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3478 Han Zhuofengs Opinion Did Not Matter

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


For some reason, tonights dinner would be very different from what he had in mind.

How could Yan Zhiqing miss out on such a good chance to pry into other peoples businesses She immediately dragged Wei Wucai and said to Shi Xiaoya, “Xiao Cai and I will go as well!”

She completely ignored Han Zhuofengs opinion.

Han Zhuofengs opinion was not something they would take into consideration.


The more, the merrier.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


He didnt want the family home to be this lively.

However, Han Zhuofengs opinion did not matter.

So, everyone went to the family home together.

When they were on the way, Shi Xiaoya hurriedly gave Han Zhuoling a phone call and asked him not to rush to the filming site and that everyone was meeting at the family home.

It was then that Shi Xiaoya finally had the time to question Han Zhuofeng.

“Zhuofeng,” Shi Xiaoya called out, “Why are you in a rush to go back to the family home when Jiling is having dinner there”

Han Zhuofeng showed her an expression that conveyed his disapproval of her asking a question with such an obvious answer.

But then, he realized that he still needed to rely on his sisters-in-law, so he needed to tell Shi Xiaoya the truth.

And so, Han Zhuofeng said, “Dont you know I like Jiling.”

With this, Han Zhuofeng started blushing.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


What kind of cutie was born in the Han Family

Back then, when his two brothers were acting shamelessly, they never blushed.

As for Han Zhuofeng, since he had told the truth, he had nothing more to hide.

He said in a straightforward manner, “Grandma called her over to check the family home.

Since its late, she is asking her to stay for dinner.”

“You know how grandma behaves…” Han Zhuofeng added.

Shi Xiaoya nodded and expressed that she understood.

Han Zhuofeng then said, “Grandma then asked if she was single and if she has a crush on anyone.”

As Han Zhuofeng talked about this, he suddenly realized something wrong.

He finally remembered.

When Old Mrs.

Han had asked Xie Jiling if anyone was courting her…

Xie Jiling actually said there was none!

Han Zhuofeng couldnt bear to be wronged like this.

Was he not courting Xie Jiling

Had Xie Jiling not realized that

He was certain that Xie Jiling was not lying.

If she said she wasnt being courted, she had to be really thinking that no one was courting her.

And so, there was only one possibility.

Xie Jiling must not have detected that he was courting her.

Han Zhuofeng felt sad and dumbfounded.

He saw Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing staring at him and waiting for him to continue his story.

Han Zhuofeng had no choice but to adjust his mood and said, “Grandma then asked if she has anyone she likes.”

When Han Zhuofeng talked about this, he felt depressed.

“And she said she doesnt know!” Han Zhuofeng felt so sad and speechless.

“If she likes someone, then she should say yes.

If she doesnt like anyone, she should answer no.

If she said she doesnt know, it means she does have someone on her mind.”

“And so, I have to go back and poke around and figure out who she likes.” Han Zhuofeng felt really sad.

“Jiling actually has someone she likes” Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

“Right You didnt expect that, right” Han Zhuofeng then showed the spirit of sharing gossip.

He quickly leaned in closer to Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing and told them everything.

“Besides exorcism, she doesnt actually interact with anyone.

Didnt her classmates go with the production crew to Ta Town”

“While we were on the way there, I asked them about it.

Because she is too capable, no one at school pursues her.

Initially, many people liked her because shes pretty.”

“But when they found out about her skills of exorcism, they became scared of seeing weird things when they were with her, so they all gave up.”

“I dont think she likes her classmates.

If the person she likes is one of her classmates, she would have realized it long ago.

She wouldnt have taken so long to figure out her feelings.” Han Zhuofeng deduced.

“If its not her classmate…” Han Zhuofeng said as he touched his chin, “Did she fall for someone who commissioned her”

Han Zhuofeng felt chaotic inside.

She couldnt stop Xie Jiling from being commissioned!

Was it really someone who requested her service

Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing frowned and started pondering the matter.

However, they kept feeling like they were missing something.

But at this moment, they couldnt figure out what was missing.

Because they had forgotten that Han Zhuofeng had commissioned Xie Jiling as well.

Unfortunately, none of the three could remember it.

Since Han Zhuofeng couldnt remember, he decided not to think about it.

He said to Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing.

“Grandma told me that she will try and get more answers out of Xiaoya.

You guys can help me get more answers, too.”

Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing demanded to eat dinner at the family home.

They couldnt just eat dinner for free.

They had to contribute as well.

Shi Xiaoya nodded and said, “Dont worry!”

Yan Zhiqing said, “I will try my best to get answers.”


Xie Jiling checked every area inside and outside the family home.

She checked every corner of the house.

She checked the courtyard.

There was no problem.

Not only was there no issue with this house, but the location of the house was also very good.

The Han Family was indeed blessed.

When the Han Family bought this place back then, they had never hired someone to check the area.

They just thought this place was good.

It looked comfortable, so they bought the place.

They had no such intentions, but they just so happened to choose such a valuable location.

The house could make a family thrive.

However, since it didnt happen intentionally, it indicated that the Han Family was indeed blessed by the heavens.

Xie Jiling then said to Old Mrs.

Han, “Grandma, this place is very good.

There is nothing wrong.

Dont worry.”

“In addition, this location is very good.

If possible, dont move and just stay here,” Xie Jiling said.

When Old Mrs.

Han heard this, she was really happy.

Because of what Xie Jiling said, she felt even more comfortable staying here.

“Thank you.

By the way, how do you take payment” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

Xie Jiling smiled and said, “How can I take your money I was just here to take a look at the place.

Its not troublesome.”

This was different from exorcism.

Karma was not involved, so it was fine if she didnt take any payment.

Xie Jiling honestly thought there was no need for her to collect payment for something like this.

However, Xie Jilings answer was perfect for Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Han wasnt trying to save money.

She wanted to take this opportunity to say, “Thats good, then.

Youre Han Zhuofengs friend.

Youre basically like a family.

Family members dont have to act too courteously with each other.”

Xie Jiling was a little confused.

How did those two sentences automatically make her a family

“However, if you arent taking payment, you have to stay to eat dinner,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Xie Jiling felt bad about staying.

However, she then heard Old Mrs.

Han say, “Its not early anymore.

Your school is far.

What time will it be when you get back Since its almost dinner time, you should stay and have dinner here before you leave.”

“Were family.

Theres no need to be courteous, right” Old Mrs.

Han dragged Xie Jiling and refused to let her go.

“If you arent collecting the payment for checking my house, cant I treat you to a meal”

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