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3463 Something Bad Happened

Everyone had to reorganize their schedule.

Whether it was the ones in school or the ones filming…

They left Ta Town in the morning and arrived in B City in the afternoon.

They then took a break first.

The next day the people who were in school went to class, and the ones who were in the production crew shot scenes.


It was the first day after the vacation ended.

Xie Jiling and the three other girls in her dorm went to the classroom together.

The class hadnt started yet, but everyone in the class had already gathered into small groups to engage in conversations.

When Xie Jiling and the others arrived in the classroom, a few people immediately approached.

“Whats going on” Ren Linna asked puzzledly.

“Something bad happened.” Miao Mingjie said, “Something horrible happened during the few days you all were gone!”

“Whats going on” Kuang Xiaorou asked, “Tell us.

Dont leave us hanging.”

“No one is in the mood to create suspense.” Luo Hongkuo said in a gloomy tone.

“So whats going on Tell us.” Feng Yaqing urged.

Miao Mingjie said, “During the vacation for Dragon Boat Festival, didnt you all leave for that trip But a lot of students stayed and hang out around here.

Some stayed in school.”

“On the second day of the vacation, the students in the music school started playing truth or dare.” Miao Mingjie pouted and said, “They are art students, so they love doing these weird things.”

“Cut to the chase.” Ren Linna spoke up.

“Oh, right.” Miao Mingjie nodded and said quickly, “There was a girl, which was the girl that had a conflict with Jiling and Yaqing in the enlarged class.”

Xie Jiling and Feng Yaqing immediately remembered.

That girl especially left quite an impression on Feng Yaqings mind.

Because Xie Jiling simply told that girl not to talk about vengeful spirits all the time.

If you talked about vengeful spirits a lot, they might come after you.

And that girl was terrified.

Feng Yaqing still remembered how she tried to look brave at that time, yet she still couldnt hide her fear.

“Someone recommended her an app called Truth or Dare.” Miao Mingjie said.

“That girl was part of a group, and everyone in that group was playing that.” Miao Mingjie said, “I heard that each game needs six players.”

“If you are picked, you would have to choose if you want truth or dare.

Regardless of your choice, you have to complete it.”

“If you chose the truth, you have to say the truth.

If you lie, you would die.

Its the same with choosing the dare.

If you chose dare and you didnt do it, you would die.”

“If you backed out halfway through the game, you would die as well,” Miao Mingjie said.

“Something bad already happened to someone” Xie Jiling asked in a deep tone.

Luo Hongkuo said, “Yeah.

In the beginning, it was someone from that girls group.

Someone in that group chose the truth during the game, but she lied.

It was unknown how the system knew about that.

It actually figured out if she was lying.”

“And that girl died of suffocation on that same night.”

“A girl in another group chose dare, and the system dared her to go to the graveyard at 12 am.

She didnt dare to do it, so she was found dead in the graveyard the next night.”

“The girl who argued with you guys was so scared she doesnt even dare to use her phone these past few days,” Luo Hongkuo said.

While Luo Hongkuo was talking, a timid voice sounded at the door of the classroom.

“Xie… Xie Jiling…”

Everyone looked over together and saw that it was the girl who had argued with Xie Jiling and Feng Yaqing.

She appeared at the door with a pale face.

Xie Jiling then went to the door.

Before Xie Jiling could say anything, the girl said, “I… I am Yu Yuexin from the music school.”

Xie Jiling nodded and asked, “Are you here because of the truth and dare game”

Xie Jiling had no intention of putting up a front on things like this.

When Yu Yuexin heard this, she immediately cried and grabbed onto Xie Jilings arm.

“They tell me you are capable.

Please save me! Save me!”

Yu Yuexin really didnt know whom she could ask for help.

Who could help her in a situation like this

She didnt know anyone who could solve such a problem!

Where could she get help

But then, someone reminded her that Xie Jiling would be capable of helping her.

At least everyone in Xie Jilings cohort trusted her.

Yu Yuexins classmates even found Xie Jilings classmate and asked Xie Jilings classmate to tell Yu Yuexin about their personal experiences.

After hearing the story, Yu Yuexin would rather believe that it actually happened.

She genuinely hope that Xie Jiling was capable like how these classmates had told her.

She had finally survived the vacation, and Xie Jiling had finally come back to school.

She asked the others for Xie Jilings schedule today and came looking for Xie Jiling.

At this point, Xie Jiling was her only hope.

Yu Yuexin hoped that Xie Jiling could save her.

“No rush.

I havent heard the whole story from my classmate.

It seems like you are already in the game” Xie Jiling asked.

Xie Jiling didnt offer a solution.

But because Xie Jiling presented herself in such a calm manner, Yu Yuexin felt like Xie Jiling would be able to solve her problem.

With this thought in her mind, Yu Yuexin started bawling.

She cried about the fear she had felt these past few days.

“I havent started playing, but it already started causing pop-up windows to appear.” Yu Yuexin said.

“Whats going on Isnt this an app It causes pop-ups” Xie Jiling asked.

Xie Jiling was about to ask for more information, but she said instead, “Come with me.

Lets sit somewhere and talk about it slowly.

Start from the beginning without leaving out any details.”

Xie Jiling thought about it for a moment and added, “Wait here for a moment.”

Xie Jiling went back inside the classroom and said to Ren Linna, “When the teacher does a roll call when class starts, can you help me answer when my name is called”

“Sure.” Ren Linna nodded.

She looked over at the door and asked, “Are you going to talk to Yu Yuexin”

“Yes.” Xie Jiling said, “Shes really scared, and she cant speak coherently.

Im going to look for a more comfortable place and have her talk to me in a more relaxed mood.”

“I cant bring you all along.

If there are too many people, it will be more chaotic.

Shes in a mess.

If there are more people, she might not know how to form her sentences,” Xie Jiling said.


We wont go.” Everyone nodded.

Feng Yaqing had quarreled with Yu Yuexin.

But compared to human life, the argument was really not important.

Therefore, Feng Yaqing put aside the previous argument.

She just hoped that Yu Yuexin would be safe.

Xie Jiling pack up her things and walked out of the classroom with her bag.

“Lets go.

Lets find a quiet cafe with very few people.

Start from the beginning and tell me the story in a more organized manner.” Xie Jiling said.

Yu Yuexin nodded.

She followed Xie Jiling and felt less worried.

There was a cafe near campus with not a lot of people.

Most people were in class.

And so, it wasnt peak hours for the cafe yet.

Xie Jiling and Yu Yuexing found a table in the corner of the cafe.

Xie Jiling then ordered two cups of Flat white.

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