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Much less to say, Lu Man\'s physical strength and fighting skills were really powerful!

This fact made Han Zhuofeng gloat with happiness.

Not only could Lu Man pierce one\'s heart with her words but she could also beat someone black and blue.

Instantly, the image of He Zhengbai being beaten black and blue at the entrance of the school came to his mind.

Lu Man was definitely strong and skilled!

On the other hand, He Zhengbai was dumbstruck by Han Zhuofeng\'s words.

He was talking about skills at this juncture

How could he bring out incompetence right now

Seeing Han Zhuofeng\'s arrogant and prideful face, He Zhengbai instantly knew that he could not reason with this man.

Was this Han Zhuofeng a crazy person

Spouting nonsense!

If Han Zhuofeng knew that He Zhengbai calling him crazy in his mind, he would definitely leave him even more speechless by saying, I\'m a young master of the Han Family, when I go out, I never speak with logic!

Finally, after quite a while, Lu Man let go of Lu Qi\'s hand.

Then she took out a pack of wet tissue from her bag and used one wet tissue to wipe her hands clean, behaving as if she touched something dirty.

Next time, don\'t point at me with your finger, otherwise I\'ll break it off, Lu Man threatened her.

Hiding behind He Zhengbai, Lu Qi tended to her finger and wailed in pain.

Wanting to provoke Han Zhoufeng, she asked, Since she\'s really your brother\'s girlfriend, aren\'t you angry

What\'s there to be angry about Han Zhuofeng cursed in his heart; had these words been heard by Han Zhuol, he would misunderstand that he, Han Zhoufeng, had inappropriate thoughts towards Lu Man, and thus skin him alive!

Lu Qi is really crazy!

Right after that, he heard Lu Qi say, Although she\'s your older brother\'s girlfriend, she is cheating on your older brother and being someone else\'s mistress, so aren\'t you furious

If you say one more time that she\'s being maintained by someone, I will have to break my rule of not beating a woman up! Han Zhuofeng snapped at Lu Qi.

Isn\'t it just a Bentley which dropped her to school That\'s my older brother\'s car, you f*cking idi*t women!

My older brother dropped her here, how come that turned into a big mess Han Zhuofeng sneered.

You have obviously not seen the world, it\'s just a Bentley, don\'t think that it\'s something great and link it to the dark dirty things in the world.

My sister-in-law has already been bullied enough by you guys from childhood.

On the other hand, you were brought up with care by Lu Qiyuan, so how could you not have even a little view of the real world, such a narrow-minded person, how embarrassing!

No, impossible! Lu Qi screeched in a high voice, You\'re scared of embarrassing yourself, that\'s why you said that! You just want to settle it in private later!

Hmm, your imagination is not bad. Right now, Han Zhuofeng was seething with rage.

Currently, Han Zhuoli was going out for a work trip in the afternoon and was probably on the plane already.

However, before he got on the plane, Han Zhouli had called Han Zhuofeng, ordering him to take good care of Lu Man at school and not to let people bully her.

Coincidentally, just at that moment, Han Zhuofeng\'s phone rang.

When he took out his phone, he was suddenly very happy as the call was from the Old family mansion.

Hello Han Zhuofeng asked.

Zhuofeng, it\'s me, Grandma. Old Mrs.

Han\'s voice sounded from the phone.

Your older brother is out on a work trip today, while Lu Man is in school, so you must take care of her well, don\'t let her get bullied. Old Mrs.

Han instructed in a domineering tone.

Grandma, your phone call came at the right time, my sister-in-law is being wrongly accused by people right now, Han Zhuofeng instantly complained.

What\'s going on! Old Mrs.

Han\'s voice instantly raised a level.

What\'s the use of you, how can you keep watching your sister-in-law get bullied

Han Zhuofeng: …

Am I not helping my sister-in-law How can I let her get bullied. Han Zhuofeng hurriedly tried appeasing her.

It\'s that some people are narrow-minded and haven\'t seen the real world.

So upon seeing Older brother drop her to school, they started a rumor.

You know what brother\'s car is, right At that time, he did not get down the car, but my sister-in-law\'s classmates saw it, and are still claiming that she\'s being maintained by someone.

I already came forward to clarify matters, yet Lu Qi is stubborn to believe the truth.

She says that I\'m refusing to admit because I wanted to maintain my reputation, don\'t you think that\'s such a joke!


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