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Chapter 3384: Now You Want Someone to Save HerTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I dont need Master Lu to prove it,” Xie Jiling said, “I can prove it.”

Zhou Liangsheng stared at Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling then said, “Elder Sister, do you remember what I said earlier If this fails, the exorcist will receive repercussions, but the person who wanted to place a curse on you would also experience repercussions.”

Xie Jiling stared at Lu Penghai and said, “When the exorcist performs the spell, both items from both people placing the curse and the person receiving the curse will act as a link.

If this spell fails and the exorcist receives a backlash, the person who placed the curse will also receive a backlash because they have been linked to this spell through the item.”

“The fiercer the curse, the worse the backlash,” Xie Jiling said.

“Someone had put a curse on you that will kill the child in your belly and place the ghost of another infant into the body of your child,” Xie Jiling said.

“This is a very cruel curse.

The baby ghost was just a baby who had died, and someone had prevented this dead baby from reincarnating; hence, it became a baby ghost.

And your child would be killed by them.

These two things are both against human morals and nature,” Xie Jiling said.

“Therefore, if the person receives a backlash, it would be based on these two things.

If the backlash happened, then even death would be bliss for that person,” Xie Jiling said.

When Zhou Liangsheng heard what Xie Jiling said, his facial expression finally changed.

Xie Jiling glanced over at Zhou Liangsheng and said, “As of now, Mr.

Zhou is not experiencing any backlash.

Therefore, at least… he is not the mastermind behind this.

He is just an accomplice.”

“Of course, this doesnt mean that Mr.

Zhou was innocent.

No matter who he helped, the person he helped wanted to kill his wife and child,” Xie Jiling said coldly, “Therefore, based on this, he should not be forgiven as well.”

Song Lihua held her stomach and acted like she was trying to protect her child.

“As for the person who tried to hurt you, they must be related to Mr.


If something happened to that person, they will contact Mr.

Zhou first,” Xie Jiling said.

Xie Jilings words seemed to have some magical powers.

The moment she finished talking, Zhou Liangsheng got a phone call.

Zhou Liangshengs facial expression changed.

He started trembling.

“I… I am coming over now” Zhou Liangsheng quickly hung up the phone.

Xie Jiling said to Zheng Binzhou, “That should be a phone call from the person who wants to hurt your elder sister.

If you follow Zhou Liangsheng, you will find that person.

We will not be going with you.”

After all, this was someone elses family matter.

She had seen a lot and said a lot today.

It wasnt appropriate for them to know so much about other peoples family matters.

Zheng Binzhou nodded.

Family scandals like this wouldnt leave a good impression on anyone.

Although the outsiders present were classmates, a fight would still look horrifying.

It was best not to be seen.

But then, Zhou Liangsheng suddenly grabbed onto Xie Jiling.

“No, you must go! You have to go check what happened to her! And if you can fix it or not!”

Xie Jiling sneered and said, “The person who wanted to harm someone else now wants someone to save her”

“You must go!” Zhou Liangsheng said.

Xie Jiling stared at Zheng Binzhou.

Zheng Binzhou smiled bitterly and said, “You all have seen a lot.

Lets just all go.”

They had a lot of people, so they had an advantage if a fight broke out.

Chen Xing and He Yuliang nodded.

Because Zhou Liangsheng wanted Xie Jiling to save someone, he had no intention of running away by himself.

Song Lihua followed as well.

She wanted to see who was the one who wanted to hurt her and her child!

There were too many people to be able to fit everyone in the car.

However, Zhou Liangshengs family was rich, and they had more than enough cars.

There happened to be a van in the garage that was big enough for the number of people present.

And so, they drove the van and left.

Eventually, they arrived at a hospital.

Zhou Liangsheng rushed into the hospital and asked a nurse, “Hello, which hospital room is Li Zhixiao in”

The nurse checked and told him.

Zhou Liangsheng then rushed to look for the room.

Because Song Lihua had a big pregnant belly, she couldnt walk fast and was at the very end of the procession.

Xie Jiling wasnt in a hurry, so she accompanied Song Lihua.

Zheng Binzhou wanted to settle this quickly, so he followed Zhou Liangsheng closely.

Although Song Lihua was slow, she had heard the conversation between Zhou Liangsheng and the nurse clearly.

She heard Li Zhixiaos room number.

When she heard the name Li Zhixiao, she instantly realized that it was a girl.

She saw Zhou Liangsheng being so nervous, and she thought about the scheme against her child.

What else could she not understand

Even during the prime of her relationship with Zhou Liangsheng, she had never seen him this nervous.

Song Lihua felt sad.

She saw Xie Jiling and the three other girls looking at her with worried expressions.

Zheng Binzhou, He Yuliang, and Chen Xing all followed Zhou Liangsheng.

Girls were more sensitive than men.

“Im fine.” Song Lihua smiled at them.

She had lost so much weight these days that she looked no different from a skeleton.

However, at this moment, Song Lihua was showing a calm and strong smile.

Somehow, she looked beautiful.

Xie Jiling stared at Song Lihua with admiration.

She had just discovered a cruel truth.

Yet, Song Lihua didnt cry or cause a ruckus.

Instead, she appeared even calmer than before.

She was actually in the mood to smile and comfort them.

Song Lihua didnt choose to endure and believe Zhou Liangsheng for the sake of her family and marriage.

She didnt cry about the injustice that Zhou Liangsheng had done to her.

She just followed quietly.

They went to Li Zhixiaos room together.

When they were in the room, they saw a young girl lying on the bed.

Her face looked ashen, and she looked even worse than Song Lihua.

There was a dropper infusion needle in her hand.

She looked really weak, and she looked like she was exhaling but not inhaling.

A breathing tube was placed through her nose.

There was a heart monitor at the side.

When Li Zhixiao saw Zhou Liangsheng, she held onto him like she was clutching onto a life-saving straw.

“Why… why am I like this!”

Zhou Liangsheng had brought Master Lu over as well.

Unfortunately, Master Lu had lost his abilities, and his presence here was useless.

“Master Lu! What happened” Li Zhixiao immediately asked when she saw Lu Penghai.

Now, even talking was difficult for her.

It was as though she could die at any time.

“You were the one who tried to harm me” Song Lihua stepped into the room and saw Li Zhixiao, who appeared extremely weak as she lay on the bed.

However, Song Lihua felt no pity toward Li Zhixiao.

“Why” Song Lihua walked to the end of the bed and questioned.

When Li Zhixiao saw Song Lihua, she was surprised and asked Zhou Liangsheng, “Why is she here”

“Are you Zhou Liangshengs lover” Song Lihua asked.

“Yes.” When Li Zhixiao saw Song Lihua, she was immediately reminded of her own sufferings and immediately said grudgingly, “Zhou Liangsheng and I love each other.

He has never loved you before.

He has never even loved the child in your belly.”

“This secret was kept from you during your entire marriage.

We were together before you married him.

You have been a fool,” Li Zhixiao said, “If I were you, I would have left.

Why would I stay and be a fool”

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