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Very soon, the entertainment account, which Lu Man had contacted back then, revealed the shooting process of Red Tiger .

The hardships they faced, their dedication and professionalism made netizens applaud for them.

“I havent watched it yet, but just because of their effort I will support it too.”

“Initially, I didnt like to watch this type of movies but now Ive decided to support Red Tiger .”

“With such an enthusiastic, sincere spirit, why worry that they wont make a good movie Im touched! Ill definitely watch it!”

On the other hand, some netizens who were having fun watching all this added fuel to the fire.

“Director Zhang Lun, come out and say something!”

“Haha, now you must be so ashamed! If Director Zhang Lun didnt whine in the past about how Fighting Hero had fewer screenings than Red Tiger , at least now that their box office is lesser than Red Tiger , they could have blamed it on the number of screenings.

But now that both the films have the same number of screenings, whom can Director Zhang Lun blame”

” Red Tiger is completely crushing them! Terrifying!”

“Seeing so many good reviews, Im starting to feel curious and actually want to watch it.”

“Referring to the above comment, you must watch it.

I just watched it today, and since its a weekend tomorrow I plan to bring my parents along to watch it once more.”

“Such a good locally produced movie deserves to be supported.

Dont let the hard work of crew who worked so sincerely go to waste.”

“Thats right, the ticket for Red Tiger in the cinema theatre near me costs 20 yuan.

Ill contribute my small strength and support Red Tiger. ”

“Wheres Zhang Lun Come out Zhang Lun! @Zhang Lun.”

From this netizen onward, all the other netizens followed suit and started tagging Zhang Luns Weibo account.

Poor Zhang Lun was being tagged by every single person on the Internet.

Not only Ji Chengs hands were getting sore from receiving congratulatory calls, but Lu Man was also tired now.

From her old colleagues back in the Public Relations Department to Zhang Shuidong and Yu Yanshu with whom she had filmed Greedy Wolf Operation, everyone called to congratulate her.

She even received Sun Yiwus congratulatory call.

“Congratulations, Lu Man! Hahahahaha! Im happy, so happy for you!”

“I still have to thank you a lot.

If you didnt sc me at the start, I also wouldnt have the chance to act in Red Tiger ,” Lu Man smiled and said.

“Why are we, uncle and niece, copying each other! Lets stop thanking each other.

We just helped each other, just helped each other out!” Sun Yiwu chuckled happily.

After hanging up the phone, wanting to take advantage of their victory, Lu Man contacted ” Eight Skin Entertainment ” and asked them to spread the word about the difficulties Red Tiger faced while filming.

Other than the congratulatory calls, Ji Cheng also received a lot of invitations for interviews from various media outlets.

Even Lu Man got an invitation from a reporter who wanted to have an exclusive interview with her.

Meanwhile, at the National Film Academy, Principal Liu saw Red Tigers box office collection and gave a call to Principal Zhang of the National Drama Academy to gloat.

“Old Zhang, did you see the news Red Tigers results are so amazing, its scary! Hahahaha, the female lead is a student of my school, did you know that” Principal Liu said gloatingly, smiling smugly and brimming with pride.

Principal Zhang: “…”

As if he had forgotten something and just happened to remember it Principal Liu suddenly patted his head.

“Dear Lord, I forgot that Lu Man was originally going to your school.

She even went to report there but looks like she was chased away by you guys.

Look at what you have done!”

Principal Zhang: “…”

This Liu had intentionally called to anger him!

“However, I really have to thank you! If your school didnt drive her away, then Lu Man wouldnt have come to National Film Academy.

Sigh, look, once she came, she filmed Red Tiger and brought such good results.

Im proud, so proud! Lu Man is an excellent student, she has brought tremendous honor to me, the principal!”

Hmph hmph!

In the future, who would dare say that the students from the National Film Academy lacked acting skills!

They have Lu Man!

In the future, who would dare say that the students from the National Film Academy only relied on their popularity!

They have Lu Man!


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