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3472 Finally Lost

Han Zhuofeng was finally done filming.

He was on his way back to the hotel and couldnt resist sending Xie Jiling a message on WeChat.

When Han Zhuofeng was writing the WeChat message to Xie Jiling, he repeatedly typed and deleted his message.

He didnt know what he could send to make it seem more natural and not as awkward.

He thought about it for a long time and eventually sent this.

“Have you eaten”

Thankfully, his two brothers didnt know.

If not, their tooth would ache seeing how well he was flirting awkwardly.

Thankfully, Xie Jiling was inexperienced.

This was because she was young and she had always stayed in the house of the Xie Family.

She had just come out of the house and had not gotten the chance to be wooed.

Therefore, she didnt know that Han Zhuofeng was awkwardly flirting with her.

Xie Jiling, being the innocent one, answered honestly, “Eating now.

Have you eaten”

It instantly started a conversation.

Han Zhuofeng asked in surprise, “Why are you eating so late”

Then, he answered her question.

“I havent eaten yet.

I have just finished filming, and Im on the way back to the hotel.”

Xie Jiling told him about the exorcism today.

“And so, we ate lunch late in the afternoon and ate dinner late at night.”

Although Han Zhuofeng knew of Xie Jilings capabilities, when he found out that Xie Jiling was risking her life…

Han Zhuofeng still felt worried for her.

Even if she had the skill, this would still be a dangerous thing to do.

But unfortunately, he couldnt do anything for her.

He could only be anxious and worried.

“Then, are you going to stay up all night waiting” Han Zhuofeng asked.

“I should be.

I hope it can get here sooner so I can get some rest,” Xie Jiling responded honestly.

Han Zhuofeng couldnt help but laugh when he sensed her carefree attitude with no fear.

If she could have such confidence, this issue must not be very difficult for her to solve.

Han Zhuofeng then felt more at ease.

He had finally gotten the chance to talk to her, so Han Zhuofeng felt reluctant to say goodbye.

He then asked, “What are you eating”

Xie Jiling thought it was really weird how Han Zhuofeng asked such a detailed question.

However, Xie Jiling didnt find his detailed question annoying.

She felt happy to answer any questions coming from him.

Her patience toward him was beyond her imagination.

Xie Jiling then took pictures of the takeaway and sent them to Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng didnt judge her for eating takeaway.

When Xie Jiling had classes, she would usually get food at the school canteen or restaurants.

No matter what, the food at the canteen and restaurants wouldnt be as safe as the food at home.

As for takeaways, Han Zhuofeng himself ate takeaways often when he was filming.

As such, Han Zhuofeng didnt think he had the right to criticize Xie Jiling.

Instead, Xie Jilings pictures made him feel hungry.

There were a lot of people present, so they naturally ordered a lot of food.

Boiled fish, stir-fried escargot, clams, crayfish, spicy crab, braised duck neck, steamed chicken, fried chicken, and fried fish cakes with spicy sauce.

The flavors were all really strong, and there were no vegetables.

But that was why it was delicious!

Han Zhuofeng was so hungry, and he immediately knew what he wanted to eat.

Before he had gotten the chance to chat with Xie Jiling, he suddenly received a message from Xie Jiling.

“I cant talk anymore.

I think its here.”

Han Zhuofengs heart sank.

Because he couldnt see and he wasnt next to her.

And so, he wouldnt know anything.

He felt a little terrible.

Xie Jiling slowly put her phone away.

The others had yet to realize anything wrong.

They were all eating.

Because He Yuliang and the others came here, they didnt feel nervous at all.

They were in the mood to joke about things, causing Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi to feel less nervous.

When they were eating, they were all very relaxed.

But then, while everyone felt relaxed…

Xie Jiling suddenly stretched her hand out and grabbed something in the air.

The others didnt even realize.

They just thought something had flashed by.

Then, Xie Jiling stood up and threw something over her shoulder.

It was unknown what she had hurled.

But they did see a greyish shadow.

Then, Xie Jiling smacked it with a talisman.

Everyone then saw clearly.

It wasnt an illusion.

There was indeed a greyish shadow.

To be exact, it was a grey-and-white shadow.

This vengeful spirit finally showed itself.

Xie Jiling said coldly.

“How dare you possess me!”

The vengeful spirit wanted to secretly possess her body.

Unfortunately for the vengeful spirit, before it could touch Xie Jiling, it was grabbed in the neck and thrown out by Xie Jiling.

But at the same time, Xie Jiling knew how the three girls had died.

They all died after being possessed by the vengeful spirit.

Yu Xinlei was possessed by a vengeful spirit.

She choked her own neck and died of suffocation.

It looked as though it was something invisible choking her.

But it was really the vengeful spirit controlling her hand and choking her.

It was the same for Ji Yiran.

She was possessed by the vengeful spirit, and the vengeful spirit controlled her body and submerged her body in the water.

Submerging her body until she died of drowning.

As for Fan Jianan, she was controlled by the vengeful spirit and went to die in the graveyard.

This time, the vengeful spirit decided to repeat its trick and possess Xie Jiling.

Unfortunately, it finally lost.

The vengeful spirit didnt expect to encounter a strong one.

It was thrown to the ground by Xie Jiling with its back facing downward and its terrifying grey and white face looking upward.

The vengeful spirits hair was quite long.

It had thin hair.

It looked like one of those girls who struggled with hair loss despite having very little hair.

It only had a thin layer of hair.

It didnt have eyelids.

Its eyeballs rolled in its eye socket, and it looked horrifying.

Suddenly, the vengeful spirit supported itself up with its four limbs.

Its back was still facing downward and its four limbs twisted to a weird angle.

It looked like an animal crawling with its four limbs.

Its head leaned backward until it was at a 90-degree angle with the neck.

It looked face to face with Xie Jiling.

However, its eyes were below its mouth.

The mouth at the top suddenly curved into a weird angle.

From their point of view, the vengeful spirits mouth was curved up.

But one should be aware that the vengeful spirits face was upside down.

This meant that if its face were positioned upward, it would be forcing the corner of its mouth downward.

At this moment, its mouth seemed to function by itself.

Its smile was abnormally creepy.


You dare hire an exorcist,” the vengeful spirit said while keeping the corner of its mouth curved.

“Even if theres an exorcist, you all still have to die.”

“Initially, you all could have died quickly.

But since you all had the audacity to hire an exorcist, you wont get a quick death anymore!”

The vengeful spirit said while turning its head.

However, it wasnt turning its head normally.

The upside-down face rotated 90 degrees from a parallel point.

Its face was still upside down, but it was now facing Yu Yuexin and the others.

Ren Linna and the others were afraid, but they had so much faith in Xie Jiling.

And so, even if they were targeted by the vengeful spirit, they didnt react much.

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