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Chapter 3362: Almost Knelt Down AgainTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ordinary people might not believe in the stories of reincarnation, but the people in their line of work absolutely did believe in reincarnation.


Please get up.” Xie Jiling was at a loss for words as she said, “Why are you kneeling to me”

Luo Dingzhen got up and asked, “Great Master, what is your surname Who is your teacher, and which sect do you belong to”

When Luo Dingzhen saw Xie Jiling looking over here, Luo Dingzhen hastily explained, “I am not trying to pry into your information.

I just thought you are powerful.

Despite your young age, you knew so many techniques that had died out long ago.”

Xie Jiling listened to his lengthy explanation and said, “My name is Xie Jiling.”

“So it is Master Xie.

Xie—” Luo Dingzhen greeted with a smile.

But then, he suddenly froze.

Luo Dingzhen looked at Xie Jiling in surprise.


She had the surname Xie and was very knowledgeable.

“Perhaps you are Xie Familys…” Luo Dingzhen came from a proper sect and obviously knew about the Xie Family.

Xie Jiling nodded.

Luo Dingzhen almost knelt down again.

Xie Jiling hastily helped him up as she asked, “What is this habit of yours”



Its just… the Xie Family… is very well-known.

I didnt expect to meet a member of the Xie Family within my lifetime.

What kind of luck do I have!” Luo Dingzhen was so excited that he started rambling.


If my brothers in the sect found out about this, they would be so jealous!”

Xie Jiling had no words.

Why did it feel like this Luo Dingzhen was a little stupid

“No wonder you are so capable,” Luo Dingzhen said excitedly.

Everything would make sense if she were a member of the Xie Family.

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Yang Lin, who was at the side, couldnt help but remind them, “Can you talk after the issue is resolved The… time is running out.”

Xie Jiling was obviously someone with real ability.

Yang Lin didnt dare to show a tiny bit of dissatisfaction toward Xie Jiling.

However, she still couldnt help but regret that she had asked Luo Dingzhen to stay as Xie Jilings helper.

After all, Luo Dingzhen wasnt even helping.

Instead, he started talking to Xie Jiling and slowed down Xie Jilings work progress.

Yang Lin didnt dare to blame Xie Jiling.

She could only blame Luo Dingzhen, who was clearly the one without real ability.

Xie Jiling nodded and asked Luo Dingzhen to leave the bedroom as well.

Xie Jiling was the only one left in the room.

She took out a writing brush and a bottle.

She then dipped the writing brush into the bottle and drew a couple of times in the corner of the bedroom.

Like the talisman drawing on the contract, the drawing in the corner was initially red before it disappeared.

Luo Dingzhen stretched his neck at the door and watched curiously.

He then asked, “Master Xie, is this potion specially made”

This was amazing.

“No.” Xie Jiling didnt even look up.

She continued drawing in the other corner as she responded casually.

“Its just normal color-changing ink.”

Xie Jiling lifted the tiny bottle and showed it to Luo Dingzhen, “The stationary shop sells this to little kids for pranks.

It only cost a few dollars.

Its very cheap.”

Luo Dingzhen was at a loss for words.

Should you really be drawing talisman symbols in such a reckless way

Xie Jiling then explained, “My drawing is the only thing that is useful.

Its not the materials used to create the drawing.

It works even with normal ink or pen.

However, its hard to draw something in the corner with a pen.”

“Colored ink can be easily noticed.

Its best to use this type of color-changing ink,” Xie Jiling said.

Soon, Xie Jiling finished the drawing.

She came out of the room and stepped in front of the door.

She lifted her right hand and did a pushing movement with her palm while saying, “Form!”

A dense net invisible to ordinary humans started forming in the room before disappearing.

Although Luo Dingzhen was not capable, he was a true practitioner.

Therefore, he was able to see it.

When Luo Dingzhen saw those densely connected lines, he felt horrified.

Then, the room became peaceful again.

it was as though those densely connected lines werent even there.

Luo Dingzhen almost knelt down again.

“Lets go,” Xie Jiling said.

“Where are we going” He Qingyang asked.

“We are going out.

Are you brave enough to stay inside and wait for the arrival of the vengeful spirit” Xie Jiling asked.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin shivered in fright.

Just the thought of it felt terrifying, not to mention actually waiting for its arrival.

The two quickly followed Xie Jiling outside.

Yang Lin asked, “Thats… it You dont have to do anything at the front door or courtyard”

“I have placed the fake human figures in your bedroom and set up an enchantment spell formation.

Thats enough.

The enchantment spell formation will recreate your auras, and it will immediately go to your bedroom,” Xie Jiling said.

“You can stay in a restaurant, hotel, or anywhere bright.

If you dont feel assured, you can stay here.” Xie Jiling said.

Yang Lin stared at He Qingyang and waited for him to decide.

He Qingyang thought about it and said, “We will wait here.”

He wanted to see if Xie Jiling had truly eliminated that creature.

What if she lied

Although he had witnessed that Xie Jiling was truly capable, he still had to be careful.

It didnt matter to Xie Jiling.

She pointed at the long-bench chair under the street light on the left.

“You can sit here.

Its bright and has the aura of humans around.

In addition, the moon tonight is creating a very good magnetic field.

You will not be in danger there,” Xie Jiling said.

“Based on what you said, this means that theres still a chance of us being in danger,” He Qingyang said, “You can do spell formations Can you create one here for us”

“Sure.” Xie Jiling responded as if it didnt matter.

“But I have to tell you this first.

You must sit obediently within the spell formation.”

“If… If it comes out to look for you two, you two must stay here even if it is in front of you.

It cannot enter the spell formation, but you can leave at any time.

If you forget about this when you are scared, and your first reaction is to run amidst your panic… If you even move just the tip of your feet out of this spell formation, this spell formation will become useless.

Even if you go back inside, it will be useless.”

“Because you have taken the initiative to leave, the spell formation will automatically open its door and will no longer stop anything or anyone from entering this area.”

“Alright.” He Qingyang and Yang Lin agreed.

“We can just close our eyes,” He Qingyang said.


But dont worry.

It wont come after you.” Xie Jiling said.

Soon, He Qingyang and Yang Lin could be seen sitting on the long bench chair.

The sky would turn dark in just an hour.

“…” Xie Jiling asked, “Do you two plan to sit here for an hour”

Yang Lin nodded and said, “Its best to be prepared earlier just in case we panic later.”

He Qingyang said, “Please set up the spell formation.

We will just sit here without going anywhere.”

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