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Chapter 3379: Scammer and LiarTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chen Xing and He Yuliang both looked at each other.

The two had personally witnessed Xie Jilings skills.

As for this Master Lu, who knew if he was an actual master or a fake master

In addition, Xie Jiling had already said and explained so much.

She was obviously confident.

But then, another person came.

Who knew what was going on

And so, He Yuliang secretly tugged Zheng Binzhou.

Zheng Binzhou immediately explained, “Brother-in-law, Jiling might look young, but she is really powerful.

We have seen it with our own eyes earlier!”

Zhou Liangsheng waved his hand in disbelief.

“Is it palm reading or fortune telling Girls these days love playing such games.”

When Zheng Binzhou saw how Zhou Liangsheng was looking down on Xie Jiling, he felt really unhappy.

He had asked Xie Jiling to come here, and Xie Jiling had to take such a huge risk.

In the end, she was treated like she was a joke by Zhou Liangsheng.

Zheng Binzhou felt really sorry for Xie Jiling.

“Brother-in-law, how can you say that I am not someone that would treat my sister as a joke.

If this is really just a game, why would I come here I would just be causing more trouble for my elder sister,” Zheng Binzhou said in a deep tone.

Zhou Liangsheng didnt seem to care at all as he smiled and said, “Alright then.

I will apologize to you and your classmate.

Its my attitude problem.

Dont be mad.”

“Hows this Why dont we have Master Lu check on Lihua first If Master Lu cant solve it, we will ask this classmate to give it a go” Zhou Liangsheng said.

However, Zhou Liangshengs attitude obviously showed that he was just coaxing a child.

He was saying words of apology but was not actually taking them seriously.

He was coaxing the group of top students at the University of B City like they were kids.

Even if Xie Jiling werent angry, the other students would not be happy.

Was he insulting their intelligence

Did they look like people who lacked judgment and couldnt tell what was important Did they look like people who could easily be coaxed with little tricks

Xie Jiling said calmly, “Maybe we can switch up the order.

Why dont I try it first If I cant do it, it will prove that I was just a joke and just fooling around.

It wouldnt be too late then for Master Lu to try and fix it, right”

“Since you know that you are fooling around, why are you still getting yourself involved!” Lu Penghai scolded coldly.

Somehow, there was always this panicking feeling whenever he looked at Xie Jiling.

He felt as though his life would end in front of Xie Jiling.

As an exorcist, he really trusted his own intuition.

Therefore, no matter what, he couldnt allow Xie Jiling to do it first.

“This is not a joke! This is not something you can use for your own experimentation! If you make a mess and alert the vengeful spirit, the consequence is beyond your imagination.

Madam Zhou will receive the damage,” Lu Penghai intentionally said these things to scare them.

“Madam Zhou is being haunted by a vengeful spirit, but at least she is alive.

If you anger this vengeful spirit, Madam Zhou might not even have the chance to live! This vengeful spirit is extremely fierce that I may not even be able to save Madam Zhou!”

The people who had seen Xie Jilings exorcism skills were very confident in her abilities.

In addition, Xie Jiling had already determined that Song Lihua was not being haunted by a vengeful ghost.

Someone had placed a curse on her.

Therefore, when Lu Penghai said that, they immediately knew that he had exposed himself and was not reliable at all.

Even though Zheng Binzhou and the other three had never personally witnessed Xie Jilings exorcize, they felt themselves trusting Xie Jiling more after listening to her explanation.

But now, they heard a completely different explanation from Lu Penghai and felt really suspicious of Lu Penghai.

When Lu Penghai saw everyones reaction, he immediately flung his sleeves in fury and said to Zhou Liangsheng, “Mr.

Zhou, because my client introduced us, I came with you on short notice.

If it were someone else, they would have to be on the waiting list!”

“But why did you hire another person who is clearly causing trouble Obviously, they trust this little troublemaker more!” Lu Penghai said angrily, “If so, then let her do it! I will not deal with any consequences!”

“Master Lu!” Zhou Liangsheng quickly stopped Lu Penghai, “Master Lu, dont be mad.”

At this moment, Zhou Liangshengs face sank as he said, “Binzhou, stop causing trouble with your classmates! Do you know how much effort it took for me to get Master Lu to come here with me This concerns your sisters life.

How can you be so naughty”

“If you guys keep this up, then please get out! You are not welcome in our house,” Zhou Liangsheng said in a cold voice.

“Elder Sister!” Zheng Binzhou was worried.

Compared to Master Lu, he trusted Xie Jiling more.

Xie Jiling looked at Song Lihua and said, “Elder Sister, what is your decision If you decide to let Master Lu solve your issue, I will leave now.

I will not cause any trouble.”

“However, he said the exact opposite of what I said,” Xie Jiling said, “It depends on who you believe.”

Xie Jiling stared at Lu Penghai and took a deep breath before she said, “If it were someone else, I wouldnt have said much.

However, you are Binzhous cousin, so I have to tell you clearly.”

Zheng Binzhou, who was at the side, felt touched.

A good classmate just as expected! The treatment for a friend and an outsider was just different!

They then heard Xie Jiling say, “He said he would exorcise the spirit for you, but you dont know what hes doing.

If he does any little tricks and caused your condition to worsen without you knowing….”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Lu Penghai scolded Xie Jiling loudly, interrupting her.

“I wasnt going to bother with you because you look young, but not only are you a scammer, but you are also slandering me! Youre the one who is actually hurting people!” Lu Penghai berated loudly.

“You said that Madam Zhou wouldnt know what I was doing and that she wouldnt know if I did anything harmful to her.

Are you saying you wont do the same Will she know if you did anything that harmed her” Lu Penghai pointed at Xie Jiling.

“I didnt expect you to be so evil despite your young age!” Lu Penghai said loudly, “What is your motive!”

“Jiling is right.

I trust her more.” Zheng Binzhou said loudly.


We trust Xie Jiling!” Ren Linna stood beside Xie Jiling, supporting her.

“We have personally seen Xie Jilings skills!”

“We have seen her exorcise.

We have seen her purify the vengeful aura for vengeful spirits and we have seen her talk to the soul reapers!” Ren Linna said.

Lu Penghai was shocked.

Lu Penghai was slightly surprised to hear Ren Linna say professional terms like exorcise.

He thought to himself that Xie Jiling might be someone with real abilities.

At least, Xie Jiling had to be someone who had studied these things.

If not, her classmates wouldnt know about things related to exorcism.

Lu Penghai was only doubting that Xie Jiling had been able to purify vengeful auras for vengeful spirits.

To be more exact, maybe he didnt dare to believe it.

He had only seen the act of purifying vengeful auras in ancient books copied from even more ancient originals.

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