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“Even if Im infected, Im not scared,” Lu Man did not leave and instead held his face, and kissed him on his lips.

Prying open his mouth, she slipped her hot tongue inside his mouth.

Han Zhuoli felt very helpless, but there was an indescribable softness and warmth in his heart.

He could not help but tightened his hold on her.

After a long while of breathlessness, Lu Man stopped kissing him and left a small kiss on his forehead.

“Go to sleep, youll get well sooner.”

Han Zhuoli wanted to get her assurance, “You said it when Im not sick, its fine for us to do whatever I want, right”

Lu Man nodded her head happily.

“Of course, I always keep my word.”

When he was not sick anymore, she would have entered the production group, what else could he do

Lu Man had a sly look on her face.

Seeing her look, Han Zhuoli knew that she was being crafty again.

Haha, this time, he would let her know, there will be a day that this little fox would fall into his trap!

Thinking about that, Han Zhuoli happily let go of Lu Man.

He was indeed sleepy, and slowly closed his two eyes.

Not too long later, his breathing became stable and slower.

Lu Man put the blanket over him and used the ear temperature measuring device to check his temperature before going to the kitchen.

Auntie He had already kept some ice packs in the fridge, so Lu Man took one out and covered it in a wet cloth, before returning to the bedroom and putting it on Han Zhuolis forehead.

She then sat at the bedside, and since she had nothing else to do, she just kept looking at Han Zhuolis calm sleeping face.

No matter how much she looked at him, she just didnt find it enough.

The more she looked, the more engrossed she got and fell in love with him again.

She did not know that she was experiencing the same feeling that Han Zhouli had when Han Zhouli visited her on the first day of the New Year and kept looking at her sleeping calmly.

Back then, even for Han Zhouli, no matter how much he looked at her, it didnt feel satisfied.

Suddenly, the vibration of her phone pulled Lu Man back to her senses.

Since she was scared that she would disturb Han Zhuolis sleep, Lu Man had put her phone on vibrate.

Upon unlocking her phone screen, she found it to be a notification from WeChat.

Opening WeChat, Lu Man saw that it was a group invite from Sun Yiwu.

Before this, while filming Greedy Wolf Operation , she had added Sun Yiwu and the rest on WeChat.

Accepting the invite, Lu Man joined the group created by Sun Yiwu.

At first, she had thought it to be some work-related group, but who knew that when she joined she would just find three members, there were only three people in the group including her.

Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng and her.

“Brother Ji, come come, Lu Man has joined,” Sun Yiwu called happily.

Ji Cheng: “Lu Man ah, this group is just for the three of us, if you have anything, just directly contact me on WeChat.”

As soon as he said that, Lu Man received Ji Chengs friend request.

After accepting it, she returned to the group screen and saw Sun Yiwus message.

“Lu Man, when you film with Ji Cheng, if he scolds you or treats you badly, dont hold it in, come and look for me, Ill help you teach him a lesson!”

Ji Cheng: “… Brother Sun, you are saying that in front of me, is that really good”

Sun Yiwu: “How is it not good Even if you were physically in front of me right now, I would say that too.

Lu Man is someone I introduced to you to save the day, so I have to take responsibility for Lu Man.

She is going to help you, I cant let her suffer grievances.”

Ji Cheng: “Alright, then youre in charge of supervision, I definitely cannot treat Lu Man badly.”

As Sun Yiwu held the phone in his hand, his mood became extremely good.

It was all because just now, after Ji Cheng finished calling Lu Man, he had given him a call and said, “Brother Sun, the girl you recommended me is just too good, her personality is excellent! She said that its because of you that shes taking this show.

After all, its only because my Brother Sun whose reputation is good!”

How could Sun Yiwu not be pleased upon hearing that

Lu Man really helped him gain face.

“Have you discussed the pay with Lu Man” Sun Yiwu asked.

“Im just planning to talk to Lu Man about it,” Ji Cheng said, and directly sent a chart picture over.


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