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If wasnt so tall that she couldnt even reach his shoulder, she would have helped him wear it.

“Why are you here” Han Zhuoli asked helplessly.

The person who earlier refused to rest was now obediently sitting straight, and wearing his jacket.

“If I didnt come over here, I wouldnt know that you are running such a high fever and yet refusing to rest, and staying here to work.

Not just that, you even tricked me by telling me that youre still in France, and would come back only a few days later!” Lu Mans face was stern.

Feeling guilty, Han Zhuoli said innocently “I did not do it on purpose…”

“You tricked me and you still say it isnt on purpose Tell me, what is considered as on purpose for you” Lu Man glared at him.

“…” Han Zhuoli was at a loss for words, how come his sweet little girl suddenly become so scary.

It seemed like she was scared of him only at the start, and now she was not scared at all.

Right now she was even more like a shrew.

But he was enjoying it.

“Did Zheng Tianming inform you That young brat, I — ”

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli stopped in mid-sentence.

Seeing Lu Man looking at him coldly, Han Zhuoli did not dare to speak further.

“Its not Zheng Tianming, Han Zhuofeng who came looking for me and it was only then did I get to know that you are so sick and yet refusing to rest.

When I asked Zheng Tianming about you this, he said you dont need to complete all this work today itself.

Its not that I dont want you to work, as long as youve rested enough and not so weak anymore, you can get back to work.”

Han Zhuoli instantly hugged Lu Man, trying to appease her.

“Man Man, youre so good to me.”

“Theres no use trying to suck up to me, youre sick, I wont settle the accounts now, but once youre well, Ill properly settle this with you,” Lu Man said coldly, and emphatically, “No matter what reason you have, or what good reason you have to do this, you lied to me.”

Han Zhuoli was quiet for a while, then seriously said, “Im sorry.”

“If it were not for Han Zhuofeng telling me, I wont know that you are so sick.

He even criticized me for not being a proper girlfriend, and he was right, I actually did not realize you were sick, and were lying to me.” Right now, Lu Man was apoplectic.

So, Han Zhuoli stayed quiet obediently and listened to Lu Man scolding.

By the time she finished speaking, the two of them had reached the doorway.

Lu Man did not say anything further and opened the door and went out of the room with Han Zhuoli following behind her.

“That young brat, dont take his words to heart,” Han Zhuoli said.

“No, he was absolutely right this time,” Lu Man said, “Before this, it had always been you helping me and taking care of me.

But when you needed someone by your side to take care of you, I wasnt.

I always want to be by your side too.”

“I know, I wont keep anything from you in the future,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

As for Lu Mans scolding him, he did not feel even a tinge of anger.

Instead, his heart felt warm and fuzzy.

Afterwards, Lu Man went to look for Zheng Tianming.

“Please take him to the car first, I need to go to the Public Relations Department and greet them first.

I met a lot of colleagues on the way here, and if Sister Li found that I came here but visit the Public Relations Department, it wont be good.

Ill just go and chat for a short while.”

“Dont treat me as a child, I can go down myself,” Han Zhuoli resisted.

“Youre not a child, youre a sick patient,” Lu Man retorted.

“Dont worry, leave it to me,” Zheng Tianming hurriedly promised.

Han Zhuoli shot daggers at him, did Zheng Tianming really think he did not know that Zheng Tianming had used schemes to let Lu Man know he was sick

And thus, Lu man rushed to the Public Relations Department while Zheng Tianming walked Han Zhuoli to the carpark.

Seeing Lu Man, Sister Li was pleasantly surprised and said, “I heard a lot of people say that you came to the company just now.”

“Its Zhuoli, hes sick and refuses to go home, so I came here to make him take a rest,” Lu Man explained, “I just came to the Public Relations Department to visit you all, but I have to rush off.”


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