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Hence, Han Zhuoli couldnt help but smile a little.

He took his phone out and gave Xia Qingwei a call first.

“You wont be coming back for dinner” Xia Qingwei had seen the news online too and was worried now.

She had even thought of asking them more about it once they came back.

“You saw the news online too”

“Yes, I was just thinking about asking you two about it,” Xia Qingwei said frankly.

“Dont worry, we are dealing with this problem right now.

An ex-fan of Yu XingZhou stood up for Lu Man and spoke for her, but is currently being attacked online by other fans.

Lu Man didnt want this little child to get hurt, so right now we are dealing with this urgently.

It wont take too long.

Well eat at the company first,” Han Zhuoli explained briefly.

“Sure sure, I wont bother you two anymore then.

Hurry along with your work.”

After hanging up the phone, Han Zhuoli ordered for delivery.

By that time, Lu Man had calmed down too.

She took two deep breaths, reorganized her train of thought, and started to contact a couple of independent media companies with whom she had a rather good relationship.

Time was short and this matter was extremely urgent.

Since she herself wouldnt be able to make sure to post it all over the web, she needed to have a couple of independent media companies create a piece of sensational news first and then leave it to the netizens to circulate it, this way it would still have a pretty decent effect.

She first sent them the two surveillance camera videos in order; she got some of them to first release the one at Han Corporations entrance, and the rest of them to release the surveillance camera video by the side of the road.

The media companies sequentially released the two surveillance camera recording taken from different angles.

Even though the surveillance camera recordings didnt have any audio, from the image, one could still tell that the waving fan was purely just waving and saying hello, and that she completely wasnt thinking of touching Yu XingZhou.

On the other hand, that bodyguard looked ferocious and evil and even took the chance to bully others.

Xu Ningxian kept refreshing her Weibo and saw all those comments of fans attacking her.

Back in the day, they were all her good friends, but in just a blink of an eye, they all turned against her.

It was as if all their friendships never existed before; it made her feel dejected and disappointed.

On the other hand, Xu Ningxians desk mate still felt that Yu XingZhou was rather handsome even though she wasnt a fan of him.

She also knew that Xu Ningxian was once Yu XingZhous fan.

After knowing what had happened tonight, she chose to support Xu Ningxian too.

Just then, her desk mate Ye Qianqian called her.

Xu Ningxian answered the call and heard her saying excitedly.

“Ningxian, quick, look at Weibo.”

“Huh Whats there to see I have been looking at it all this time.” Xu Ningxian was confused.

“No, how about this, Ill forward it 1 to you.

Take a look at my post and youll know.

Hehe, all those obnoxious and rude Yu XingZhou fans, must feel like its a slap in their faces right now!” Ye Qianqian said, her anger dissipating.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Ningxian alighted from the train.

As she walked around, she received the Weibo post forwarded by Ye Qianqian and took a look.


A famous entertainment gossip Weibo account “Eight Skin Entertainment” had posted a video.

It was the video taken from the angle of the Han Corporation surveillance camera.

Even though there was no audio in the video, the image was very clear and sharp.

Xu Ningxian immediately reposted it too.

After that, she realized that not only “Eight Skin Entertainment”, but many other famous media companies had also released similar content on their account.

Xu Ningxian excitedly opened her private message.

“Older sister, did you do this The videos online”

Other than Lu Man, she couldnt think of anyone else.

Especially because the video was from Han Corporations surveillance camera.

“Dont let others know,” Lu Man replied.

“I definitely wont say it, thank you so much, Older sister!” Standing on the streets, Xu Ningxian was excited and emotional.

She covered her smile with a hand, but tears had already welled up in her eyes.

She didnt make a wrong judgment of character, and she didnt like the wrong person.

Even though Lu Man wasnt very famous right now, she had already decided to become Lu Mans fan.

She believed that Lu Man will definitely get famous and become a super popular idol.


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