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“Haha, you even told Han Zhuoli that he can feel free to ask you for help if he needs too Looks like you have forgotten how much you are actually capable of.” Wang Juhuai was really infuriated.

He really didnt plan on leaving any face for Wang Qianyun.

He could tolerate the first and second time.

But Wang Qianyun and her parents have done this too many times.

While he treated them as his family, they treated him as a fool.

Wang Juhuai was truly disappointed.

Pointing at the entrance of his mansion, he shouted, “Get out!”

Wang Qianyun pursed her lips in anger, turned around furiously and left.

However, Wang Qianyun clearly didnt take Wang Juhuais words to heart.

The next evening, after work, Wang Qianyun directly headed to the hotel where Han Zhuoli was staying.

This time, Han Zhuoli had come to discuss work with Maxus Company and Wang Qianyun happened to work in Maxus Company.

Therefore, as long as she put in the effort, she could easily find out where Han Zhuoli was staying.

At the hotel, a card could only access one level of the hotel.

The guest room card could only access the level that they were staying it, otherwise, the lift wouldnt operate.

Wang Qianyun didnt have Han Zhuolis contact details, so she could only head to the reception.

“Hello, I have an appointment with a guest staying here.

His name is Han Zhuoli.”

“Please hold on for a moment, Ill have to check,” the receptionist replied.

After entering in the guest details into the computer, he looked strangely at Wang Qianyun.

Wang Qianyun was puzzled.

What was this look the other person was giving her

After that, the receptionist said, “Mr.

Han has already checked out this afternoon.”

“Checked out” Wang Qianyun was shocked.

She had clearly checked properly with others in the company.

Han Zhuoli was supposed to check out tomorrow night.

This morning he had even come over to their company.

However, at that time, Han Zhuoli was with the CEO of Maxus Company, and around him were some very important guests and executives, thus, she couldnt boldly go up to them, and hence she didnt greet him.

She thought that since she was going to meet Han Zhuoli that night, she wasnt too persistent about it.

Who knew that Han Zhuoli would already check out.

“Yes, Mr.

Han has already checked out.” The receptionist confirmed once more.

Left with no choice as Wang Qianyun couldnt see Han Zhuoli here and didnt have Han Zhuolis contact details either, she could only leave angrily.

One day, she would definitely go back to China.

She just couldnt believe it.

By that time it would still be the same as now, she wont be able to meet Han Zhuoli!


In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the premiere of “Greedy Wolf Operation”.

Not all the actors in the film lived in City B, therefore, the crew just booked a five-star hotel near the movie theatre where the film was going to be premiered.

Although they would still have to drive over, it would only take a couple of minutes.

Even though it was close by, they could not just let celebrities walk on the road, right

Booking such a location nearby was only for the sake of convenience, in case there would be any jam or other accidents and cause them to be late.

Even for the actors who lived in City B, the crew had booked a room for them in the hotel too.

After all, there werent many of them, so it wasnt very expensive.

All the actors who were going to attend the premiere were rather famous, even Lu Man now.

Back then, she was unknown in the entertainment industry, but it was also because of the recent “brawl” with Yu XingZhous fans which helped attract quite a lot of fans, hence now Lu Man was considered a little popular too.

Nonetheless, the number of fans she had still couldnt compare to those C-list or D-list actors.

However, Lu Man didnt stay in the hotel overnight.

Only on the day of the premiere itself, she headed to the hotel only to change and put on make-up.

All the other actors had hired their own stylist.

Originally, Lu Man had planned to just put on her make-up by herself, yet who knew that just as she was about to reach the hotel, she received a phone call from Zheng Tianming informing her that he has already hired a stylist who was waiting for her at the hotel right now.

By the time Lu Man reached the hotel, Shi Xiaoya had already brought her team along and they were waiting in the hotel lobby.

Shi Xiaoya had her own studio, but Han Corporation had shares in their studio, so they were actually in a partnership with Han Corporation.


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