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It was just that they had totally forgotten it, having felt that Han Corporation would not sign Lu Man who was a total newcomer.

Therefore, they naturally forgot the relationship Lu Man had with the Han Corporation, she was originally a Han Corporation employee, so the Han Corporation could give the go-ahead and directly sign the contract with her.

“Then who would account for the movie losses” President Zhou asked, after all, he had to find someone to take responsibility!

“Of course, its Bai Shuangshuangs responsibility!” President He said, “Whats wrong with deleting her parts If we dont delete hers, then should they delete that of a celebrity from Han Corporation Its just a small matter yet Bai Shuangshuang exploded online, not caring about the big picture.

Isnt it just deleting her parts Didnt Director Sun agree to her entering the production group to film Didnt he give her an opportunity to act Her acting is not good enough, and thus her parts were deleted, could it be Director Suns fault”

President Cao: “”

Wasnt it like that

So that meant that the parts being deleted, became Bai Shuangshuangs fault

“She joined the production group to film, didnt they pay her They dont owe her anything, alright Even during the movie promotions, didnt they promote her as well Shes getting free benefits! She got the money and also got publicity.

Originally, she had no scenes in the movie, so they should not have promoted her, but now she was able to get the benefits of the movie, and yet she dares to keep persisting, how is that right”

President Cao and the others: “…”

It sounded like it had logic, but they still felt like something was wrong.

“Thats definitely not right!” Xu Fenglai added with a sudden outburst of emotions.

President Cao and the other three CEOs: “…”

“Then go and find Bai Shuangshuang to take responsibility, whats the use of accusing Lu Man!” President He said at the end.

Lu Man could not help but look at President He, and when President He saw that, he instantly straightened his back, and smile in anticipation at Lu Man.

If the lady boss felt that he performed well, then she would definitely tell the CEO!

Lu Man: “…”

“I said it from the start, Greedy Wolf Operations box office will not be affected, why dont we talk about it again after the premiere ticket sales are out,” Lu Man said calmly.

“Hmph! Then what if its affected” President Cao questioned.

“Director Sun, what was your previous estimate of the ticket sales for todays screening” Lu Man asked.

“To consider that today is a Sunday, the ticket sales would be higher than on weekdays, and so the estimate is between 60,000,000 to 70,000,000,” Sun Yiwu said.

After all, Greedy Wolf Operation was a locally produced action movie, and did not gain much attention and Zhang Shuidong was an actor who placed more emphasis on acting, and so even he did not have a huge fan base.

Although Yu Yanshu was handsome, he was a budding starlet, so he was not that popular himself.

The only main thing supporting the movie was Sun Yiwus name as the director.

Lu Man nodded.

“Then lets go with 60,000,000 as the target, is that alright”

“Yes, actually, as long as the movie box office collection is over 50,000,000, its considered a success,” Sun Yiwu said.

“If todays box office collection is less than 60,000,000, then Ill personally apologize to Bai Shuangshuang Weibo, and wont take part in any of the promotional activities concerning Greedy Wolf Operation , and neither will I take part in any movies and shows from now on,” Lu Man said.

President He was shocked, wanting to say that Lu Man did not need to make such a big gamble.

Just as he wanted to stop her, he was stopped by Zheng Tianming.

The current situation, was all too familiar.

Zheng Tianming could not help but think of how at the time when Lu Man just joined the Han Corporation and was being troubled and schemed against by Dai Yiran.

But Lu Man herself came out with a bet and caused Dai Yiran to fall into her trap till she was totally embarrassed and had to leave the Han Corporation.

Similarly, this time too, Lu Man was suggesting a bet.

Zheng Tianming looked at President Cao and the rest in pity.

President Cao and the rest were moved, but they then heard Lu Man say, “But if the ticket sales cross 60,000,000, then Bai Shuangshuang must publicly apologize to me and Director Sun on Weibo and admit that everything she accused was just to slander us.”


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