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His long, slender legs stood out the most!

Wearing sunglasses, he looked handsome as he stood in the sun.

Today was a holiday and B City was usually very dry and hot during the day, making it unbearable to stand in the hot, harsh sun.

Lu Man hurriedly ran over and had to tiptoe to shield his forehead from the sunlight with her hand.

“Why are you standing outside Its so hot!” Lu Man raised her head to take a look at him, and could see herself in his dark sunglasses.

Her face full of worry was being reflected on the sunglasses.

Unknown to Lu Man, while facing Han Zhouli she always had an affectionate and worried expression.

She wholeheartedly cared about him and her expression showed it.

It wasnt the same as when she was in a relationship with He Zhengbai.

The Lu Man at that time had too much to think about, too much worry, and too much stress.

Not only was she faced bad bad treatment from the Lu Family, but she was also worried about Xia Qingweis health, and Lu Qi didnt miss a single chance of bullying her too.

Moreover, she always felt that something was lacking in her relationship He Zhengbai.

Although she did care for He Zhengbai, it wasnt like now where Han Zhuolis every action affected her.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli took down his sunglasses.

When he was wearing sunglasses, Lu Man could not see his face and kept feeling like his face was a bit cold.

But after taking down his glasses, the two black eyes that were covered by the sunglasses met Lu Mans eyes and the iciness instantly melted away, replacing it with warmth and gentleness.

He lowered his head further, letting Lu Man completely block the sunlight.

He really enjoyed the feeling of being cared for by Lu Man, it was very heartwarming.

Dipping his head further down, Han Zhuoli pecked Lu Man on the lips.

“I was scared that if you came out, you wont see me.”

Lu Mans eyes were curved into crescents as she smiled and said, “Impossible, no matter where you are, Ill always be able to notice you instantly.”

He was just so outstanding! No matter where he went, he stood out among the crowd, making it impossible for everyone to ignore him.

It was even more because of the chemistry between the two of them, that they could easily find each other among the crowd with just one look.

As long as he was there, she could feel that he was nearby.

Her words made Han Zhuoli break out into a smile.

“Congratulations, your movie had such high ticket sales.”

Lu Man tiptoed and gave Han Zhuoli a kiss.

“Congratulations to you too, for not investing wrongly.”

“With you there, I definitely would not make a wrong investment,” Han Zhuoli said lovingly.

Just like how Lu Man had confidence that she would not let Han Zhuoli suffer any loss, Han Zhuoli had confidence in Lu Man as well.

“Where are we going” After getting in the car, Lu Man asked curiously.

“Were going out to celebrate.” Han Zhuoli looked at her affectionately.

Although Lu Man was curious about where they were going to celebrate and how they were going to celebrate, Han Zhouli refused to give even a little bit of hint.

After leaving the city center of B City, Han Zhuoli drove the car towards the suburbs.

Even the suburbs were developed very well.

These were the Southern suburbs, the other suburbs either had grand commercial areas or residential areas.

Only this southern suburbs had several holiday hotels.

All the famous, grand international chain hotels were located in the same area forming a community of lavish 5-star hotels.

If a person got bored of staying at one hotel, he/she could get out and go to some other hotel without needing even a car for transportation.

After driving onto the uphill mountain road, Han Zhuoli stopped at one of the holiday villas.

Just when the two of them stopped at the villa, the villas butler was already waiting at the doorway for them.

The employees hurriedly opened the car door for the two of them, and on seeing the two of them get down, the villas butler bowed.

The butler was wearing a dark black suit, and his actions were very polished, as if he worked for a king.


Han, Miss Lu.” The butler introduced himself.

“Im the butler of the villa youll be staying in.

While you are here, Ill be in charge of everything about your stay.

If you have any requests, please feel free to tell me.”


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