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“Zhang Xiaoyings ugly side is being jealous!”

“Goddess of Fury Lu Man, quickly come out to attack Zhang Xiaoyings fans back, their double standards are so disgusting, I want to vomit.”

“Goddess of Fury, stop sending emojis, say something!”

“Come come, lets bet on when Lu Man plans to speak”

“Lets bet, lets bet on until when Lu Man plans to keep posting the viewership ratings of Great Desert ”

Therefore, Great Desert became famous and because of Lu Mans one post everyday, Great Desert viewership rating was attracting everyones attention every single day.

It was one thing for it to be trending, but it would have accurate numbers behind.

Great Desert viewership 0.3125 percent.

Great Desert viewership 0.2981 percent.

Great Desert viewership 0.2764 percent.

Currently, Great Desert viewership was just 0.2013 percent.

When the production company of Great Desert saw its viewership on trending spot every day, their heart bled in pain and sorrow.

Finally, Manager Lin of the production company could not help but look for Lu Man.

“Lu Man, ah, until when do you plan on posting the viewership”

Extremely pleased, Lu Man smiled smugly and said, “Ill post till Im happy.”

Manager Lin found it painful and asked, “When will you be happy”

“Thatll depend on Zhang Xiaoying.

Right now, Zhang Xiaoying just keeps on making me feel unhappy,” Lu Man whined.

Immediately, Manager Lins face darkened.

“Lu Man, as for your personal fight with Zhang Xiaoying, we definitely wont bother or interfere, but your actions have affected the production company.

If you want to deal with Zhang Xiaoying, thats your own problem, dont bring our show into this.”

“Youre taking it too seriously.” Lu Man laughed and said, “I really did not intend to harm your show.”

“Then whats the meaning of you posting our viewership every day” Manager Lin lashed out at her.

Lu Man was simply pretending to be dumb!

“My posting your viewership affects you Our Red Tigers ticket sales are posted by netizens every single day.

I dont see how it affects you,” Lu Man ridiculed.

Manager Lin: “…”

How could that be the same thing

Compared to your Red Tigers box office collection, what kind of viewership does Great Desert have!

“Lu Man, you are a PR professional so you totally understand the effect this has on our production house, there is no need to act dumb with me anymore,” Manager Lin said in a low voice, “Youre posting our little viewership every day, and when the netizens see that the viewerships are so bad, they immediately think that our show is not good.

Hence there are fewer and fewer people watching it now, this has affected our dramas reputation greatly!”

“Honestly, if I dont post the viewership of Great Desert , you might not even be a trending topic,” Lu Man said calmly, “Look, before this when you bought the spot on trending searches, it couldnt stay there for very long, didnt it”

Manager Lin: “…”

“Now theres no need for you to buy it, Im giving you a free ticket to trending spots.

So whats there to be so unhappy about” Lu Man said innocently.

Manager Lin: “…”

Taking a deep breath, Manager Lin suppressed the rage in his heart, and gritted his teeth.

“What do we have to do for you to stop it!”

“Have Zhang Xiaoying apologize to me, and also apologize to Red Tiger team,” Putting aside her joking attitude, Lu Man spoke in a serious tone, “Just like what you told me at the beginning, its alright if Zhang Xiaoying wants to pick bones with me, Ill be able to deal with it.

But she wanted the oppress Red Tiger as well.

Since shes doing that, I can do the same thing too.

She wants to make it such that I have no works to take up in the future, and the production houses wont dare to cast me as whoever casts me would be pulled down by me.

Alright, then Ill let her experience the same thing.”


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