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In that way, it was still her who gave Lu Man a chance to enter the entertainment industry and learn performing arts.

Didn\'t she just shoot herself in the foot by giving Lu Man the chance to be her opponent, and letting Lu Man destroy her future in entertainment

Had she not forced Lu Man to quit school to be her assistant at that time just to embarrass her, then wouldn\'t Lu Man be still earnestly studying fashion design right now Also, unlike now Lu Man wouldn\'t be doing so well as she wouldn\'t have any shows to film.

Lu Man would just have been going to school in shame.

Lu Qi tightened her hands into a fist as she experienced several emotions all at once.

Honestly, she also felt a bit of regret.

But at the same time, she could not stand how well Lu Man was doing currently!

On the other hand, Lu Man just laughed lightly.

Honestly, I need to thank you.

You helped me see what a scum He Zhengbai is, and helped me debut the entertainment industry.

If she hadn\'t made Lu Qi a stepping stone, she wouldn\'t have become famous so fast, right

Lu Man, what are you doing! He Zhengbai rushed over and pulled Lu Qi behind him.

If you have anything, say it to me, don\'t bully Qi Qi!

Seeing him protect Qi Qi, Lu Man looked at him like he was insane.

Say what to you Crazy Man!

After calling him crazy, Lu Man turned around and walked off with Zheng Yuanshi and the other two.

He Zhengbai frowned as he realized the way Lu Man looked at him just now.

Clearly, she did not have a single bit of liking towards him anymore.

Could it be that she really did not care about him and he had no place in her heart

Zhengbai! Seeing He Zhengbai in a daze with his gaze fixated on Lu Man\'s back, Lu Qi tugged at his arm anxiously.

As He Zhengbai returned to his senses, a quick glint flashed past his eyes as he asked, Did she bully you

It\'s nothing much, I just want to reconcile our sisterly relations.

But she doesn\'t seem willing, Lu Qi smiled bitterly and said remorsefully.

Don\'t even think of reconciling with such an obnoxious person, He Zhengbai said coldly, Be careful not to let her harm you anymore.

En. Lu Qi nodded her head obediently.

Why did you come over

It\'s your first day back at school today and I wasn\'t at ease, so I came over to look for you, He Zhengbai said, Let\'s go, I\'ll send you to class.

Pleased and delighted, Lu Qi nodded happily.

No matter what, He Zhengbai was the previous school idol after all.

It was just that when Han Zhuofeng transferred over, he replaced him.

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However, his popularity was still there, on the way to the class, she got the jealous looks of all the other girls.

As Lu Qi held onto He Zhengbai\'s arm, she felt became prouder.

As the two people walked to her class, they suddenly heard Zhuang Tingting whisper in a low voice, If it were not for the fact that Lu Man found a sugar daddy, how could she have the chance to film a movie as soon as she decided to be an actress Haha, she\'s just a mistress, what\'s there to be so proud of

Astonished, He Zhengbai had a curious expression on his face and he hurriedly ran up.

What did you say just now

Zhuang Tingting was shocked, and upon seeing it was He Zhengbai, she went into a daze and stared at his handsome face.

Quickly tell us! Lu Qi urged at the side unhappily.

Who was this girl, how dare she stare at He Zhengbai coyly!

Returning to her senses, Zhuang Tingting said in a low voice, We saw it ourselves, someone dropped her off at the school in a Mulsanne.

As soon as she said that, Zhuang Tingting hurriedly walked away.

What is it Have you finished your job Zhang Xiaoying saw Zhuang Tingting run over and asked anxiously.

You had me purposely let He Zhengbai and Lu Qi hear, don\'t worry, everything has been done.

Feigning concern, Lu Qi pretentiously told He Zhengbai, How could older sister do this She\'s doesn\'t respect herself and lacks self-love.

He Zhengbai\'s facial expression was a bit strange; he thought back to how every time he met Lu Man, somehow she seemed to be becoming prettier and prettier.

It was not just on the surface, it was like seductiveness ran deep into the bone.

Now that he was reminded by Zhuang Tingting, He Zhengbai realized, wasn\'t this the glow and look one of after s*x


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