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“Looks like those who havent watched it were attracted to watch it.

They probably realized that they were cheated after watching it.”

“Actually, even if its just to look and admire the celebrities, it was worth it to watch this movie.”

“Who knows how Red Tigers box office would be”

” Red Tiger hasnt released anything officially yet.

Looks like the box office isnt ideal.”

“Those good reviews must be Lu Mans schemes.”

“Looks like Director Zhang still has it in him after all these years.

Lu Mans cheap and lowly tricks can work once or twice, but arent useful after a few times.”

“The quality of the movie is the most important.

Its pointless to try to fluff things up.”

Finally, Zhang Lun also couldnt hold back and reposted the post.

“The audience still knows the best.

I trust the audiences judgment, they will never wrong a good movie, they wont let a lousy movie play them.”

The very next second, several directors reposted it, fawning over Director Zhang.

“Supporting Director Zhang!”

Many famous celebrities in the movie industry also reposted, showing their support.

“Congratulations, Director Zhang, everyone please support Fighting Hero !”

On the other hand, the audience who had watched Red Tiger were rather unhappy.

“Sh*t! Red Tigers box office still isnt out yet, why are you guys being so obnoxious!”

Someone rebutted instantly.

“So what if it came out It will just be a slap in the face! Try beating a 295 million box office if they can!”

Many big-shot actors in the movie not only sent a Weibo post but also made calls to congratulate Zhang Lun one after another.

The first one to congratulate him was Qiao Luna.

“Congratulations, Director Zhang! I saw the box office result of Fighting Hero .

The film you shot is undoubtedly excellent! Those who dream of trying to compete with you are just making a joke of themselves.

They completely dont know who they are fighting against.”

Hearing Qiao Lunas sweet talk, Zhang Lun was extremely pleased and happy.

This time, with the results of the box office out, he felt more confident, and so he wasnt as angry towards Qiao Luna as he was before.

“Hahahaha, Xiao Qiao, your words are too nice.” Feeling extremely happy, Zhang Lun chuckled joyfully and said, “Ill call you once I confirm the time and date of the celebration party.

You definitely have to come!”

“Thats for sure.” Qiao Luna hurriedly laughed along and then carefully apologized.

“Director Zhang, I was too irresponsible before and dumb.

I dont know how to speak and implicated our movie, stirring it into a conflict.

I have already learned from this mistake, I will be very careful with my words next time.”

Now, Zhang Lun did not mind and said, “Youngsters are competitive and confident.

I can understand that.

Dont take it to heart.

You are still young, you cant hold back your words sometimes, I know.

Pay more attention next time.

Even if youre really thinking that way at home, you can just subtly hint it with your words, dont say it so bluntly.”

“Yes, thank you for your guidance,” Qiao Luna hurriedly said.

This time, not only Zhang Lun, even Qiao Luna felt a little elated and relieved.

Because she said something wrong before, she was punished to hide away from the public eye for half a year by Han Corporation.

All this while, she had been thinking of ways to make a comeback as she was unwilling to just give in to being hidden away from the public eye for half a year.

Yet, before she could even think of a way, the opportunity actually presented itself to her!

Fighting Heros first-day box office was great right from the start! This proved that even though her words were a little distasteful during the interview, it was still the truth.

In front of real talent and capability, everything else was just fluff.

If Fighting Hero could continue this prowess, steadily rising up here, then Han Corporation wont be able to do anything to her either.

The punishment of having no activities for half a year would definitely be retracted too.

Since she would be riding high on the popularity of Fighting Hero , the company would no longer just hide her away.

Instead, they would have to take on more and more activities for her.

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Luna had never felt more joyful and comfortable before.

These past few days, she had been rather depressed and sad.

Today, she finally felt relieved and elated.

She quickly called her manager to share the good news and took out a new bottle of red wine from the cabinet to celebrate.


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