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Lu Man gave him a cheeky response.

“The oldest sister-in-law is like a mother, you need to be filial.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Even though he really admired Han Zhuoli, he couldnt deny that Han Zhuoli had a scary mouth.

One Han Zhuoli was enough already, but now Lu Man had also appeared in his wife.

For some reason, he thought of the King of Glory term: Double Kill!

All this while, Lu Man had a devious smile on her face as she saw Han Zhoufeng clamp his mouth shut and haughtily leave.

Lu Man could not help but find it amusing; this Han Zhuofeng was quite similar to the Old Madam Han.

She was all bark and no bite, but her bark was worse than her bite; saying one thing but meaning something else.

Even though he said that he did not like her, and would definitely not help her, very disdainful of her, but when he had to help her, he definitely would not avoid it.

Professor Liu then walked Han Zhuofeng to his class, and Professor Hong brought Lu Man into the classroom.

All of the students curiously focused their attention onto Lu Man, chattering and whispering to each other.

Looking at the group of students who were 18 or 19-year-old, Lu Man suddenly felt that she was old already.

“Everyone maintain silence!” Professor Hong said, “This is a new transfer student, I believe that quite a lot of people already recognize her.”

The students that were sitting down found Lu Man looking quite familiar.

Finally, someone asked, “Why do I feel like she looks a bit like the Greedy Wolf Operation Lu Man”

“Its really her”

“Thats Lu Man”

Professor Hong signaled for everyone to be quiet.

“Lu Man introduce yourself.”

Lu Man eloquently said, “Hello everyone, Im Lu Man.

Thats right, its Lu Man from the Greedy Wolf Operation .

As everyone knows, I have starred in Greedy Wolf Operation , but I am not a professional actress, so after acting in that movie, I wanted to study performing.

Because I was late to get in touch with acting, I needed to start from the beginning, so I will be repeating my Year One.

The truth is, all though I am elder to you all, Im just 22-years-old this year.”

Although she was older than all these children from Year One these children, it was common knowledge and there was nothing to hide, so it was better to say it out clearly.

“How did you get chosen to act in Greedy Wolf Operation , a lot of professional actors auditioned for it but did not succeed, while you did not have any experience, why did the director select you” A student asked curiously.

This was what everyone had been curious about since Lu Man starred in that movie.

While some students found her selection to be strange and were waiting for juicy gossip.

On the other hand, some students felt that if Lu Man got a role without casting couch then perhaps someday they might get lucky too!

Hence, everyone was eagerly waiting for her answer.

However, this was Professor Hongs class and not an interview for her.

So Lu Man looked towards Teacher Hong to ask for her opinion.

Seeing Lu Man ask for her opinion and respect her so much, Teacher Hong had a good impression of Lu Man.

She felt that this girl was courteous and her popularity from starring in Greedy Wolf Operation, a blockbuster movie having 3 billion box office sales, did not go to her head.

Having taught a lot of students, she had seen a lot.

Many young actors and actresses who became famous after joining Film Academy let their fame go to their head, and looked down on others.

Even if it was not to the extent of looking down on everyone, most people would not be as courteous as Lu Man and would often forget that it was a class and not an exclusive interview scheduled for them.

However, Lu Man had asked for her opinion.

Hence, Professor Hong was also courteous towards Lu Man and said in a low voice, “If you think its alright for you to answer, you can go ahead and answer.”


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