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It\'s her! Lu Qi accused Zhuang Tingting without any hesitation.

I heard it from her!

Han Zhuofeng said sarcastically, Didn\'t you just say that you heard it from students whom you didn\'t know

While Lu Qi face flushed red in embarrassment, Zhuang Tingting was surprisingly quick-witted under pressure.

Lu Qi, how could you frame me just to get yourself out of this!

The next second, Zhuang Tingting hurriedly stood up.

Principal Liu, Lu Qi is spouting rubbish! She\'s framing me, all so that she can get out of this!

I\'m not framing you.

This morning, on the way to class, I heard it from you. Lu Qi said anxiously, He Zhengbai was there too.

He also heard it.

You can find him and corroborate from him!

Finding it amusing, Lu Man curled the corner of her lips upwards lightly.

Yesterday, when I came to school, Zhuang Tingting did see me alight from the car.

Back then, she pointed at me and said that I was somebody\'s mistress.

Anxious, Zhuang Tingting said nervously, But I didn\'t say anything else.

If I did start the rumor, I would have spread it yesterday, why would I wait until today!

All this drama was making Principal Liu\'s head hurt.

All they had were their words against each other.

Without any factual evidence, it was hard to please everybody too.

Zhuang Tingting looked helplessly at Zhang Xiaoying, begging for help.

Her gaze was even slightly threatening.

If Zhang Xiaoying won\'t stand up for her to help her out of this, she will have to drag Zhang Xiaoying into this too.

Thus, Zhang Xiaoying was extremely furious.

What an incompetent thing! Everything she touched turned to dust!

Yet, she could only stand up and say, Principal Liu, Lu Qi is lying.

Zhuang Tingting has been with me and Yu Jingxian all along from the morning.

During that time, she didn\'t even mention Lu Man\'s name let alone spread a rumor about her.

Yu Jingxian instantly looked hatefully at Zhang Xiaoying.

She only wanted to sit by the side quietly and not participate in anything from start to end, but Zhang Xiaoying just had to drag her into it too.

Left with no choice, Yu Jingxian had to bite the bullet.

She said, Yes, the three of us went to class together.

We didn\'t even see Lu Qi or He Zhengbai along the way.

Both parties stated their perspectives, but there wasn\'t any more evidence.

Caught in a spot, Principal Liu looked at Shen Nuo.

Shen Nuo said coldly, Principal Liu, we don\'t wish to make things difficult for you too.

This is a school, after all, and you are the principal.

You just have to make a decision as you normally do.

As for anything outside of the school, the Han family will have the final say.

Principal Liu then looked towards Old Mr Han and Old Mrs Han.

Though Old Mrs Han\'s face was cold, her tone was still rather amicable.

She\'s right.

Don\'t feel stressed.

If this matter happened under normal circumstances, how would you handle it

Zhuang Tingting, let\'s temporarily put aside whether it you who told Lu Qi.

In the classroom, have you ever mentioned it Principal Liu questioned.


Pan Xue suddenly raised her hand.

I\'ll report it! She said it, in the classroom.

I heard it!

This left Zhuang Tingting was stunned and seething with hatred.

What did Pan Xue have to do with this!

Finally, Principal Liu let out a sigh of relief.

Now, this would be easier to deal with.

Zhuang Tingting\'s punishment will be the same as Lu Qi\'s, and just like Lu Qi, this will be mentioned in their record.

Instantly color drained from Zhuang Tingting\'s face.

Though her grades were rather average this time, she was still thinking of giving it a try.

Yet, in the end, Principal Liu didn\'t even give her a chance to work hard.

Old Mrs Han glanced at Zhang Xiaoying and said, Lu Man is the granddaughter-in-law our family wants to have.

She is our family\'s future granddaughter-in-law, she really couldn\'t care being anyone\'s mistress!

This left everyone dumbstruck.

Old Mrs Han sounded powerful and influential from her words.

Exactly what was their background

However, no one suspected Old Mrs Han\'s words, because on the way to the classroom, quite a lot of people saw Old Mrs Han and the others alighting from the car.

Also, Principal Liu was genuinely afraid that the two elders and Shen Nuo would be unhappy and sternly disciplined Zhuang Tingting and Lu Qi.

You two are our school\'s students.

Since you made a mistake, the school will also give you a chance to change for the better.

It\'s only a punishment this time, but if there\'s a second time, you will be expelled immediately!


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