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The original hem of the skirt now became the waistband as Lu Man sewed the waist part together.

At the side of the skirt, there was a hole that was naturally formed in the shape of “A”.

The ribbons criss crossed and came together again, ending at the hem of the skirt in a butterfly tie.

As the ribbons were much longer than the hem of the skirt, they dangled by the side of Lu Mans leg.

The original black leather skirt instantly had a clash between black and red.

With the ribbon decorating it, the skirt turned even more fashionable.

Once Lu Man put on a white blouse, Shi Xiaoya had already forgotten how this skirt originally looked.

“If Cris was here, he would definitely want to take you in as his apprentice,” Shi Xiaoya praised.

Only with the help of Cris, she could have a complete studio.

She was responsible for the makeup while Cris was in charge of costumes.

“Its amazing, it looks so much better than before!” The hair stylist complimented too.

Seeing Lu Mans current fabulous, stylish look everyone couldnt help but wonder how red Bai Shuangshuangs face would be with fury upon seeing this.

They really wanted to see Bai Shuangshuangs expression!

Honestly, everyone had the exact same thought.

If you really want something with a pure, honest heart, it will come to you.

Surprisingly, the doorbell rang precisely at that moment.

“Lu Man, its me,” Bai Shuangshuang called from outside the door.

The hairstylist lost her temper.

“She still has the cheek to come here Does she think that we are all fools and dont know that Xiao Li did it Whats wrong with this person Shes so shameless!”

“Hehe,” Shi Xiaoya snickered coldly.

She turned and asked Lu Man, “Are you letting her in”

She really wanted to see what reaction Bai Shuangshuang would be after seeing Lu Mans current outfit.

Lu Man smiled.

“Why dont we head out now, its almost about time, anyway.

I should visit her along the way too.”

“That sounds great,” Shi Xiaoya agreed.

Lu Man walked to the door to personally open the door.

“Miss Bai, you got ready really quick.

I just finished packing up too.

Are you here to ask me to head there with you”

Before Bai Shuangshuang could even keep the smug expression on her face, it was frozen on her face.

She saw Lu Mans outfit that looked extremely fashionable and trendy.

Without caring to hide anything, she turned her head and glared angrily at Xiao Li.

Didnt she say that she had already ruined her dress

How does this look like it was ruined at all!

Lu Man scoffed, “Miss Bai, excuse me.”

After she spoke, she saw that Bai Shuangshuang was so livid that she forgot to have any reaction.

Hence, she just ignored her and just walked off straight ahead.

Bai Shuangshuang had to take a couple of steps back to give way to her, and in the end, she was squeezed to the side by Shi Xiaoya and the others who were following closely behind Lu Man.

Lu Man nonchalantly said to Bai Shuangshuang, “Well be heading off first then.

See you there, Miss Bai.”

After the grandiose exit of these people, Bai Shuangshuang finally came back to her senses.

She immediately slapped Xiao Li across the face.

“Didnt you say that you ruined her dress How dare you lie to me! You made me embarrass myself here.

Do you really think that you could lie to me and pretend everything is fine after doing nothing!”

Xiao Li cradled her face, feeling wronged and sad.

“I really did destroy her skirt.

Her skirt didnt look like this at first.

It definitely must be Shi Xiaoya and the others who brought a new skirt along with them and let Lu Man wear it.”

It wasnt Xiao Lis fault that she couldnt tell.

Based on an average persons logic, even if its just a fix, you could still tell how it looked like originally.

However, Lu Man had flipped the skirt the other way round and wore it like that!

After such a change by Lu Man, one could hardly tell how it looked like at first.

Moreover, just now, Xiao Li was completely occupied being nervous and worried.

She didnt even manage to take a good look at Lu Mans skirt.

Furious, Bai Shuangshuangs face contorted.

“Do you take me as a fool How could it be so coincidental How could they have already prepared for Lu Mans outfit to be ruined”


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