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Han Zhuofeng, feeling satisfied, sighed and laid on his back.

He could see the bedside.

“Jiling.” Han Zhuofeng called out.

“What” Xie Jiling asked helplessly.

She was so sleepy.

However, Han Zhuofeng was so talkative.

Xie Jiling wanted to tell him to stop talking and sleep, but she felt embarrassed to do that.

She thought it would be rude to say that.

She then heard Han Zhuofeng ask, “Can you turn around so I can see you I cant see you.”

Xie Jiling was dumbfounded.

She regretted doing this.

She wanted to kick him out.

Xie Jiling took a deep breath and turned around, allowing Han Zhuofeng to see her face.

“Can you see me now”

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

If Han Zhuofeng continued talking, she would scare him.

Just like what she did when they were in Ghost Town.

Thankfully, Han Zhuofeng felt reassured when he saw Xie Jiling.

He grinned and said to her, “Goodnight.”

Xie Jiling finally let out a sigh of relief.


Han Zhuofeng was ready to sleep.

But then, he got a WeChat message.

Han Zhuofeng was not scared anymore, so he was in the mood to chat on WeChat.

He opened the Wechat notification and realized that he had somehow been added to a group chat.

Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoli, Lu Man, Wei Wucai, and Yan Zhiqing were in the group.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


What was this situation

“Did you go to Jilings room” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


How did you all know

Yan Zhiqing said, “We all saw it.”

Then, Shi Xiaoya sent a picture.

It was the picture of his back facing the camera.

He held a pillow and wrapped himself in the hotels white blanket.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


He hadnt thought about this when he wrapped himself in the blanket.

Now that he had seen himself in the picture, he wondered why he looked like a pervert.

“I didnt do anything!” Han Zhuofeng hurriedly explained.

“Im sleeping on the carpet next to her bed.”

To prove his innocence, Han Zhuofeng even stretched his hand out from the blanket and placed his hand on the carpet.

He then took a picture and sent it.

Han Zhuoling didnt know what to say.


This dude was quite capable!

“Why did you go to Jiling for no reason at all” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Im scared to be alone in my room,” Han Zhuofeng said aggrievedly, “I sent a WeChat message to both my eldest brother and Brother Xiao Cai, but they didnt reply to me.”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


Just be a coward!

However, it was Han Zhuolings first time witnessing someone enter a girls room because they were scared.

This was a skill in itself.

“Are you actually scared, or is it just an excuse you came up with to be in Jilings room” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Han Zhuofeng felt so angry that he sent three exclamation marks.


“Am I someone like that!” Han Zhuofeng slammed his keyboard as he typed, “Im really afraid! Its not an excuse!”



We got it,” Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said.

“Im going to sleep.

Goodnight!” Han Zhuofeng said angrily.

These people were inhumane.

Not only did they refuse to accompany him, they even doubted him.

Unlike his brothers and the others, he wasnt such a trickster

Finally, Han Zhuofeng fell asleep while listening to Xie Jilings calm breathing sound.


The next day, Han Zhuofeng was sound asleep when he felt someone pushing him.

Han Zhuofeng woke up in a daze.

He opened his eyes and saw Xie Jiling crouching beside him.

Her face was right above him.

Han Zhuofeng froze for a moment.

When he saw how Xie Jiling was acting, Han Zhuofeng felt his face heating up.

His throat felt dry.

He almost lifted his hand to touch Xie Jilings face.

Thankfully, he still had some common sense, as he quickly put his hand away.

The hand that wanted to commit that crime was kept hidden under the blanket.

Han Zhuofeng pretended as if he had just woken up.

He looked confused as he asked, “Why What time is it”

“I set an alarm.

Did the alarm not go off” Han Zhuofeng asked as he stretched his hand out to touch his phone.

“Its 4:30 am.

Go back first.

Its morning.

You dont have to be afraid anymore,” Xie Jiling said, “What if someone saw you if you leave later”

Han Zhuofeng thought about it and agreed.

The sky darkened at an earlier time in Ta Town, but the sky turned bright earlier as well.

It was 4:30 am.

If they were in B City, it would still be dark outside.

The sky would appear dim.

But in Ta Town, the sky was already bright.

It appeared as though it was 6 am.

Han Zhuofeng thought about it and quickly got up.

“Then, I am leaving.” Han Zhuofeng said.

He wrapped himself in the blanket and held his pillow.

Xie Jiling felt the corner of her mouth twitch.

She was so shocked last night.

He actually had the audacity to come to her room and ask her to sleep in her room!

As such, while Xie Jiling was shocked, she couldnt bother to look at Han Zhuofengs appearance.

And now that she saw how he had wrapped himself up in the blanket and how he held onto the pillow, she thought that Han Zhuofengs reputation was completely ruined.

Han Zhuofeng seemed to realize that he didnt look good.

So, he said to Xie Jiling, “Why dont I leave my blanket and pillow here”

He would come again tonight.

Of course, he didnt dare to say this out loud.

But when Xie Jiling heard his question, she sensed something fishy.

She narrowed her eyes and asked in a menacing tone, “Whats the point of leaving it with me Are you thinking about coming again tonight”

“No! No!” Even though that was exactly what Han Zhuofeng thought, he saw Xie Jilings menacing expression and refused to admit it no matter what.

“I was just saying it.

I thought I could come to get the pillow and blanket tonight.

But now that I think about it, thats basically the same as bringing it back to my room now.

Hehehehe…” Han Zhuofeng dryly laughed.

He wrapped the blanket around his body, held the pillow, and fled.

Xie Jiling pursed her lips and went back to sleep.

Because this place was very near the scenic area, they didnt have to leave early.

And so, Xie Jiling slept until 7am.

She had a really good sleep.

However, it was not the same for Han Zhuofeng.

When Han Zhuofeng went back to his room, the sky was already bright.

The curtains were opened, and the light outside shone through the window.

The greenery outside the villa could be seen through the window.

Ta Town was a very sandy and windy place.

However, this villa was an excellent place with many greeneries.

Although these greeneries didnt look as elegant and beautiful as Jiangnan, they were sparsely arranged, which was a characteristic of Ta Town.

The birds outside had awakened as well.

At this moment, they were chirping on the branches.

With the bright light and the lively sounds, Han Zhuofeng felt at ease.

He no longer felt afraid to stay in the room by himself.

He tidied up a bit and prepared himself to get a little more sleep.

Because he hadnt been in his room for the entire night, his bed felt cold.

Han Zhuofeng even shuddered when he first lay on the bed.

He couldnt sleep because it was cold.

However, even as the blanket became warmer, Han Zhuofeng still couldnt sleep.

He kept feeling like it was easier to fall asleep in Xie Jilings room.

He might have slept on the carpet while he was in Xie Jilings room…

But he slept really well there…

He even fell asleep when he closed his eyes.

But now, even as he lay on the soft bed, he still couldnt sleep.

He felt that his room was not warm enough.

It didnt smell as good as Xie Jilings room, too.

Xie Jilings room smelled sweet.

The fragrance smelled like fruits and flowers.

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