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Although the house had two rooms and a kitchen, it was very compact.

62 square meters only sounded big.

Moreover, the two bedrooms were very narrow, otherwise, Lu Man\'s room could only accommodate one single bed.

Thus, sometimes when Han Zhuoli would sleep over, it would become quite inconvenient.

It was better to have a spacious room.

Thus, Xia Qingwei had already started planning for that.

Later at night, after Han Zhuoli finished his work for the day, he called Lu Man.

It was then that Lu Man came up with the idea of moving houses.

Back then, she had agreed to take up Red Tiger without discussing with Han Zhuoli, but this time, having learned her lesson, she definitely discussed it with Han Zhuoli.

Since it was a very simple thing, naturally, Han Zhuoli supported her as even he himself had long wanted to get Lu Man a bigger house.

It was just that Lu Man always refused to spend his money.

Even when Lu Man her suggested it, Lu Man still planned on depending upon herself to buy a house.

His girlfriend was prideful and Han Zhuoli respected that.

However as her man, he wanted to help her out.

You don\'t need to find an estate agent, the Qi family is engaged in real estate.

Just tell me you location preference, area of the house and your budget, I\'ll tell Chengzhi.

He will him send someone to your house who will find out all the houses matching your criteria.

After you choose, I\'ll buy the house first.

You first move in, and let the old house be placed in the hands of the agent, and there\'s no need to worry about it.

Honestly, Han Zhuoli really wanted to buy the house and gift it to Lu Man, but Lu Man would not accept it.

if even Han Zhuoli first paying for the house, she wanted to fight with him over it, then that was treating him as too much of an outsider.

Alright, Lu Man happily nodded to agree.

Pleased, Han Zhuoli smiled happily.

This little girl, always knew when she could be stubborn and when she could readily agree with his suggestions.

It made it such that even if he wanted to say anything, he could not say it out, making him find it both funny and helpless.

Han Zhuoli acted very fast, and the very next day, someone contacted her.

Since Lu Man did not have lessons in the afternoon, and directly had the estate agent come at their home, so that she could take Xia Qingwei to see some new houses.

Not long after, they chose a place from where it was convenient to go to school, and also not far from Han Zhuoli\'s house.

Although it was expensive, Lu Man had a share of the box office sales of her movie, and thus could afford to pay for it.

Lu Man instantly left the old house the hands of the agent and even though Han Zhuoli was overseas, he helped her contact some movers and packers and thus Lu Man and Xia Qingwei did not need to do anything.

Although it was a new house that had been built for quite a while, it had renovated and painted a long time ago so there was no smell.

It was the kind of house where she could instantly move in as long as she brought her belongings.

She just needed to bring along some electrical appliances.

Since Han Zhouli had paid for the house and they needed to pay him back a huge amount of money, Xia Qingwei did not want to spend too much money on electrical appliances.

She would just move their original electrical appliances to the new house.

Right now, Lu Man and Xia Qingwei were both cleaning up the new place.

Although the sweeping robot was sweeping and mopping the floor, the rest of the work still fell on Lu Man and Xia Qingwei.

However, the two of them were glad to do it.

Xia Qingwei straightened her back, and took a look at their new house which was 100 meters square bigger than their old house.

Seeing the spacious well lit house, she brightened up as well.


The third day they finally moved into their new home, and Lu Man planned on going home directly after her class.

In the end, as soon as she got out of the classroom block, she saw a Mulsanne parked outside.

Lu Man blinked her eyes in disbelief, thinking that her eyes had a problem.

However, when she double-checked the car plate, it was indeed Han Zhuoli\'s car.

These few days, because Old Mrs Han had given strict instructions to Xiao Chen, he always picked her up in this expensive car and thus the students in the school were already used to seeing this car, and now no one dared to say that Lu Man was a mistress.


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