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3481 As Long As They Can Focus on the Future

After Shi Xiaoya said that, she felt something off.

Xie Jiling was only 19 years old.

Unless she dated young, how could she have experienced such pain

Only people who had experienced such pain would say it as though the experience was engraved in their bones.

But… if she dated young, that relationship shouldnt be that unforgettable, right

When Shi Xiaoya said that, Han Zhuofeng found his heart in his throat.

He didnt care if Xie Jiling had past relationships.

As long as they could focus on themselves in the future, it was good.

However, if Xie Jiling was hurt before, he would feel sad for her, and he would be angry with that guy.

That guy didnt know to cherish Xie Jiling and hurt her because of his own insecurity.

“Of course not,” Xie Jiling quickly said.

Han Zhuofeng froze and felt reassured.

“I have witnessed my cousin experience such pain,” Xie Jiling whispered, “She is ten years older than me, and she is very careful about dating.

Its like what I just told you.

She might as well not get into a relationship if the boy was scared of her.”

“But she met a guy later on, and that guy told her that he wasnt scared and that he would accept everything about her and that he believed everything she said.”

“My cousin was really happy.

She was in love, and she smiled every day.

Her face glowed with happiness that she couldnt hide.

Then, they got married.”

“My cousin said that she was fortunate to have met him.

Thankfully, she was brave enough to choose him, and she didnt miss out on spending her life with someone that loves her.”

“But later on, her happiness turned into sadness.

In the third year of their marriage, the man said that he couldnt take it anymore.

He couldnt handle living with her when terrifying things could appear at any time.”

“He might see it when they are eating.

When he opens his eyes while he is trying to sleep, it might be next to him.

Even when they went on their honeymoon trip, they encountered those things.”

“The man said that he wants to live a normal life.

He said that he cant keep the promises he made back then.

He also cheated on her and fell for someone who can give him a peaceful life.”

“My cousin was very sad, but she didnt dwell on this sadness.

When he wanted a divorce, she agreed.

She treated it as though she had made the wrong choice.

The happiness she felt in the past became a joke.”

“That man already wanted a divorce, but he had to tell her how he regretted being with her and suffered years of horror for nothing.”

“He said that he regretted not leaving her sooner.

He even said that she shouldnt have become other peoples burden when she knows about her own situation.

She should just die alone.”

“That man cheated on my cousin and broke the promise made back then.

Then, he blamed my cousin.

However, my cousin never once talked badly about him.

She just wanted this separation to have a good ending.”

“When he wanted a divorce, my cousin never bothered him and she never once harassed him.

My cousin never even tried to look for the home wrecker.”

“My cousin never did anything wrong to him.

She never lied to him.

Being an exorcist was not her fault.

If no one does it, who would”

“But after my cousin had a divorce, she remained single until now.

Its not that no one pursued her.

She just doesnt dare to get into a relationship anymore.

She doesnt dare to believe in someone elses promise.”

“She is worried that the person might regret it in the end.

She was hurt once.

After witnessing how ugly a person can be, she didnt dare to face it again.”

“Maybe you will say that she can find someone else in this line of work.

But there are very few people in our line of work who are interested in a serious relationship.

Most exorcists are very old.

There are very few people who are like the members of the Xie Family.”

“Otherwise, it wouldnt have been this difficult.

My sister would never give up on being an exorcist because this is our mission in life.

It is the responsibility we have to bear,” Xie Jiling said.

“I dont have much faith in myself, so Im worried that I will end up like my sister, afraid of seeing such ugly truth.”

“So, Im looking for someone who is actually not afraid of me doing exorcism and not afraid of an accident happening when we are together.

He must not think that my job is unlucky or abnormal.

He must not complain about his life being ruined because he got into a relationship with me.”

Xie Jiling was being very realistic.

Most people wouldnt even have a specific request when selecting a life partner.

Old Mrs.

Han quickly said, “You will find one.

You will find one.

There will be a man like that.

If a man cant even keep his promise, how can he consider himself a man”

Yan Zhiqing said, “Yes.

Jiling, our situations are different, but there are some commonalities.

Maybe its not as scary to be in a relationship with me, but the life of anyone in a relationship with me would be affected.”

“I have to wear my mask and cover myself up when I leave the door.

Even so, someone might recognize me.

When Xiao Cai is with me, I have to cover myself up well, and we cant go to places with many people.”

“When we are shopping, people will recognize us from time to time.

I would be surrounded by people, and Xiao Cai would be pushed away by the crowd.

We try not to go to public places, so its really hard for us to watch movies at the theatres or dine in at popular restaurants that make really good food.”

“Unless we are at home, so many people will be paying attention to our lives at any given time.

If we leave the house, people will take photos of us, and we will end up not having any privacy.

We cant enjoy our lives by ourselves.”

“Before I got together with Xiao Cai, I was worried.

My job meant that we would always be under the spotlight.

Even so, no matter what we do, our actions would be scrutinized under a lens.”

“If we dont leave the house together, they would assume that something went wrong with our relationship.

If we dont talk, they would think that we are fighting.

When we do show affection, they would think we are faking it for the show.

If we dont show love, they would then suspect that we broke up.

When I have dinner with production crew members, they would crop photos and accuse me of cheating.”

“Anyway, so many eyes are on us.

If many things that arent true are mentioned repeatedly, it could cause a misunderstanding.

Im also worried that Xiao Cai might be unhappy that his personal life would get affected.

Its fine to endure it if it happened a few times, but if it continues for a while, he might not be able to handle it.”

“Im also worried that some fake and negative news might cause a misunderstanding and a crack in our relationship that would just get bigger and bigger.”

“But Xiao Cai told me that he had thought it through before he decided to date me.

Even before he started dating me, he had thought about the things I was worried about.

If he couldnt endure it, he said that he wouldnt have started a relationship with me.

Since he decided to start a relationship with me, he would have to endure it no matter what.”

“People who make promises but renege on them later on.

Those people are just incapable and irresponsible.”

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