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There\'s no need, I\'ll just wait here for the two elders, Shen Nuo said politely.

But Shen Nuo stood beside him, Principal Liu was under a lot of stress.

He did not know what to talk to with Shen Nuo, and could only be thick-skinned and chat awkwardly.

Being an elegant, proper lady, no matter what Principal Liu said, Shen Nuo did not show any annoyance or awkwardness on her face.

Although Principal Liu\'s sounded dumb, Shen Nuo still smiled and replied, making Principal Liu feel that they were having a good conversation.

Just when Principal Liu was becoming exhausted both mentally and physically, he saw a Mulsanne drive over.

Instantly, Principal Liu recognized it to be the same car in which Han Zhuoli had brought Lu Man to school for the first time.

Seeing Principal Liu and Shen Nuo waiting at the school gate, Xiao Chen slowly stopped the car in front of them.

Butler Wang quickly got down from the front passenger seat of the car and greeted them.

Madam, Principal Liu.

Butler Wang, Shen Nuo greeted back with a smile.

Excited and anxious, Principal Liu hurriedly grabbed Butler Wang\'s hand.

Butler Wang, hello, hello.

The Old Mrs Han and Old Mr Han were down to earth people and did not make a big fuss, and got down the car themselves.

Principal Liu was shocked upon seeing them, Why did you two seniors make a trip here personally

Old Mrs Han laughed and said, We\'re not Buddhas, don\'t treat us like that.

Principal Liu hurriedly said, Are the three of you going to find Lu Man

At the vital moment, Old Mrs Han looked towards Old Mr Han, asking for his opinion.

Cough. Old Mr Han cleared his throat.

Now that we have already come here, let\'s have a tour of this place.

That way we can also meet Zhuofeng.

Alright, Principal Liu hurriedly replied, and invited the two elders and Shen Nuo for a tour, and they drove into the school.

For the Han family, the rule of not driving the car inside the school compound didn\'t apply.

Right now, the lunch break was just about to end, so the students who were out on the school grounds were walking back to their class.

Thus, there were a lot of students around.

Principal Liu sat onto Shen Nuo\'s car, which was behind the Mulsanne in which the two elders were seated.

Principal Liu saw the grand entrance made by the cars which attracted the attention of all the students.

Principal Liu: …

Where was low-key arrival

Was this the low-key that the two elders were talking about this

After they parked the car, Principal Liu hurriedly got down the car.

Butler Wang helped the two elders open the car doors and helped them get down.

Principal Liu politely led the way at the side, and introduced to them a few famous landmarks.

When they passed by a construction site, Principal Liu gladly said, This is the theater sponsored by Han Corporation and it just started its construction work last week.

Meanwhile, the students who were walking back to their class could not help but look over.

In the past, there was also a few high status leaders who came to look around, and had Principal Liu accompanying them.

But never ever had Principal Liu revered them so much, carefully following by the side the whole way round.

Did you see their car One\'s a Phantom, one\'s a Mulsanne! Someone exclaimed.

A Mulsanne What a coincidence! It seems that nowadays all the rich people like Mulsanne.

Hei, that\'s true, doesn\'t Lu Man\'s sugar daddy have Mulsanne too

Just now, in the canteen, Lu Man still refused to admit it.

But seeing Han Zhuofeng speak up in her favor and protect her so much, could it be that it was a misunderstanding Although we don\'t know about Han Zhuofeng\'s family background, from his looks and attitude, his family background seems to be very good.

It\'s possible that Lu Man\'s boyfriend is really very rich.

Haha, no matter how well off his family is, could he be so good to invest a lot for Lu Man Just those two movies that Lu Man filmed, I don\'t believe that her backer did not invest in them.

Although, in the end, they both earned a lot, but before investing, no one can tell with certainty that the movie would be a blockbuster rightMuch less the fact that they are supporting a newcomer.

Being able to invest so much, surely the backer doesn\'t have a simple background.

A person might manage to buy a Mulsanne, but it\'s not the same for investments.


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