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Right, look at the Lu Family, they are considered rich, right They can drive a luxury car, and Lu Qiyuan even opened a management company for Lu Q to become popular, and she is the only artiste signed with his company yet he couldn\'t make her debut in the movie industry, and currently she isn\'t even getting any show offers at all.

Right, also if Han Zhuofeng\'s family has money, why didn\'t they invest in some films in which he would be the director Honestly, money can\'t solve everything.

You need connections as well.

Right, look at He Zhengbai, the He Family\'s Long Qing Corporation isn\'t any small company yet recently He Zhengbai had already finished discussion for a show and it was fixed that he would be the director for it but still his role as the director was snatched away by someone else So clearly money won\'t take you anywhere.

Hence I don\'t believe that person who dropped Lu Man at school is Han Zhuofeng\'s older brother.

When you guys analyze it like that, it really seems true.

Looks like it could be like what Lu Qi said, probably Han Zhuofeng did not want to be embarrassed so he couldn\'t do anything but deny it.

Lu Man will probably have to break up with her boyfriend later.

Of course, no one can stand their partner cheating on them.

At that moment, someone slowly opened their mouth.

Then did you think about it, if Lu Man\'s rich backer really is so powerful, can he allow you guys to speak ill of Lu Man like that

Everybody: …

Who was this person!

Scaring them like this!

Although they cursed in their heart, they did not dare to say anything else.

When Principal Liu brought the two Han elders, Shen Nuo and Butler Wang outside Lu Man\'s classroom, Lu Man\'s class was having a theory lesson on Performing Arts.

Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie! At that moment, Han Zhuofeng ran over.

Why aren\'t you in class, why did you run here Old Mr Han glared at him.

Han Zhuofeng: …

Weren\'t they kicking him to the curb after he outlived his usefulness

Had he not informed them, would Old Mr Han and Old Mrs Han even got to know about this matter at school

I don\'t have lessons in the afternoon, so I especially waited for you guys to come over here.

Now that you guys have come, of course, you must include me in your plans! If there was drama, how could he not watch it

Alright, Old Mr Han agreed reluctantly.

Han Zhuofeng: …

Now tell me, did Man Man feel aggrieved Old Mrs Han grabbed onto Han Zhuofeng and asked worriedly.

A bit unhappy, Han Zhuofeng pursed his lips.

How could she feel aggrieved For a person skilled highly in martial arts, such a thing is child\'s play.

Get away! Old Mrs Han hit the back of his head unhappily.

Lu Man is a young girl, not much older than you, no matter how strong she is, she needs to be protected!

Upset, Han Zhuofeng rubbed the back of his head helplessly.

Quickly knock on the door, Old Mrs Han then looked at the Principal Liu who was silently enjoying the show from the side.

Oh, oh alright, Principal Liu rushed forward.

Usually, in theory lessons, professor would ask students to perform to see whether they had managed to absorb the theory.

When Principal Liu knocked on the door, Professor Hong coincidentally called Lu Man\'s name, and had her go to the front of the classroom to act it out.

Hearing the sound of knocking, Professor Hong opened the door, and was left stunned upon seeing the people at the door.


Principal Liu chuckled and said, Don\'t worry, continue your lesson as usual, I just brought these two elders and Madam Han to take a look.

Professor Hong\'s eyebrows twitched, and although she could not recognize the two elders and Shen Nuo, from the principal\'s address, she could guess who were they.

Professor Hong was considered one of the few people in the school who knew the relationship between Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

Because besides for the incident with the previous counselor, Principal Liu had told Professor Hong and Professor Yao about Lu Man being Han Zhuoli\'s girlfriend, so that they could look out for Lu Man and not let the same incident happen again.

Otherwise, Principal Liu had to tell them explicitly that he really could not afford to offend them.

Originally, Professor Hong did not know Han Zhuofeng\'s identity, but now that she saw Han Zhuofeng following behind, and thought about how his surname was also Han, how could she not know


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