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Of course, if He Zhengbai was not dumb, Han Zhouli would not have had the chance.

Feeling loved, Lu Man wrapped her arms around Han Zhuolis neck.

“I feel that these words should have come from me.

So many people admire you, but you aremy man, so Im very proud.”

“Yes, we can be proud of each other.” Han Zhuoli simpered.

“Lets go back first.” Suddenly, Lu Man pushed him away, they could not spend the whole time at this parking lot, right

By now, all the cars from earlier had driven away and the big park was left with just their car; it was quite pitiful.

“Where should we go now” Han Zhuoli asked purposely.

Hearing his low and sexy voice, Lu Man could not even get angry at him.

“Your house.”

This man, asking her even though he knew the answer!

It was so late already, how could go back home only to disturb Xia Qingwei and wake her up as well

“Yes maam,” Han Zhuoli was extremely pleased and happy, his eyes shining brightly.

Letting go of Lu Man, Han Zhuoli instantly drove the car back home.

Since it was so late at night, there were hardly any cars on the road, let alone some people.

Even the traffic light for many roads had stopped working and just kept flashing the yellow light.

Hence, Han Zhuoli could smoothly drive back home.

After parking the car in the garage, he hastily pulled Lu Man out of the car.

There was a direct entrance to the villa from the garage, so there was no need to enter through the main door and encounter someone.

Right now, Han Zhuoli was so impatient that he could not even wait that little bit of time and hastily pulled Lu Man out of the car.

Lu Man had yet to stand stably when he carried her up in his arms, hosting her higher than him.

When they reached the door, Han Zhuoli already directly pressed against the door and kissed her fervently.

He did not know whether it was because of the movie he had just watched that her charm was so powerful on him right now.

Knowing that soon Lu Man would be admired and loved by several people, the strong possessiveness surged within Han Zhuoli.

He wanted to hide her from the world and he wanted to be the only one who could know how wonderful Lu Man was.

Right now, he could no longer his feelings anymore.

His kiss clearly expressed his anxiousness and fierceness.

In Han Zhoulis embrace, Lu Man was like a small flower on a branch that was being blown and shaken by the wind severely, and yet so helpless as it could do nothing at all.

Being kissed so fervently by Han Zhouli, Lu Man even forgot where she was as she was engulfed by Han Zhuolis scent.

She did not even know how she returned to his room.

Only after Han Zhouli entered his room, did he let Lu Man take in a deep breath and instinctively Lu MAn bit his shoulder.

This man seemed to be especially fierce today, she did not know what triggered him so much.

At the same time, Han Zhuoli was tantalized by Lu Mans seductive look.

She was so young, yet she was so alluring and enticing.

Her mesmerizing eyes looked like crescents right now, having a slight pink tint like that of cherry blossoms at the corner.

She eyes were moist and shined brightly, making people so engrossed that they could not look away.

Her fair face also had a pink tinge to it.

Even Lu Man herself did not notice the change.

With Han Zhuolis affection and love, she was becoming more and more beautiful to the bone.

While some people were beautiful skin-deep, some people were beautiful to their bones.

Moreover, Lu Man was already born with greats and now under Han Zhoulis affection, she had a beauty that reached her bones.

Although Lu Man herself could not see it, as a man, how could Han Zhouli not understand

His little girl was attracting the attention of more and more men, how could he not be green with jealousy

Suddenly, his hold on Lu Man increased as if he got a new surge of limitless energy.

Fatigue or tiredness seemed to be unknown to him now.

Initially, Lu Man had thought that she could only fool around at maximum two times.

Yet who knew that this man did not want to stop at all, after two times and resting for around 20 minutes, he suddenly grabbed onto her and wanted to take a go at it again.


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