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Lu Qi tugged onto Xia Qingyang.

“Mom, where are you going”

“Of course Im going to Xia Qingweis house!” Xia Qingyangs face was ferocious and vicious.

“That b*tch, shes still trying to seduce men at this age! Ill never forgive her!”

“Mom!” Lu Qi was furious and pulled Xia Qingyang back.

“Stop making such a big fuss!”

“Me Making a big fuss Even youre saying that Im making a big fuss Your father is about to be seduced and stolen by that b*tch, yet you dont even know to help me! Do you know why your father has been so annoyed at me lately Isnt it because I keep urging him to help you I did everything for your sake and now youre actually telling me off!”

Feeling wronged, Xia Qingyang cried out of indignance.

Lu Qi rubbed her temples, her head aching terribly.

“Mom, if you really want to help me, then do go and cause a huge fuss on your own, alright Did you not learn from what happened in the past Was there not one time when you went to cause a huge fuss for my sake, but ended up giving Lu Man the opportunity to flame me on the internet”

Lu Mans current methods had left Lu Qi a little terrified too.

It was obvious for one to get scared upon looking at Bai Shuangshuangs current pitiful state.

“Even if I have no popularity left now, Im still a public figure, nonetheless.

Once something happens, the news will start flying everywhere.

My current reputation is already bad, do you want my reputation to continue getting worse If you go and cause a huge ruckus, and others see it, then they will say that Lu Qis mother went to quarrel and argue with the ex-wife, after that they start digging up the past between you two, how do you expect me to still survive If you do this, you might as well ask me to just quit the entertainment industry!”

Xia Qingyang softened and finally stopped struggling to try to find Xia Qingwei to settle the score.

Nonetheless, still feeling rather resentful and unwilling to give in, she said, “Then what else can I do Do I really just have to let this go I definitely cant just swallow this down! Not just me, look at how youve been bullied by Lu Man! Your father is unreliable and useless, he cant even deal with Lu Man.

Could you possibly swallow this down too”

“Of course not.” When Lu Qi thought about all the difficulties and obstacles she had faced lately, how could she just swallow it down

“Of course not, we cant just let them off, but we cant be the ones who do it personally too, we cant do it in front of others either.

We can plot against them behind their backs.

Well make them suffer the worst misfortune of their lives and let them experience all the difficulties we have been through.

However, being so impulsive like this and just charging headfirst at them will only let them grab a hold of us and gain an advantage.

Moreover, the more you behave like this, the more Dad will feel disgusted and annoyed.

Mom, have you forgotten what Dad liked the most about you from the start He liked your gentleness the most, he liked how you would rely and depend on him no matter what, and hence stroke his ego and satisfy his pride.

And not behave like Xia Qingwei, who was so capable, making him feel like he couldnt compare to her.”

Listening to Lu Qis reasonable words, Xia Qingyang gradually calmed down.

Lu Qi seized the opportunity and took Xia Qingyangs coat off.

Xia Qingyang said, “But I still cant just freely let your father look for that b*tch Xia Qingwei either!”

“Then call him back.”

“How Its not like you didnt see it earlier, he is insistent on looking for Xia Qingwei!”

Lu Qi held back her urge to roll her eyes.

From start to the end, Lu Qiyuan had never said that he was going to look for Xia Qingwei.

Originally, they were having a nice dinner on Chinese New Year eve, but Xia Qingyang just had to keep mentioning Xia Qingwei.

Perhaps Lu Qiyuan originally wasnt even planning on looking for Xia Qingwei, but after Xia Qingyang mentioned it, he might have really thought about Xia Qingwei instead.

Although feeling resigned, Lu Qis heart was burning with anger and hatred too.

She definitely couldnt let Xia Qingwei and Lu Qiyuan rekindle any spark between them or let Xia Qingwei and Lu Man gain any benefits.


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