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Moreover, Hu Zhonghui also had another identity.

She was a disciple of the top manager in the country, Liu Xinlan.

Since she was someone whom Liu Xinlan had taken a liking to, she would naturally be outstanding too.

Lu Man had not at all expected to have Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng follow her to the sets but now she instantly felt much more at ease.

Han Zhuoli helped arranged for movers for Lu Man and had completely taken care of what was supposed to be He Mengmengs duty.

He had settled everything for Lu Man until got past the customs.

Still worried, before leaving Han Zhuoli advised her, “Give me a call when you reach.

If anything happens, just let me know immediately.

Dont hide anything just because Im not around.”

Lu Man nodded.

“I know, I wont!”

After Han Zhuoli left, Hu Zhonghui finally found the courage to exclaim, “Lu Man, I didnt expect you to be CEOs girlfriend! Oh my gosh, you are really too low-key about it.

If the CEO hadnt found me and told me directly, I wouldnt even know.”

Smiling, Lu Man said, “Thats right.

I was afraid that everyone would have the same reaction as you.

Besides, our relationship is a private matter, we dont need to announce it to the entire world either.

Just like if you were dating, you also wouldnt introduce your boyfriend to every single person you meet.”

Hu Zhonghui nodded in agreement.

“Thats true too.

It is pretty difficult for you and the CEO to date already.

If you tell others about it, they might say that you are boasting but even if you dont, others would criticize you by saying that youre just holding it back and hiding.

No matter what, its just not favorable for you.”

“So Id rather choose to not say anything and let them think Im hiding and holding back.”

Hu Zhonghui: “…”

What kind of artist did she end up having to be in charge of!

Since Han Zhuoli had bought first-class tickets for them, the three of them went to the First Class lounge to wait for the flight.

As soon as they reached the entrance of the First Class lounge, Hu Zhonghui rubbed her hands in excitement.

“This is my first time experiencing first-class.”

“Me too,” He Mengmeng said softly, “We… we have to appear a bit calmer.”

“Right, right, right.” Hu Zhonghui nodded.

However, He Mengmeng still felt like she couldnt help but be worried about Hu Zhonghui.

“Lu Man, did you come here before” He Mengmeng asked.

Lu Man shook her head.

In the past, she had only taken a plane when she was following Lu Qi.

That time, Lu Qi would always be in first-class, while she a small assistant could only sit in economy class that too on a discounted ticket.

Recently, when she had gone South Yunnan for Greedy Wolf Operation, she had flown in Han Zhuolis private jet.

And when she returned, she had come back with the crew.

It wasnt nice to pretend to be special so she just sat in whatever class tickets they bought for her.

“This is my first time taking first-class too and also my first time in this lounge,” Lu Man said softly.

“Wow, the two of us really have to thank you for this.” Hu Zhonghuis eyes were sparkling.

Instantly, He Mengmeng teased her, “Please, youre already a professional manager now.

Please bring out some professionalism too, dont act as if you havent seen the world before or something.”

Hearing that taunt, Hu Zhonghui instantly puffed out her chest and lifted her head high.

“Youre right.

When Lu Man becomes a huge star in the future, I would be the manager of a huge star too.

I need to display some stance too.”

“Hey! Are the three of you entering or not!” Suddenly someone behind them shouted in annoyance.

When the three of them turned around, they saw a woman, annoyance clearly written all over her face.

Behind her, there was another lady wearing sunglasses.

She was tall and slender, looking extremely beautiful.

Lu Man felt that she looked rather familiar but couldnt tell exactly who she was.

“Sorry,” Lu Man said faintly and dragged Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng in.

“Hmph! Bumpkins! Perhaps they have never even sat in a plane before,” the lady mumbled.

However, Lu Man and the others still heard it.


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