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Chapter 3393: CongratulationsTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He then asked Auntie He to bring groceries to the hospital and cook for Lu Man alone in the kitchen.

However, as the due date approached, no matter how much Lu Man craved such food, Han Zhuoli wouldnt let her eat that kind of food anymore.

Every day, he gave her food that would build up her physical strength without causing any other health burdens.

The doctor also recommended that Lu Man should maintain her current physique.

And now, no matter how Lu Man lay in bed, she never felt comfortable.

Han Zhuoli was worried that he might push her to the side if he shared the same bed as her.

And so, he set up this smaller bed beside this big bed.

Han Zhuoli didnt dare to stay too far.

He was worried that Lu Man might not be able to locate him when she needed him in the middle of the night.

And so, he had been sleeping on this smaller bed.

One day, in the middle of the night, when Lu Man was asleep, she suddenly felt intense abdominal pain.

Lu Mans sleep quality wasnt good.

Even though she was wearing the bracelet Xie Jiling had given her, she still couldnt sleep well.

The bracelet could only make her feel relaxed.

Not only did the bracelet keep her healthy, but it also kept her two babies healthy.

However, no matter what, carrying twins would never be comfortable.

The burden on the body was too heavy.

She always felt restless at night.

The pain happened for just a moment.

However, it immediately woke Lu Man up.

However, Lu Man endured and kept her silence.

The pain happened for a moment, and she still couldnt bear to wake Han Zhuoli up.

Han Zhuoli was now resting and keeping her company.

However, Han Zhuoli was even more tired than her.

Especially during nighttime, Han Zhuoli didnt dare to sleep.

Lu Man realized that if she were in a little bit of pain and gasped, Han Zhuoli would wake up immediately and care for her.

And so, Lu Man held her breath.

Unless it was pain from the contractions, Lu Man had no intention of waking Han Zhuoli up.

Such aches often happened as the due date approached.

Lu Man was used to it.

However, it seemed different this time.

Soon, Lu Man started hurting again.

It was almost as though the two little buddies were in a rush to get out.

“Zhuoli.” Lu Man had no choice but to call out to him.

Because it was really painful, she couldnt even make a louder sound.

Thankfully, Han Zhuoli was not sound asleep.

He heard it the moment Lu Man made a sound.

He almost jumped up from his bed, conveniently turned on the light, and came to Lu Mans side.

The series of movements happened all in one go.

Clearly, he had done this many times and was very skilled with them already.

He could do them in just a few seconds, even with his eyes closed.

“It hurts…” Lu Man covered her belly with her hand.

With much difficulty, she tried to open her eyes slightly.

Her brows were furrowed.

It was so painful that she couldnt get up from the bed.

Han Zhuoli held her hand.

Lu Man was in so much pain that she was squeezing his hand with force.

Han Zhuoli immediately pressed the bell at the side of the bed.

When the doctor arrived, Lu Mans pain had reduced.

She looked like her soul had left her body.

The doctor checked his watch and started calculating the time between each contraction.

“You two.” Han Zhuoli watched as Lu Man started sweating cold drops of perspiration due to the pain.

He said words of threat to Lu Mans tummy, “Both of you, stop it! You will get out of this tummy according to the order we had agreed upon previously.”

“Get out now! Dont make mommy hurt so much.” Han Zhuoli threatened.

Han Zhuoli said as he narrowed his eyes and said, “Is she suddenly hurting because you two are fighting for who should come out first”

Suddenly, Lu Mans tummy showed no more movements.

It was as though Han Zhuoli had guessed correctly.

“You two naughty kids!” Han Zhuoli immediately knew he was right when he saw Lu Mans reaction.

“We agreed on this! Little brother, if you dare to come out first, I will beat you up!” Han Zhuoli warned.

This was his own child.

What could he do

Aside from beating the child up, he couldnt do anything else.

However, the threat was clearly effective.

The doctor had no idea that the two babies were this intelligent.

He just thought that Han Zhuoli had turned into an idiot because he was too nervous and happy to be a father.

That was why he was threatening the child in Lu Mans womb who had no idea about anything.

This continued until almost morning when the doctor finally said, “Its good enough now.

We can get her in the operating room.”

The operating room was prepared while Lu Man was having contractions.

And now, Lu Man was about to give birth.

Her operating room was ready.

Lu Man was pushed into the operating room.

Han Zhuoli wanted to go in as well.

Chu Tian Hospital did provide such a service.

They allowed the husband to enter the delivery room.

However, Lu Man didnt allow him to do that.

She was worried that childbirth might be too painful.

If Han Zhuoli saw the childbirth from the side, he might get traumatized.

Therefore, no matter how Han Zhuoli tried to convince her, Lu Man wouldnt agree.

Eventually, Han Zhuoli had to yield.

Han Zhuoli still tried one last time when they were outside the operating room.

But even though Lu Man was about to give birth and her stomach was really painful, she still warned Han Zhuoli, “Dont come in!”

At this moment, the members of the Han Family as well as Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei had already arrived.

When Lu Man was experiencing contractions but was not in labor…

Han Zhuoli asked the doctor…

The doctor said that Lu Mans current condition showed that she would probably give birth to the babies in the morning.

And so, Han Zhuoli didnt care if it was midnight.

He called the family members.

He then told them that Lu Man was giving birth soon.

If he had told them after the babies were born, his parents would scold him even if it was midnight.

As expected, after Han Zhuoli called the family, the family members prepared themselves and rushed over here.

Even Han Zhuoling, who was as tired as a cow with black circles under his eyes, came over with Shi Xiaoya.

Since Han Zhuoli had started his holiday to keep Lu Man company, he hadnt seen Han Zhuoling lately.

However, it wasnt because Han Zhuoli didnt visit Han Zhuoling.

It was because Han Zhuoling was really too busy working after Han Zhuoli had dumped all his work onto Han Zhuoling.

And now, Han Zhuoli felt a little guilty to see Han Zhuoling looking so tired.

However, even though he felt guilty, he still needed to keep Lu Man company.

He could only ask Han Zhuoling to endure for a little longer.

Han Zhuoling saw Han Zhuolis reaction.

He immediately started laughing because of his ungrateful little brother.

He gnashed his teeth and said, “You better wait.

When Shi Xiao is pregnant, I will get my holiday too!”

Han Zhuoli was speechless.

He knew that he would have to pay this debt back one day.

Of course, brothers were meant to help each other.

Han Zhuoli laughed dryly and said in a weak tone, “Of course.

Of course.”

The moment Han Zhuoli said this, he started feeling worried for Lu Man.

However, he didnt know how Lu Man was doing in here.

In addition, he couldnt hear anything.

But soon, the door of the operating room suddenly opened.

As the door opened, they could hear the loud cries of a baby.

Two nurses came out.

With a smile on their faces, each of them held a baby.



Han gave birth to a girl and a boy.

The girl was born first.” The nurse congratulated them, “This is the older sister.”

“This is the little brother,” the other nurse introduced.

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