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Zhang Xiaoyings smug smile was about to break apart, hehe… the f*ck are you laughing for!

Clearly, Lu Man was mocking her that she did not have enough rights to film a movie!

So furious, Zhang Xiaoying felt pain in her chest and she seethed in rage when heard Lu Man say again, “If you have the chance to film a movie next time, and if theres anything you dont know, you can ask me.”

If you have the chance…

That meant that she might not be able to film a movie her whole life.

The meaning of Lu Mans words, Zhang Xiaoying heard very clearly.

“Lu Man, dont be too happy!” Zhang Xiaoyings face was green with envy.

“Even if youre filming a movie, there are different standards.

There are also X-rated movies, but they are no good.

I want to see, how good is the movie you are filming!”

After saying that, Zhang Xiaoying stomped off angrily.

When Lu Man returned to the classroom and took her seat, she was welcomed warmly by Zheng Yuanshi and the other two.

Zhang Yuanshi narrated everything that had happened while she was away, informing Lu Man that all their classmates now knew that she had gone to film a movie because of Lu Qis Weibo drama.

“Its a pity you were not here at that time, you should have seen Zhang Xiaoyings face.”

“Right, Lu Man, did you know I heard that He Zhengbai was originally selected to direct a show, but in the end, the producers replaced,” Pan Xue said.

“En” Lu Man was not very concerned with He Zhengbai.

“Its that idol drama, Love Strategy , although He Zhengbai had shot some small web dramas before, they were produced by his family, and it was the first time that a legitimate producer hired him as a director, but in the end when Love Strategy started to film and had his promotions online, the director was no longer He Zhengbai.”

Lu Man remembered that something like this did happen in her past life.

He Zhengbai had used an idol drama to become famous, and started directing movies, he even had self-directed one and acted in it as well.

Moreover, the box office collection for every show was not bad, and he managed to make a name for himself.

Based on the timing, it should be this Love Strategy , He Zhengbais career had just started, this way his first step to becoming famous.

But now he had lost this chance and it became very different from her past life.

She did not know if He Zhengbai could still manage to get the results he got in the past life.

“When did he get fired” Lu Man asked.

“I went to find out more,” Zheng Yuanshi said, finding happiness in his misfortune.

“Its so coincidental, its not long after you hit him, he was fired from his position as a director.

And after you hit him, I remembered that his face was not that badly injured, but when he came to class, his face had a very bad bruise.”

This left Lu Man stunned for a while.

She did not know who had hit him, but she did not want to ponder too much about it.

“Thats good, hes not living well, it makes me feel more at ease.” Lu Man smiled and did not think much about it.

There was absolutely no need to even think, she knew it was Han Zhuolis actions.

Otherwise, how could such a misfortune befall on He Zhengbai

It seemed that Han Zhouli had got to know that He Zhengbai had disgusted her.

Her boyfriend had caused trouble for her ex-boyfriend without even informing her about anything, why did this feel so good

Lu Man could not help but break out into a smile.

“Ill go out for a while.”

“Aiya, youre smiling so happily, it cant be that youre going to give your boyfriend a call right” Han Leilei teased.

Lu Man generously admitted, “Yep.”

“F*ck, I shouldnt have asked, I was totally hit in the face by this show of affection.” Han Leilei held her head.

Lu Man had a big grin on her face as she walked to an isolated corner and happily called Han Zhuoli.

Her phone made abeep sound and only rang twice before it was picked up by Han Zhuoli.

“Do you miss me so much” Han Zhuoli asked when he picked up.


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