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The counselor had almost said, how could you be the same as Zhang Xiaoying

Zhang Xiaoying was already famous and was a living mascot for the Film Academy.

The Great Desert that was about to begin filming had already caught the eyes of the audience, it had a large fanbase and even Zhang Xiaoying herself had quite a significant number of followers.

When it came to this kind of student who had already become famous a long time ago, the school did not control them, after all, even if they wanted to, they could not control them.

They already had a lot of offers to film, and if they do not take up the offers, the management company would be unhappy and would come looking for the school.

Furthermore, the management company that Zhang Xiaoying was signed up with had invested quite a lot in the school.

So the school was obviously closing one eye when Zhang Xiaoying was taking up shows.

Moreover, Zhang Xiaoyings background was strong!

“Lu Man, dont be too bold.

There are some things that I dont want to be too direct.

Anyway, Zhang Xiaoying can, but you cant.

Youre just an ordinary student, you need to understand your standing.

Just obediently study well in school, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to film in the future.”

As to what movie Lu Man was talking about just now, the counselor really did not care.

What kind of good movie could Lu Man take up

Even if she had Greedy Wolf Operation before this, she was just a third female lead, her role was not important at all.

A lot of celebrities wanted to take up a good movie but they could not, so how could Lu Man

The counselor felt that the movie offer Lu Man had could only be a web- film if she was not having a minor insignificant role in it.

Anyway, all these were low budget films.

Hence, there was no need to break the rules for Lu Man.

If they allowed two people from a class to film, then the other students would be also be encouraged to go act in shows, then who would attend the lectures

So, they could only sacrifice Lu Man for Zhang Xiaoying.

Lu Man pursed her lips and said, “Professor Chen, I still want to know the reason.

If its against the rules to approve the leave for filming, you shouldnt approve it for anyone.

Why is it that when Zhang Xiaoying came, with just a sentence from her you gladly approved her leave and when it came to me, you refused no matter what”

The counselor was getting more and more annoyed at being spoken to like that by Lu Man.

“Why are you taking everything to heart”

“I just want a reason,” Lu Man said in a low voice.

“You want a reason, right Zhang Xiaoying has a lead role in a popular film, you know about the Great Desert right, its a show that is highly anticipated by fans.

So naturally, the school wont stop the student from going to film such a popular show.

It is rare for the student to get such good resources and opportunities.

Furthermore, its also a good advertisement for our school.”

Impatient, the counselor mocked Lu Man.

“But what about you Youre just an ordinary student, dont reach for what is beyond you.

You are just in Year One, and you possibly couldnt have learned to perform in just a few days, honestly, what kind of movie can you take up now Its definitely nothing good.”

“Lu Man, Professor is doing this for your own good, dont just film any kind of show for namesake.

I know that you, students, anticipate acting in a movie, and you want to grab onto any chance you have to perform, but you still have to be picky, right Acting in those low-budget online web-films, wont be good for your career at all.

You should just keep your feet on the ground and learn, dont be too impetuous!”

“Professor Chen, when did I say Im going to film a low-budget web-film” Lu Man was extremely speechless.

She had yet to say anything but the counselor had already come up with a conclusion.

Even if there was preferential treatment, there should be a limit, right!

“What Youre still unwilling to admit your loss!” The counselor was enraged.

“I originally thought that you were a good student, knowing your manners, willing to improve.

Both Professor Yao and Profess Hong praised you a lot, but you really disappoint me! Im telling you the facts and trying to reason with you, but you refuse to listen.

If you insist on filming it, youll regret it eventually! When you film a show, you should choose it properly, dont I have more experience than you At that time, when you suffer losses, you will regret not listening to me today!”


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