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Lu Man naturally did not disagree, and hurriedly nodded in agreement.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

He also wanted Lu Man to spend more time with him!

Where did the liberal mother-in-law go

When they finished their dinner, Han Zhuoli still wanted to stay behind.

“Dont stir up trouble, Im going to leave for quite a long time, so I want to stay behind to spend some time with Mom.

Also…” Lu Mans face was red, her voice soft and low, “Also… it still hurts.”

“I wont do anything else,” Han Zhuoli said helplessly, “Do you think that Im a beast It was your first time this morning, and youre definitely still uncomfortable even now, how can I bear to bully you Its not only mother-in-law who will miss you, but I will also miss you too.”

Mentioning that, Han Zhuoli felt depressed.

When normal people date they wished to see each other every day, and in the end, they would see each other till they got annoyed.

On the other hand, his girlfriend would leave for a few months, and he would miss her a lot.

“Even if we dont do anything, I would be happy to just hug you to sleep.

Since I cant see you in the day, Im only left with the nighttime,” Han Zhuoli said pitifully.

Earlier, when Lu Man worked at Han Corporation, at least they would have lunch together.

“…” Right now, Lu Man also could not bear to part with Han Zhuoli.

“But even if you stay behind, youll be sleeping alone in my room.”

Sleeping together with Han Zhuoli with Xia Qingwei present, that would be too embarrassing!

Han Zhuoli pulled on Lu Mans hand.

“Thats alright too, I dont want to go home alone.”

At that moment, Xia Qingwei said, “Let Xiao Han stay behind, youre going to leave the day after tomorrow, and even Xiao Han will be busy with work, its already rare for you both to spend quality time, so you might as well spend some time together here.”

As later on, Han Zhuoli would get so busy with his work, flying away for business meetings and Lu Man would be busy filming too.

If they are separated for too long and their feelings for each other lessened or disappeared, what were they to do

How many couples had broken up because they were not meeting each other enough

“Thank you, Mom!” Han Zhuoli was elated, the liberal mother-in-law was back!

Xia Qingwei helplessly smiled and said, “Alright, I know that your relationship is good.

Man Man, youre big already, what else can I control you for Im not the kind of mother who insists on tightly holding on to her child.

At night, dont come to sleep with me, sleep with Xiao Han.”

Xia Qingwei paused, then added, “Its just that please dont make too much noise, no matter how liberal I am, Im still your Mom.”

Han Zhuoli was stunned!

He really wanted to give Xia Qingwei a big hug now.

Chinas best mother-in-law!

Lu Man: “…”

Her Mom actually knew

When did she know!

How could she tell

Lu Man was so embarrassed that she really couldnt bring herself to meet Xia Qingweis eyes, and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Xia Qingwei laughed and then waved at the two of them.

“Alright, Im going to sleep, you two also rest earlier.”

Han Zhuoli then gave a call to Auntie He, asking Auntie He to pick two sets of clothes for him and have Xiao Chen pick them up and deliver to him.

For tonight as well as tomorrow night, Han Zhuoli was planning to sleepover here.

Luckily Lu Mans bed was like a small double bed.

Although it was not as big as a proper double bed, it was a lot bigger than a single bed.

So with Han Zhuoli sneaked in the bed with Lu Man, they did not feel congested or uncomfortable.

However, anyway, Han Zhuoli wanted to hug Lu Man to sleep, so even if it was a small single bed, they would not feel uncomfortable.

While Lu Man was bathing, Xiao Chen sent Han Zhuolis clothes over.

If they were at Han Zhuolis house, Lu Man bathing, no matter what, Han Zhuoli would have unashamedly accompanied her.

But since they were at her home, he did not dare to.

Xia Qingwei letting him sleep in the same room as Lu Man was already difficult enough, so he did not dare to ask for too much.

By the time Lu Man finished bathing, Han Zhuoli had already changed into his pajamas and was waiting for her on the bed.


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