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Lu Qi then turned her gaze at Zheng Yuanshi and her two friends.

Don\'t be tricked by Lu Man, I\'m her younger sister, of course, I would know her true personality.

I said shut up, are you deaf Han Zhuofeng lashed out.

Shocked, Lu Qi asked defiantly, How could you speak to me like that

Who are you Why can\'t I speak to you like this Ha, if you weren\'t causing trouble for my sister-in-law today, don\'t even think of being worthy to talk to me.

I can\'t even be bothered to look at you.

Han Zhuofeng then directed his fierce gaze at Lu Man.

Isn\'t your mouth very great usually Why is it that now you don\'t even know how to speak

Han Zhoufeng\'s words left everyone speechless.


What sister-in-law

Wasn\'t Han Zhuofeng here to settle accounts with Lu Man, why was he scolding Lu Qi for spouting rubbish instead

Was Lu Man really Han Zhuofeng\'s brother\'s girlfriend

But if it were like that, shouldn\'t Han Zhuofeng scold Lu Man

On the other hand, Lu Qi couldn\'t care less about Han Zhuofeng giving her face at the moment.

Instead with a face full of disbelief, she asked, Who are you calling sister-in-law

Not only do you have a horrible mouth, but even your brain is no good Can\'t you tell who I\'m calling sister-in-law Han Zhuofeng mocked.

Could it be that you are calling Lu Man Lu Qi asked in disbelief.

If I\'m not calling Lu Man, could I be calling you Are you even that worthy Although Han Zhuofeng did not curse, his words were worse than curse words.

You! Lu Qi was flushed with agitation.

Since she is really your older brother\'s girlfriend, aren\'t you furious at all

Pointing an accusing finger at Lu Man, Lu Qi laughed provokingly.

She cheated on your older brother!

Seeing Lu Qi point a finger at her, Lu Man was a bit angry and she narrowed her eyes as she grabbed Lu Qi\'s finger and curve it upwards harshly.

Suddenly, Lu Qi cried in pain.

Zhengbai, it\'s so painful!

On the other hand, Han Zhuofeng looked at Lu Qi like she was an idi*t, why did she call out for He Zhengbai when her hand was painful

Would she still not be pain after she called for him

What was she if not an idi*t

The very next moment, He Zhengbai reached out his hand wanting to grab Lu Man\'s wrist, but Han Zhuofeng blocked He Zhengbai before he could even touch her hand.

Get out of my way! He Zhengbai anxiously yelled.

Didn\'t you see my sister-in-law educating her younger sister It\'s their family matter, what are you meddling Han Zhuofeng grabbed He Zhengbai harshly, stopping him from interfering.

What is it Is it that you want to manhandle my sister-in-law Han Zhuofeng raised his eyebrow.

You want to abuse a woman What a despicable person! Look at how much of a b*tch Lu Qi is, yet I didn\'t resort to physical strength!

With that one sentence, Han Zhoufeng scolded both He Zhengbai and Lu Qi.




Meanwhile, Zheng Yuanshi and her two friends could not help but laugh.

In Film Academy, Han Zhuofeng was extremely cold towards everyone who wasn\'t in his major.

His handsome looks made him school idol, but sadly his attitude made girls from his class to admire him from a distance.

Much less to say them who were taking a different major.

They only knew that Han Zhuofeng was handsome, but they did not know that his mouth was so bad.

However, he still looked dashing handsome even when his mouth ran wild.

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With her finger being turned up by Lu Man and Han Zhuofeng calling her a b*tch, her face was flushed red with anger.

Right now her finger was in so much pain that she burst out into tears.

He Zhengbai said anxiously, I just wanted Lu Man to let go of Lu Qi!

If you want her to let go, you can just say it, don\'t use this opportunity to touch her! Han Zhuofeng lashed out in rage, anyway, the one who was losing out here was not Lu Man, so he was not anxious at all.

If you had managed to do what you intended, then you would be touching my sister-in-law, how could I let you do that

He Zhengbai was enraged upon being insulted; Han Zhuofeng clearly meant that he was doing it to take advantage of Lu Man.

Moreover, it\'s an issue between two women, let the women solve it, why are you trying to meddle! Han Zhuofeng twitched his lips.

If Lu Qi can\'t outscold my sister-in-law nor can she match my sister-in-law strength, then she\'s clearly dumb and inept.

You can\'t blame other people for your incompetence!


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