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Han Zhuoli, “…”

Alright, at least he entered her bedroom.

And so, the two of them got down the car and walked back.

While climbing up the stairs, Han Zhuoli said again, “Do you think that we would be misunderstood because we are coming back again even after being out for so long”

Lu Man: “…”

“Ill explain briefly and itll be alright, she trusts me.” Lu Man felt that Han Zhuoli desperately wanted Xia Qingwei to misunderstand.

The good thing was that Lu Man had brought her keys as right now Xia Qingwei was already asleep.

Lu Man opened the door lightly, and came in with Han Zhuoli.

Usually, at home, it was just the two of them, her and Xia Qingwei and both were women, so she did not have any sleepwear suitable for Han Zhuoli and he could only make do with what he had.

She then got him a new toothbrush and passed a cup to Han Zhuoli to let him use them temporarily.

When Han Zhuoli was done cleaning up, Lu Man pushed him into her room.

“Hurry and rest.

You dont need to go to work tomorrow, so you should sleep longer, dont be in a rush to get up, I and my Mom wont wake you up tomorrow.”

Seeing that Lu Man wanted to run away so quickly, Han Zhuoli held her arm and pulled her towards himself.

“Youre really not staying”

“Good night.” Lu Man tip-toed, then pecked his lips, “Rest well, that way, Ill be reassured, dont let me worry.”

Lu Mans worry for him made Han Zhuoli feel very happy.

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli finally let go of her.


After all, Xia Qingwei was in the house too, and although Han Zhuoli really did not want to let Lu Man leave, he also did not dare to do that in front of Xia Qingwei.

Lu Man helped him close the door and Han Zhuoli lay onto Lu Mans bed.

Han Zhuoli was really tired, and did not look at Lu Mans room in detail, and planned to take a good look at her room tomorrow morning.

At this moment, lying in Lu Mans bed, Lu Mans scent engulfed him completely.

From the bed sheets to the pillows, then to the blankets, it was all Lu Mans scent.

Not having any suitable sleepwear, Han Zhuoli directly slept in the nude, and with Lu Mans scent everywhere, he felt a bit stirred up instantly.

He buried his nose into the blankets, and closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

If only Lu Man was here, that would be good.


Lu Man also hurriedly cleaned herself up, and secretly went into Xia Qingweis room.

But just as she lay down next to Xia Qingwei, Xia Qingwei turned around.

“Xiao Han also came back”

“Did I wake you up” Even though she did not do anything with Han Zhuoli, facing Xia Qingwei now, she actually felt a bit guilty.

“No, I always sleep lightly, and I always wake up around three to four oclock,” Xia Qingwei said.

“Hes too tired today.

When we sat in his car, I didnt even get to talk to him much before he fell asleep as his tiredness got to him, and because the car was warm, so I did not wake him up.

When he woke up, I did not feel that it was safe for him to drive home in that state, so I had him sleep here,” Lu Man said.

Xia Qingwei: “…”

Could it be that these two people had been in the car all along, and did not go anywhere else!

She yawned, “Then you sleep quickly now.”


The next day, having remembered that Han Zhuoli was sleeping here, Lu Man woke up early.

She cleaned herself up, and went to secretly open the door to her room, and upon seeing Han Zhuoli sleeping soundly, she closed it again.

Meanwhile, Xia Qingwei had already prepared breakfast, so Lu Man and Xia Qingwei ate it first.

“Dont call Xiao Han, that child is really very tired.

When he wakes up, Ill make him some hot food,” Xia Qingwei said.

“I was thinking the same too.” Lu Man nodded.

Xia Qingwei sighed, “Dont see how everyone is always jealous of Xiao Han, hes in such a high position and has such a high responsibility, no one knows how tough he has it.”


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