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Chapter 3411: No TitleTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Considering that Xie Jiling would have to rush over here on an overnight trip, he couldnt treat her this way.

“You can charge me your usual price.

Exorcism is dangerous,” Han Zhuofeng said conscientiously.

Since Han Zhuofeng was willing to pay, Xie Jiling obviously wouldnt reject.

He was a super-rich guy anyway.

“Then I wont bother increasing the price with the difficulty.

I will just charge you the base fee.” Xie Jiling said.

“No problem.” Han Zhuofeng nodded and responded without any hesitation.

After the call ended, Xie Jiling went back to the hotel to organize her luggage.

She didnt really have luggage.

She only had a backpack when she came over here.

Because it wouldnt be convenient to carry a backpack when she was exorcising, she left it in the hotel room.

She just took some items for exorcising with her.

She went back to the hotel, collected her things, and went to the airport with her backpack.


Han Zhuoling heard the conversation between Han Zhuofeng and Xie Jiling.

Therefore, even before Han Zhuofeng said anything, Han Zhuoling had already notified and asked the family to pick her up using the private plane.

As for the five million…

He didnt need to prepare that amount of money since he had so much more money than five million in his bank account.

It could have been because of a psychological effect.

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But for some reason, Han Zhuofeng stopped feeling scared when he started talking to Xie Jiling.

When he ended the call, and Xie Jilings voice was gone, Han Zhuofeng started feeling scared again.

He wanted to continue the conversation with Xie Jiling.

If he could hear her voice, that would be good.

If Xie Jiling was talking, it felt like nothing could hurt him.

Even though Han Zhuofeng was in a room with Han Zhuoling and the others, he still felt really unsafe.

Han Zhuofeng shamelessly sat right next to Han Zhuoling and finally felt safer.

“Brother and Sister-in-law, Im not going back to my room.

Im going to wait here tonight.

Im not sleeping.

I will wait until Xie Jiling gets here,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


“Are you going to stay up for the entire night” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Yes.” Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “I dont dare to sleep.

What if something happens while Im asleep I would rather stay awake.”

“Are you able to stay up You have been busy for the entire day and tomorrow will be another tiring day,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“I can!” Han Zhuoli nodded.

For the safety of other people, he could stay up.

He had to stay up.

Yan Zhiqing thought about it and said, “Why dont we stay here with you”

“Theres no need for that.

You have work tomorrow,” Han Zhuoling said, “Zhiqing, you have to film tomorrow, and Xiao Cai has editing work to do.

Xiaoya has to do makeup as well.

You all should rest early.”

However, Han Zhuoling didnt talk about himself.

He was truly swamped with work.

Han Zhuoling really despised Han Zhuofeng for being such a coward.

However, he was worried as well.

So, he decided to keep Han Zhuofeng company.

“Its alright.

We will be here.

I can feel more assured.

If not, I will feel a little scared.” Yan Zhiqing leaned on Wei Wucai and held his arm.

“If I am tired, I will sleep for a little while.

If we are all together, we will all feel safer.”

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Shi Xiaoya nodded and said, “Thats what I thought.

If I am tired, I will lean on you and sleep for a little bit.”

Shi Xiaoya didnt ask Han Zhuoling to rest.

She obviously remembered that Han Zhuoling had a heavy workload.

However, she knew that Han Zhuoling was worried about Han Zhuofeng.

As such, she didnt try to convince him to rest.

She couldnt do such a thing.

“We can take turns sleeping.

As long as someone is awake to accompany Zhuofeng, it should be fine,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Wei Wucai said, “A night without sleep is nothing to me.”

This often happened when he had been on missions.

Therefore, a night without sleep could not affect Wei Wucai.

In the end, Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing couldnt endure it anymore.

Shi Xiaoya leaned on Han Zhuolings chest while Yan Zhiqing leaned on Wei Wucais chest.

Both of them fell asleep.

Han Zhuofeng felt so tired.

He kept dozing off and waking up.

He was so tired but he never actually slept.

With much difficulty, he finally made it until Xie Jiling arrived.

When Xie Jiling arrived, it was almost daytime.

Han Zhuofeng had actually arranged for a helicopter to pick up Xie Jiling.

When Han Zhuofeng saw that the sky outside the window looked smoky and shimmery, he no longer felt afraid.

The doorbell of Han Zhuolings room rang.

Although Han Zhuofeng knew it was Xie Jiling, he still felt scared.

Finally, they received a WeChat notification.

Xie Jiling requested a video call again.

“Open the door.

Im at the door.”

Even Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing woke up.

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