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Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Hey, Grandma! He is your biological grandson!

“I am still yet to settle the score with you.

Since you saw Lu Man getting bullied by such a jerk, why didnt you go up and help her You even had the time to hide in the corner and record this video!” Old Madam Han finally realized and complained unhappily.

Anxious, Han Zhuofeng quickly explained, “Lu Man was so strong and ferocious, she didnt even need my help! Look, she hit He Zhengbai so much that he couldnt even stand up.

Originally, if Lu Man was getting bullied, I would definitely have gone forward to help her.”

Han Zhuofeng explained, “However, after Lu Man left, I stealthily followed behind He Zhengbai and gave him a good beating too.”

Han Zhuofeng puffed his chest out, hoping to be praised.

“Arent I awesome!”

“Not bad, not bad.”

“What not bad  Just now I think I heard something about He Zhengbai” Having just arrived, Han Zhuoli just managed to hear about the ending.

“Oh hey, youre here just in time, you have to deal with this jerk!” Old Madam Han said, urging Han Zhuofeng.

“Quick, let your brother see the video! Lu Man is so amazing! Some girls upon meeting their ex-boyfriend again treat those jerks as friends.

Only Lu Man would hit them that too straight on the face!”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Was Grandma trying to harm him

If Han Zhuoli saw that he didnt even go up to help and even recorded a video from the side, he would definitely skin him alive!

“What video” Han Zhuolis gaze fell onto Han Zhuofengs phone.

Left with no choice, Han Zhuofeng had to open the video for Han Zhuoli to take a look.

“When did this happen” Han Zhuoli pinched between his eyebrows.

“Lu Man is filming right now in Xihai, and this happened in school.

Why did you only tell me about this after so long!”

“It was on the day she applied for leave.” Han Zhuofeng ducked his head and rubbed his neck anxiously as he hurriedly explained.

“I only had time to come back today.

Besides, she didnt lose out in any way either.

Just to say it first, I didnt just stand at the side and have fun watching it! I didnt go up because I saw that she was so strong and fearless, otherwise, I would have definitely helped her.

However, after the incident, I also gave He Zhengbai a good beating.”

Han Zhuoli pursed his lips together.

“Next month, the budget for your filming will be halved.”

“Why!” Han Zhuofeng instantly started wailing.

“I already stood up for her! I beat He Zhengbai up real bad too!”

“I shall put aside the fact that you only reported to me a week later.

Lu Man is a girl, after all, no matter how strong she, she still needs someone to protect her.

Even if you dont make a move and hit him, it would still be good to stand by the side and keep a lookout.

What if He Zhengbai accidentally hit back From so far away, would you be able to help her” Han Zhuoli coldly said, “If you dare to talk back and come up with some reason to explain yourself, your budget will be completely gone!”

“Thats right!” Old Madam Han agreed from the side.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

He had never seen an old lady who would be so mean to her own grandson!

Han Zhuofeng mumbled begrudgingly, “Lu Man didnt even tell you about it, yet you only blamed me.”

Han Zhuoli laughed coldly.

“Are you and Lu Man even the same”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

It sure was f**king hurtful.

Was he even his own older brother

Without a word, Han Zhuoli went out to make a phone call.

After quite a while, he finally came back, expressionless.

Old Madam Han asked, curious, “You called Lu Man”

Han Zhuoli said, “Shes currently filming right now.

Her phone is switched off, so how could I even call her I went to find out about He Zhengbais latest endeavors.”

Han Zhoulis words choked Old Madam Han off.

She thought to herself, “Is it such a big deal to be dating!”

His temper was even worse than before!


Meanwhile, Lu Qi waited and waited at home, but she still didnt receive the contract.

Also, she had already rejected the television show she had mentioned before.

Right now, her heart felt a little uneasy.

Seeing Xia Qingyang come out right after her afternoon nap, she immediately rushed to her and asked, “Mom, Ji Chengs contract still isnt here yet.

Could there be some changes that happened somewhere along the way”


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