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Chapter 3363: For a ReasonTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yang Lin added, “By the way, make the spell formation bigger so that we can move around.”

Xie Jiling laughed and said, “Do you think setting up a spell formation is like a game and can be done by just recklessly drawing This exhaust my mental energy.

The bigger the spell formation, the greater the mental energy exhaustion.”

“My aftersale service is very good.

I can give you a small area of formation for free, but if you want a bigger one, I will have to charge you for it.

I will charge you an extra 1 million for every extra ten centimeters.”

“Why dont you just rob us!” Yang Lin couldnt help but complain.

She had been enduring.

She told herself that Xie Jiling was a truly capable person.

She was a powerful person with real ability.

And they must not offend her.

However, she couldnt endure it anymore.

Looking at how Xie Jiling was asking for money, Yang Lin was sure that Xie Jiling was a young billionaire!

Xie Jiling shrugged and said without a care, “Whatever.

I did offer a free one.”

Yang Lin pulled He Qingyang.

He Qingyang then said, “Just make the free one.”

Xie Jiling was really fast.

She took out the writing brush from earlier and dipped it into the ink.

Then, she started drawing on the handle of the chair.

And then, she did a pushing movement with her palm in the air.

The spell formation was done.

This time, the color of the ink did not disappear.

The symbol was still on the handle of the chair.

Although He Qingyang and Yang Lin couldnt see the spell formation, they felt more at ease.

“Lets go.

We will wait inside the house,” Xie Jiling said to Luo Dingzhen.

Luo Dingzhen wanted to witness it himself.

Therefore, he tried to overcome his fear.

Still, he couldnt do it.

And so, Luo Dingzhen asked Xie Jiling softly, “Master Xie, do you have any amulet for protection I dont feel safe.

This is my first encounter with a vengeful spirit.”

Xie Jiling said, “Yes, but you are not my client.

I cannot give it to you for free.”

“How much does one cost Tell me.” To keep his life safe, Luo Dingzhen asked without any hesitation.

He had earned a lot of money while he was traveling around, and he was worth a lot of money.

“I charge six hundred thousand, but since you are someone in our line of work, I will give you a discount.

Five hundred thousand.” Xie Jiling said.

Luo Dingzhen was at a loss for words.

Did she give this price because she heard that he had charged six hundred thousand for his service this time

She even left him one hundred thousand.

Did she do it because he had acknowledged his mistake and showed a good attitude

“Do you want it” Xie Jiling asked.



Yes.” Luo Dingzhen said, “Give me your account number.

I will transfer the money to you now.”


You have money now” Xie Jiling was surprised.

Luo Dingzhen smiled embarrassedly, “Thats all I have.

I can give you five hundred thousand.

You have to have some emergency money in your bank account!”

“True.” Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Its like how I have a contract ready with me at any time.”

Luo Dingzhen didnt know what to say.


It wasnt the same.

Xie Jiling had those contracts ready to earn money.

But he had the money ready to spend them…

They werent the same.

“Just pay me through Alipay,” Xie Jiling said, “She opened her Alipay and clicked on her QR code for receiving payment.

“Scan it.”

Luo Dingzhen was speechless.

Luo Dingzhen quickly transferred the money to Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling then took out an amulet and gave it to him.

The two stayed in the villa until 6 pm.

Xie Jiling then felt hungry.

She didnt want to touch anything in this house.

Fortunately, when she left Lu Mans house, Xia Qingwei filled Xia Qingweis bag with so much food.

There was beef sausage and chicken sausage that Xia Qingwei made by herself.

She was worried that it might not be convenient for Xia Qingwei to cook the sausages in her dorm, so she even cooked the sausages.

There were also pickled vegetables and cooked sauced meat.

She even gave Xie Jiling the one-thousand-layer cake that she had baked.

Although there were many types of food, each type of food was just a small portion.

She didnt want Xie Jiling to save the food for too long.

She wanted to give Xie Jiling freshly made food after these portions of food were finished.

At this moment, the food they gave served its purpose.

Xie Jiling took out all the food.

Luo Dingzhen was shocked.

“Master Xie, you bring food around as well”

“I visited an elder sister, and her mom made the food for me to take it back to school,” Xie Jiling answered honestly.

“You go to school” Luo Dingzhen asked.

Although he could tell that Xie Jiling was young, he thought that the members of the Xie Family wouldnt be so down-to-earth and do normal things like attend a normal college.

“Of course.” Xie Jiling thought Luo Dingzhens question was really weird.

“Of course, I have to go to college,” Xie Jiling added.

“You are very down to earth.” Luo Dingzhen commented with a sigh.

Xie Jiling had no words.

“Do you want to eat” Xie Jiling asked Luo Dingzhen, “We might have to wait until really late at night.

Dont be having no strength later because you are starving.”

Luo Dingzhen said, “Why dont I order delivery, and we can eat something good”

“Theres no need for that.

I think the ghost will come by at a really late time, but if it actually came early and bumped into the delivery guy, we would be causing trouble for that delivery guy, right” Xie Jiling said.

“True.” Luo Dingzhen nodded.

“Then can I have some” Luo Dingzhen asked hesitantly, “Do I have to pay”

Xie Jiling had no words.

Why did Luo Dingzhen think that she was someone who wanted money for everything

Luo Dingzhen didnt know what Xie Jiling was thinking.

Otherwise, he would have recommended Xie Jiling to ask He Qingyang and Yang Lin what they thought of her.

“Of course not,” Xie Jiling said, “But dont eat too much.

Just eat enough to not feel hungry.

I still have to save some to eat at school.”

Luo Dingzhen didnt know what to say.

The longer he stayed with Xie Jiling, the more emotional pain he felt.

And so, Luo Dingzhen took half of the biscuit, a sausage, and quickly started eating.

As expected, the food he ate wasnt filling.

The biscuit and sausage tasted so good.

However, because he was only half full, Luo Dingzhen felt even hungrier.

He watched as Xie Jiling ate heartily.

She had no intention of asking him to eat again.

She didnt even fake another invitation out of courtesy.

Luo Dingzhen kept swallowing his own saliva in envy.

When Xie Jiling was full and started packing the rest away…

Luo Dingzhen stopped thinking about the food.

Xie Jiling had nothing to do, so she took out her phone and started chatting with her classmates.

Everyone was making their way back to school, and their group chat became much more active now than it was during the holidays.

During the holiday, all the classmates were busy having fun, going on vacation, and meeting up with their high school friends.

They didnt really have the time to chat in the group chat.

Conversations in this group chat only happened occasionally.

But now that everyone was either on their way back to school or they had already arrived at school…

They started feeling bored, so the group chat became active once again.

Xie Jiling realized that young people were quite good at torturing themselves.

Some went back home during the new year and heard about some terrifying myths in their hometown.

Some even went for a stroll in the deepest area of a nearby forest.

Xie Jiling thought that these people were scared that their holiday might not be as amazing as the other peoples holiday.

They were competing with each other on who could be the bravest.

As such, Xie Jiling couldnt help but remind, “Every myth exists for a reason.

Something must have happened for a myth to exist.”

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