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Han Zhuoli directly confronted the principal.

“He humiliated my girlfriend.”

Originally, Lu Man going back to school was a joyful occasion.

Although Lu Man did not say it, he knew that Lu Man was excited.

But who knew that something that their excitement would be spoiled like this.

Not only it aggrieved Lu Man, but it would also leave behind bad memories of her first day at school.

Han Zhuolis heart ached for her.

“This is the place my girlfriend chose over National Film Academy.

But now, I really regret choosing this place!”

When Principal Zhang heard that, how could he not know who was lying and who was speaking the truth

Usually, Teacher Li liked to act big, and show his authority over ordinary staff and students.

But there were a lot of things that he did not understand well and he would form his own opinions without caring about the reality and randomly accuse people.

However, ordinary teachers and students did not dare to offend him and took his bullying lying down.

Principal Zhang knew about this all along, but a department head could not be dismissed without any solid proof.

Thus, he could only try to reprimand Teacher Li from time to time.

But Teacher Li became more and more fearless, acting even bossier.

Just last month, a student had applied for a work-study program, and his family had saved up money and bought him a button-up shirt worth 200 yuan for his birthday.

However, Teacher Li refused his request stating that if he had the money to wear a shirt worth 200 yuan, then he did not need to occupy the slot of the work-study program and removed his name from the list.

Agonized, the students family complained Principal Zhang, and the student burst into tears feeling indignant.

Therefore, Principal Zhang could only go to find Teacher Li personally and help the student get his name back on the list.

Displeased with Principal Zhang reprimanding him, Teacher Li did not easily concede in, making Principal Zhang negotiate with him for a long time before agreeing.

But from then on, that student was blacklisted by Teacher Li, and Teacher Li often made trouble for him.

Then there was another student who got a role in a show during one of the holidays in her second year.

It was neither a big production nor well known among the public.

She had a small role but she had a decent amount of screen time.

Naturally, the student did not want to give up on this chance and made use of the holiday break to film it.

After school reopened, it reached Teacher Lis ear and he instantly expelled the student, accusing her of going against the school rules and privately went to film a television drama in her Second Year.

Thankfully, the students family had some power, and had some connections, and only then did Teacher Li stop, but he still remembered what the girl did.

There were a lot of things that Teacher Li did, to make his presence known in school and show off his power.

“Teacher Li!” Principal Zhang said angrily, “Before this, there were a lot of such cases, yet I didnt shell out harsh punishment to you because I felt that as the department head I needed to give you face, So every time I just reprimanded you and didnt take any strict against you.

However, you became more and more bold, acting on your whim!”

“Principal Zhang, youre listening to their lies and scolding me” Enraged, blood rushed to Teacher Lis face.

“Its not them, you are the one spouting lies!” Principal Zhang said in a low, grave tone, “Teacher Li, as for your past deeds, I remember them all.

Furthermore, do you really feel that Young Master Han needs to slander you What will he gain from slandering you No, I should say, do you even deserve getting slandered by him”

In Han Zhuolis eyes, Teacher Li was a small character not even worth his time, and after this one meeting, Han Zhouli would probably forget even his appearance.

He would not even leave a trace in Han Zhuolis memory.


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