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3490 Our Jiling Grew Up

Xie Jiling sighed and said, “Alright.

Hurry up and get some rest.”

Han Zhuofeng intensely contemplated an excuse that would let him come back here.

So, he asked, “Should I come back and take the cup when you are done with the milk”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Did that excuse even make sense

“I can just leave the cup in the room, right” Xie Jiling said, “Am I… not allowed to leave it in the room”

Han Zhuofeng then realized that he had come up with such a bad excuse.

“Goodnight then,” Han Zhuofeng said in a sluggish manner.

Xie Jiling closed the door, and Han Zhuofeng went back to his room.

Xie Jiling didnt have to wake up early tomorrow morning.

Right now, she couldnt sleep.

So, she retrieved a notebook and pen from her back.

When she got out of class in the afternoon, she was called to visit the Han Familys house by Old Mrs.


There were still books, papers, and pens in her bag.

She took out the pen and notebook she had used to take notes in class.

She flipped to the last page and did as suggested by Lu Man and the others, which was to write down Han Zhuofengs positive traits and negative traits.

The first thing Xie Jiling thought about was his cowardness.

Could this be considered a positive trait or a negative trait

Xie Jiling thought that this didnt count as a positive trait, but it wasnt negative either.

He wasnt scared of people.

There were very few people who could react bravely when facing those things.

He was scared, and he admitted to it.

He didnt try to hide it.

He confidently showed his fear.

Xie Jiling discovered Han Zhuofengs first positive trait.


Then, she added one to the category of positive traits.

Even though he was scared, he still insisted on accompanying her because he was worried that she might feel lonely if she were to stay in Ghost Town by herself.

So, Xie Jiling thought that Han Zhuofeng was chivalrous.

She then added chivalry to the list of his positive traits.

He brought her milk and even thought about letting her sleep more in the morning.

He was a rather considerate person.

Xie Jiling continued pondering and writing in the category of positive traits.

She wrote a lot for Han Zhuofeng in that section.

As she continued writing, she realized that she still hadnt written a single negative trait.

How could he not have any negative traits

But no matter how hard Xie Jiling contemplated, she couldnt think of even one negative trait.

Instead, the more time she spent brainstorming, the more positive traits she was adding.

Xie Jiling slapped her forehead.

The more she pondered, the harder it was for her to fall asleep.

She didnt have experience, so she decided not to make things difficult for herself.

She leaned on the pillow and hugged the pillow.

When she was in a very comfortable position, she held her phone up.

She opened the group chat with her roommates and asked, “Are you all awake”

Ren Linna and the others were night owls.

They would never sleep before 12 am.

Even if the lights in the room were off, they would play with their phones and watch videos in the dark.

As expected, when Xie Jiling asked, the three immediately replied.

Ren Linna messaged, “Yes.”

Kuang Xiaorou replied, “Everyone is awake.”

Feng Yaqing said, “Where are you Why arent you back when its already so late They are locking up the dormitory building soon.”

“Im staying the night at the Han Familys house,” Xie Jiling said.

The three were so surprised they couldnt readily reply.

Then, Xie Jiling received a couple of voice messages.

Obviously, the three had lost the patience to type.

Ren Lina asked, “You are staying at Han Familys house Han Zhuofengs Han Family”

Kuang Xiaorou asked, “Is Han Zhuofeng there as well”

Feng Yaqing said, “Is this considered meeting the parents”

Their messages came one after the other, and Xie Jiling felt overwhelmed.

She was still listening to the first one when the three sent more voice messages.

Xie Jiling listened to each voice message and said, “Its already too late at night.

Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han were worried about me going back on my own this late at night, so they asked me to stay for the night.”

Ren Linna asked, “Is Han Zhuofeng not there”

Xie Jiling hesitated.

Then, she answered honestly, “He just came back from the filming location.”

“Eh” Kuang Xiaorou immediately detected something fishy.

“So hes at the Han Familys house”

“Yes,” Xie Jiling answered honestly.

Xie Jiling may not know how to lie, but she wasnt so naive as to reveal everything.

For example, Xie Jiling didnt tell them that Han Zhuofeng was staying in the room opposite hers.

“Isnt he busy with filming Based on what I know, the filming location is very far from the city area.

The drive there would take a lot of time.

Why did he go back today” Feng Yaqing chuckled in a mischievous manner, “Did he go back for you”

Kuang Xiaorou answered, “That must be it! Otherwise, why would he especially go back to the family home when the filming schedule is tight, and there arent any special occasions”

“Is Han Zhuofeng staying at the family home as well, or did he go back to the filming location” Ren Linna immediately asked the important question.

“…” Xie Jiling decided to ignore her question.

She might not know how to lie, but she could change the topic.

“Lets not talk about these things now,” Xie Jiling said, “I have something to ask you guys.”

Hearing what Xie Jiling said, Ren Linna and the other two decided to set aside all the questions that they have for her.

Feng Yaqing replied, “Do ask.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Because of them, she suddenly didnt know how to ask the question.

“What happened” Kuang Xiaorou said.

Even though this communication was done over the phone, Xie Jiling could feel the three of them glaring at her.

Xie Jiling finally asked, “I just wanted to ask…”

Xie Jiling was really embarrassed.

It was really difficult for her to ask the question.

After a while though, she still ended up asking, “If I cant think of someones negative trait and I can only think of their positive trait, what does that mean”

In the dormitory room, Ren Linna, Kuang Xiaorou, and Feng Yaqing exchanged glances.

Kuang Xiaorou said, “She has to be talking about Han Zhuofeng.”

Ren Linna nodded.

“Thats what I thought as well.”

Feng Yaqing touched her chin and said with a sigh, “Our Jiling has finally matured.

She knows about love now.”

The three sighed at the same time and felt really emotional.

Why did they feel like their daughter had grown up

“This is Jilings first time asking such a question.

Thats very rare,” Kuang Xiaorou said with a sigh.

Feng Yaqing then replied to Xie Jiling, “There is something we have to confirm before we can answer your question.”

“What” Xie Jiling was like a well-behaved kid, waiting for them to ask the question.

Ren Linna then asked, “You cant think of any of his negative traits.

Is he… a guy or a girl”

Xie Jiling touched her burning-hot ears and answered, “A guy.”

Ren Linna and the other two were really excited as they exchanged glances.

A motherly smile appeared on Kuang Xiaorous face as she said, “All thats left for Jiling to say is that this person is Han Zhuofeng!”

“Indeed!” Feng Yaqing said, “Han Zhuofeng rushed back to the Han Familys house from the filming location today, and Jiling asked us this question tonight.”

Ren Linna said excitedly, “Let me think.

Today, the grandparents of the Han Family called Jiling over to their house to survey if there were anything bad in their house.

“Actually, that could just be an excuse! What if the grandparents of the Han Family just wanted to meet Jiling” Ren Linna said, “After all, based on our observation, Jiling and Han Zhuofengs chemistry is very strong.”

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