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“Teacher Li.” Lu Man straightened up.

“Why are you dissatisfied with me”

“What kind of attitude is this!” Teacher Li glared at Lu Man, “Who are you directing your bad temper at!”

Furious, Han Zhuoli let out an angry laugh, Teacher Lis words had so many hidden meanings, and now he was blaming Lu Man for having a bad attitude

“Call your principal here,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

“Who are you to call the principal Im disciplining my student, strangers shouldnt interfere!” Teacher Li lashed out at Han Zhouli.

Already enraged enough, Han Zhuoli snickered, “Youre mocking my girlfriend indiscriminately in front of me, and youre refusing to let me say anything”

“I asked you to call the principal over, are you going to call him or not” Han Zhuoli asked one more time in a serious tone.

“Is our principal someone you can call over so easily Ignorant!” Teacher Li frowned.

Han Zhuoli took out his phone and called Zheng Tianming in front of Teacher Li.

“Find the phone number of the principal of the National Drama Academy.

Tell him Im at the office, and get him to come over as soon as possible.”

Anxious and dubious, Teacher Li stiffened a little, but when he heard what Han Zhuoli said, he sneered disdainfully.

He was so pretentious!

He even ordered the principal to come over as soon as possible.

Teacher Li could not be blamed for not knowing who Han Zhuoli was, how would he be able to interact with him

Although Han Corporation invested a lot in Drama Academy every year, Han Zhuoli had never made an appearance.

Even when the buildings were named after the Han Family, Han Zhuoli never came to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Lu Man said coldly, “Teacher Li, why dont you say whats really on your mind, dont keep muttering to yourself and dont think that I dont get the malice in your words.”

“What did I say I was just telling you about your duty as a student from the start to the end.

Im your teacher, is there something wrong with me educating you How Come good advice turned into malice, why is it that you dont want to listen Or is it that you feel like you feel that what I said has indeed some relations with you and you cant let people know” Teacher Li hit the desk suddenly.

Lu Man laughed coldly, “If you dare to say it straight, Ill even respect you a bit.

I chose the Drama Academy because this place teaches people how to act, and the people who graduate from here are highly skilled, talented actors.

But to my surprise, the teachers here dont care about the truth and can not differentiate right from wrong, coming to a conclusion about students even before they get to know the student, and they judge students in the most disgusting way, it really shocked me.”

“What did I hide What is it that I did not say” Teacher Li was so embarrassed and frustrated that he lost his cool.

“What I said was very ordinary, youre using your guilt to twist my meaning!”

Lu Man laughed coldly, “Ill give you a sentence, if you have Buddha in your heart, you see people as Buddha; if you have sh*t in your heart, you see people as sh*t.

Youre dirty in your own heart, your thinking is dirty, dont disgust me with your thoughts!”

Han Zhuofeng was having an eye-opener at the side.

Even if she had Han Zhuoli backing her, he had never seen anyone confront a teacher in the school.

Before this, Lu Man had been really very polite and courteous with him.

“Leave now!” Furious, Teacher Li got anxious and pointed a finger at Lu Mans nose.

“My school cant afford to have such a vile, undisciplined student! I dont care what connections you used to transfer into the school, leave now!”

Who knew that as soon as he stretched his finger up, it was grabbed by Han Zhuoli, and bent upwards, Teacher Li yelled out.

“Who are you pointing at!” Han Zhuoli said angrily.

The other teachers in the office had been silent spectators but when they saw the argument turned violent, they all came up to try to stop them.

“If theres anything you want to say, just say it, theres no need to resort to violence!”

“Stay calm, stay calm, dont be too impulsive!”


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