and said, “Brother, you invested money as well.

I would just be taking your money and giving it to your wife.

Why make this so troublesome Why dont you just give it to her”

Wasnt this situation equivalent to the saying that the benefit one would get comes from oneself

“Your sister-in-law can earn money, which means I will have to spend less, which is very good,” Han Zhuoling said, “Anyway, the money I have given you is my money, but you have to pay your eldest sister-in-law enough.”

Han Zhuofeng wasnt feeling bad about the money.

He was just joking.

However, Wei Wucai would just be paid a little as a token of appreciation, but Shi Xiaoya had to be paid according to the market price.

if Wei Wucai knew about this, would he cry about it



I will give you a fifty percent discount.” Shi Xiaoya said, “But that is the minimum.”

“Thanks, Eldest Sister-in-law!” Han Zhuofeng immediately kowtowed.

“Second Elder Sister-in-law…” Han Zhuofeng looked over at Lu Man.

“Im going to study it first.

Considering the preparation needed for the film production, the filming should only start in a few months.

Second Elder Sister-in-Law, when you are done with your postpartum recovery, can you play a role in my movie I have a character that really suits you.”


Since I would have just recovered from childbirth, do make sure that there arent too many scenes.”


No problem.” Han Zhuofeng nodded hastily.

Han Zhuoli then reminded, “You have to pay her.”

Han Zhuofeng immediately looked at Lu Man pitifully.

Lu Man smiled and said, “It depends on the scene count.

If my character has many scenes to film, then I will be asking for more money.

If its the opposite, then you can pay me less.

Therefore, you decide the scene count for the character and figure it out.”

Of course, Han Zhuofeng wouldnt give Lu Man a character with very few scenes.

It was rare for a family member to be an actress.

Obviously, he would ask Lu Man to play a major character.

Then, he would try to beg for a friend discount.

This would be even more convenient and cheaper than finding someone else to play the main character.

As such, Han Zhuofeng temporarily said yes.

He decided to just beg Lu Man and drag things out later on.

“When we visit the Yan Family for the new year, I will ask Zhiqing to leave her schedule open, and I will give her a role as well.” Han Zhuofeng rubbed his hands as he said this.

To save money, he was going to ask every friend that he knew for help.

Lu Man smiled and said, “You were even saying that shes someone who only looks at appearances.”

Han Zhuofeng immediately said, “For the things in the past, we will let them slide.

Of course, we have to move on!”

After saying that confidently, Han Zhuofeng immediately begged, “But you mustnt tell Zhiqing if you see her.”

Han Zhuoling immediately said, “Dont worry.

As long as Xiao Cai is there, Zhiqing will be there.”

He actually said those words with such disdain.

While he was accompanying Shi Xiaoya on the set, he received a lot of damage from Xiao Cai and Zhiqings display of affection for each other.


During the new years dinner, Han Zhuoli didnt drink any alcohol because he was worried about the smell of alcohol bothering Lu Man.

Han Zhuoling didnt like drinking alcohol so he didnt drink any.

Han Zhuofeng was too busy planning his film production, so he wasnt in the mood to drink.

Wang Juhuai was worried that Xia Qingwei wouldnt be able to take care of Wang Yijun by herself, so he wanted to stay awake.

As such, he didnt drink.

As a result, Old Mr.

Han, Han Dongping, and Han Xijin were the only three who sipped a few cups of alcohol.

Because only three people were drinking, the vibe was not right.

Therefore, they stopped drinking after a few cups.

The entire family simply ate and chatted with each other.

They took things really slowly without any rush.

Anyway, they would have to wait until twelve midnight to eat the dumplings.

They had to do something, which was why they ate slowly and had long conversations.

“By the way, I bought fireworks.

The atmosphere doesnt feel right if there are no fireworks during the new year,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Fireworks Should we light the fireworks now” Lu Man asked excitedly.


We can go out for a while to digest our food and come back later for more food,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Old Mrs.

Han immediately said, “Eat less.

Despite your nice face and fine body, you still cant find a girlfriend.

If you get fat, it will be even harder for you to get a girlfriend.

Although you are going to be a director instead of an actor, you shouldnt relax on maintaining a good physique.”

Grandma instructed Han Zhuofeng, “You have to remember this.

Chubbiness ruins any form of beauty!”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Other peoples grandma would tell their grandchildren to eat more and whenever they see their grandchildren, they would say that their grandchildren had lost weight.

Why was his grandma different

“Its the Spring Festival.

Just let him do whatever he wants.

He has worked hard.

He hasnt been eating well and has been sleeping on set.

If he gains weight, he will become skinny again when he joins another film production,” Lin Liye said with a smile.

“True.” Old Mrs.

Han pondered and thought that the job was pretty suitable for Han Zhuofeng.

She then asked him, “When are you going on set again”

Han Zhuofeng opened his mouth and said, “Grandma! I have only been back for a few days! Its the new year! Can you not talk about things that are so exhausting!”

“But of course, Ive been pretty busy recently, and Ill be busy again after the Spring Festival, so Ill be losing some weight sooner or later,” Han Zhuofeng quickly said.

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