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Upon hearing that, everyone understood the reason.

“Since its like this, there was no need for you to make a trip here, we dont have anything special going on, anyway.”

“Since I came to the company, I naturally had to come over here and pay you a visit,” Lu Man said politely.

“Then we wont delay you any longer, hurry and leave! When you are free, come back here, and we can have a small gathering.” Sister Li urged her.

Seeing that everyone was so understanding, Lu Man hurriedly left.

She jogged all the way to the carpark while Han Zhuoli walked slowly as he was running a fever, and so he was dizzy.

Hence, Lu Man actually managed to catch up when Han Zhuoli was just about to get into the car.

Seeing how she was dripping with sweat on a cold day, Han Zhuoli hurriedly supported her.

“Why are you in such a rush”

“I was scared that you will have to wait for me,” Lu Man panted as she spoke.

As she took deep breaths and panted, the cold air hit her and she felt a little uncomfortable.

“I can wait for a while,” Han Zhuoli looked at her small face that was flushed red and being blown by the cold wind.

“Youre sick,” Lu Man muttered.

Han Zhuolis lips curled up, having a girlfriend who put him before herself when he was sick was very heart-warming.

“Hurry and get in the car,” Han Zhuoli said.

When The two of them sat in the car, and Xiao Chen ignited the car.

“CEO, whose house are we going to” Xiao Chen asked.

Han Zhuoli did not dare to make decisions and turned his head to ask Lu Man for her opinion.

Lu Man answered, “Lets go to your house.”

So, Xiao Chen drove the car to Han Zhuolis villa.

Lu Man then helped Han Zhuoli get out of the car, and pressed the bell.

Upon seeing that Lu Man had brought Han Zhouli home, the door was quickly opened.

Lu Man then helped Han Zhuoli into the house and saw a middle-aged housekeeper, who looked to be around the same age as Han Xijin, standing at the doorway along with a middle-aged lady next to him.

Lu Man guessed them to be people whom Han Zhuofeng called Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He.

“Miss Lu, we finally meet,” Butler Xiao Wang greeted her.

Auntie He was even more excited, “Miss Lu, hurry come in, hurry come in.”

Lu Man told them that just Lu Man was enough, there was no need to be so polite and only then did Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He changed their way of addressing her.

“Only you can convince Sir to come back.” After sending Han Zhuoli back to his bedroom, Auntie He sighed.

“Its me whos of no good, when I talked to him on the phone yesterday, I didnt notice his condition.”

“How is this your fault, its just that Sir doesnt want others to know, and its really hard to find out over the phone, how could you tell” Auntie He reassured her.

“Ill go and take a look at him first,” Lu Man went to Han Zhuolis room.

Seeing Lu Mans concern for Han Zhouli, Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang were elated.

“Thats good, Sir finally has someone taking care of him.”

When Lu Man entered Han Zhuolis room, she saw that he was still in his shirt and suit, only his jacket was taken off.

“Why arent you changing into your pajamas” It would be more comfortable if he changed and slept.

“I dont have energy,” Han Zhuolis voice was hoarse, making him seem even sicker.

He was laying lazy on the bed.

Lu Man blushed, and said, “Alright, Ill ask Butler Xiao Wang to come over to help you change.”

“…” Depressed, Han Zhuoli sighed.

“Im an adult and yet I need to be stripped like a child by a middle-aged man, thats too embarrassing.”

Lu Man: “…”

He was already so shameless and now he was trying to act cute with her, wasnt it embarrassing

Han Zhuoli reached out to hug Lu Mans waist and nuzzle his hot face onto Lu Mans belly, “You can help me change.”

Han Zhuolis face was already hot due to fever and now as he nuzzled against her stomach, even Lu Man felt her stomach getting extremely hot.

“Alright” Han Zhuoli suddenly raised his head.

Lu Man: “…”

Seeing such a handsome man, suddenly act cute when sick, it was really too powerful to resist.


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