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However, Zhang Xiaoying grabbed Lu Mans wrist.

“Explain yourself clearly!”

Han Zhuofeng had started to dislike this woman for a long time, and directly pulled Zhang Xiaoyings hand off Lu Man and pushed her to the side.

“I already said it once, its none of your business! Dont embarrass yourself even though were giving you face already!”

Lu Man could not be bothered with Zhang Xiaoying and took the opportunity to enter the classroom to pack up her stuff.

After being scolded by Han Zhuofeng in front of a crowd, Zhang Xiaoying snapped, refusing to let it go just like this.

“Han Zhuofeng! You watch out!”

Han Zhuofeng sneered coldly, “You too, watch out!”

Meanwhile, in the classroom, Zheng Yuanshi asked in shock, ” Lu Man, you are leaving right now You dont need to go to class anymore”

“Theres been some problem at home, Ill ask the instructors to grant me to take a leave from school,” Lu Man explained hurriedly as he did not have much time and quickly packed her bag.

With Han Zhuofeng there, Zhang Xiaoying did not want to embarrass herself anymore and so she did not stop Lu Man.

But suddenly, Han Zhuofeng warned her, “Dont let me know that you bullied Lu Man, otherwise, the consequences wont be good!”

After saying that, he waved his hand in dismissal and left.

Zhang Xiaoying gritted her teeth and watched Han Zhuofengs back, she wanted to see what he could do!


Reaching the instructors office, Lu Man asked the instructor for a leave.

“What is it that you are in a hurry and cant even attend lessons”

“Its someone in my family whos sick, hes alone with no one to take care of him,” Lu Man explained.

When the instructor heard that, she could understand it and so allowed it.

“Thank you so much,” Lu Man said gratefully.

Seeing that the matter indeed looked and urgent and how this little girl was so polite, the instructor also did not mind granting her leave.

No wonder Professor Hong and Professor Yao both praised Lu Man so much, who didnt like a polite child

After leaving school, Lu Man hurried over to Han Corporation.

There was a train station in front of the school, and after changing two trains, walking for 10 minutes, she could quickly reach the Han Corporation.

It was not that she didnt want to take a taxi, it was just that in B City, taking a train was more convenient, and hence she would definitely choose to take a train first.

The traffic situation on the road was too congested, and from the school to the Han Corporation, it would take 40 minutes for the train while for a car it would take at least an hour.

Upon reaching the Han Corporation, she met quite a lot of colleagues, and all of them instantly recognized Lu Man.

All of them knew that Lu Man going to study performing, and was on a sabbatical.

So they were surprised at seeing Lu Man come back.

“Lu Man, youre back here to take a look”

“Yes,” Lu Man smiled and nodded, “I havent seen everyone in so long.”

“Hows your school going on”

“Its quite good.”

As she walked by, everyone her one by one.

Finally reaching the top floor with much difficulty, Lu Man hurried to the door of Han Zhuolis office.

“Lu Man!” Zheng Tianming called out in surprise.

“Han Zhuofeng told me that Zhuoli is sick,” Lu Man said.

“Yes, its great that you came, its me who secretly informed Young Master Feng,” Zheng Tianming said.

In the whole Han Family, only Han Zhuoli was calledYoung Master Han, because he was the next head of the family.

When anyone mentionedYoung Master Han, they definitely meant Han Zhuoli, and no one would think of anyone else.

“Why didnt you directly call on my cell phone” Since Zheng Tianming also had her phone number.

“Young Master Han ordered me not to tell you, so I could only inform Young Master Feng,” Zheng Tianmings smile was a bit sly, looking like he got one over Han Zhuoli.

If Han Zhuoli knew about this then, later on, he would not definitely settle the score.

Just as Lu Man thought Zheng Tianming was gloating inwards, she heard him say, “Lu Man, later on, if Young Master Han starts to blame me, you need to help defend me.”

“Dont worry,” Lu Man smiled and said, “Youre doing this for his own good.”

When Lu Man opened the door, she saw that Han Zhuoli had fallen asleep on the office chair.


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