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Partying until the wee hours

She had been out busying with work until now.

Rather than heading home earlier, Lu Man would rather starve outside working until midnight, because at the very least she wouldnt have to face Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs disgusting faces.

As Auntie Chen refused to cook for Lu Man, Lu Man could only do so herself, and that was how she gained her current level of culinary skills.

To be honest, no one is born naturally gifted in cooking, they were all forced by circumstances.

As Xia Qingwei ate Lu Man cooked dishes, although they were delicious, they still tasted bitter to her.

That was also why ever since Lu Man moved out, Xia Qingwei had never let Lu Man personally do any of the household chores.

She could not make up for all the hardships Lu Man had suffered in the past, so right now and in the future, she would let Lu Man enjoy everything she couldnt in the past.

After dinner, Lu Man cleaned up the dishes and placed them all in the dishwasher.

The dishwasher was quietly installed and given by Han Zhuoli when Lu Man was shooting in South Yunnan.

He even installed automated timing for both the sweeper and mop, such that every day they will automatically start at the same time and Xia Qingwei didnt even have to learn how to use them.

Han Zhuoli had bought all of these and directly got them delivered to her house, not leaving Xia Qingwei with any chance to refuse.

Otherwise, Xia Qingwei definitely wouldnt have accepted them.

When Lu Man returned to the living room, she saw Xia Qingwei and the other two women seated on the sofa already.

Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuo were looking at Xia Qingwei eagerly.

Xia Qingwei took the violin out of the case, tuned the strings and rubbed rosin on the bow.

Xia Qingweis actions were very slow as every single step triggered memories of hers.

Lu Man and the other two stayed silent, none of them uttered a single word.

It was unbearable for anyone to disturb the Xia Qingwei right now.

After plucking the strings a little, Xia Qingwei stood up.

She then placed the violin on her shoulder.

Closing her eyes, all the past memories flooded her mind.

After that, she slowly placed the bow on the strings.

Soothing, gentle and melodious music floated through the air.

Through the notes, memories lingered.

It wasnt painful, it only let others feel warm and fuzzy.

As if warm sunlight was shining on them.

Old Mrs.

Han took a good look at the Xia Qingwei right now.

No wonder Xia Qingwei always had an air of tranquility to her.

It was gentle and calming, making others feel comfortable and at ease.

This air and elegance to her never eroded away by time.

Old Mrs.

Han sighed to herself.

Be it in the past or even now, Lu Qiyuan could never be worthy of Xia Qingwei.

Lu Qiyuan was only worthy of spending the rest of his life with Xia Qingyang.

After a while, the performance ended.

In the middle, there were some parts where she was rather rusty.

After all, it had been a long time since Xia Qingwei last played.

However, it was still very pleasant to the ears.

“Which song is this” Be it Old Mrs.

Han, Shen Nuo or Lu Man, none of them knew anything about this field.

“Its a piece by a German violinist Franz Drdla calledMemory,” Xia Qingwei replied gently.

When she picked up her violin and started playing, it was the first piece that came to mind.

Memories of the time before she married Lu Qiyuan, memories of the time when her father was still alive, memories of a little boy in her fathers violin class.

Memories of those times that were gone and could never return.

All those memories were so beautiful, yet, she never regretted everything that happened after that.

Lu Qiyuan may have been a terrible scum, but because of him, she had Lu Man.

In her life, she may have regretted a lot of things, and even though perhaps it would have been better if she didnt make certain choices in the past.

But as for Lu Man, she had never regretted.

“It was beautiful!” Lu Man praised.

Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuo complimented her too.

Xia Qingwei smiled sheepishly and said, “I havent played in years, Im a little rusty.”


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