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President Caos heart was astonished, just that simple

President Cao and the rest also contemplated it for a while; after all, there could be some schemes involved in Lu Mans suggestion, but their many years of experience also told them that with this kind of incident it was impossible for the ticket sales to be good and the sales would only decrease.

Based on their estimates, the box office collection would at maximum be 50,000,000.

So no matter how confident Lu Man acted, President Cao would still not believe that this little young girl could play any tricks.

Thinking about it now, President Cao was still more confident in his experience, and thought that Lu Man was just acting powerful and was all talk and no action.

“Alright, Ill help Bai Shuangshuang agree,” President Cao said.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

“You dont need to ask for Bai Shuangshuangs opinion You will help her agree When you lose, Im scared that she would refuse to keep to her side of the bet.”

“We wont lose!” President Cao said stubbornly.

“Its you who will lose, youre so young and so arrogant.

When you lose, dont go back on your words and deny it!”

“Then let President He, Director Sun and Assistant Zheng be a witness,” Lu Man was not scared or fazed at all.

“At least Im the one making the decision for myself.

Dont make it such that you make the decision for Bai Shuangshuang now, and then later on, she will go back on her words because she did not know.”

“What a joke!” President Cao said roughly.

“For such a small thing, why would she go back on her word If I cant afford to bet, I wont agree, nonetheless, I would definitely not lose! Youre just a little girl, you dont know anything, you dont understand that sometimes, 10,000,000 is a big difference!”

It seemed like its not a high number, but they just wont be able to not surpass it.

However, Lu Man just smiled, not bothering to acknowledge him anymore.

Sun Yiwu then instructed Xu Fenglai.

“Go and hurry them, tell them to speed up the calculation of the results.”

The calculation of ticket sales was not simple, aside for all the big online companys ticket sales, there were also tickets from movie theaters, companies booking the venue for their staff, and in some areas like the countryside, its not convenient to buy tickets online, and especially those who were older didnt know how to buy tickets online, so all these small ticket sales were actually difficult to calculate.

Even then the ticket sales record was not accurate enough, and the final ticket sales report would need to wait until tomorrow.

Approximately half an hour later, Xu Fenglai hurriedly walked in, his face full of shock, and his hands holding the report of ticket sales.

“Director Sun, the ticket sales data has come out!”

Sun Yiwu looked at Xu Fenglais expression, and could not guess whether the box office collection was good or bad.

This caused Sun Yiwu to become nervous, and he hurriedly asked, “What is it Whats the ticket sales”

Xu Fenglais palm was still sweating, and his hands shaking as he passed the report to Sun Yiwu.

“Look at it yourself, I… I cant say it out loud.”

What kind of box office data caused Xu Fenglai to become like that!

Sun Yiwu took it over, full of confusion, and lowered his head to look, and his body stiffened.

He had been a director for many years, and by now, he should have been very used to this, but at this moment, he was quite shocked, and totally not in the correct state of mind.

Sun Yiwu lowered his head again to take another look at the data more closely.

After calculating the number of zeros at the back, he exhaled, finally letting out a sigh of relief.

Before this, when Lu Man had told it to him on the phone, although he had said that he believed Lu Man, without the results, a doubt was still lingering in his heart until now.

Even until this second, when Lu Man was betting with President Cao, Sun Yiwu was not entirely confident, but now that the results actually came out Sun Yiwu really let out a breath of relief.

“Hahahaha!” Sun Yiwu laughed loudly and nonchalantly.

“Good! Good! Good!”

President Cao and the rest looked at him in confusion, could it be that this Sun Yiwu had received such a big blow that he became dumb!

“How are the ticket sales, tell us!” President Zhou hurried him.


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