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However, whenever Xiao Chen came to pick her up, he would always stop at the entrance of the school, and would never driven in.

Curious, Lu Man hastily walked over.

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Just when she reached the side of the car, the car door opened.

What she saw first was a long leg stepping out.

Lu Man\'s heart skipped a bit, just from that long leg she could easily make out the person to be Han Zhuoli!

You\'re back! Lu Man exclaimed in surprise.

As soon as Han Zhuoli got down the car, Lu Man did not think twice and jumped into his embrace, her two arms encircling his neck.

Han Zhuoli happily carried her up, and let Lu Man look at his face without utmost care and attention.

She really missed this man!

Seeing her overwhelmed with happiness, Han Zhuoli\'s gaze intensified, and lowering his head he kissed her on the lips.

The moment his lips met hers, he did not want to separate.

It was just that the location was not appropriate.

With great difficulty, Han Zhuoli separated his lips from hers her, but his gaze could not help but fixate on her lips which had been kissed plump.

Her lips were too addictive and enticing.

It seems like I don\'t need to ask if you missed me or not. Han Zhuoli chuckled.

I really missed you, Lu Man was hoisted high by him such that her legs couldn\'t touch the ground at all and this time, acting coy, Lu Man pecked him on his lips.

Even if you don\'t ask me, I still want to say, I really missed you!

Seeing her act coy, Han Zhuoli was extremely surprised and over the moon.

He did not think that after going overseas for a few business trips, there would be such an effect.

If it were an ordinary day, this girl would not say these confess her true feelings so easily.

Look, who is that

At that moment, as the students came out of the class, they saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man embracing each other lovingly.

But since Han Zhuoli\'s back was facing them, they could hardly see his face from the side, let alone from the back side.

Han Zhouli was a charming, handsome man.

With long slender legs and good built, he looked handsome even when his face was not visible.

His straight back and broad shoulders looked very manly and attractive.

Even if they could not see his face, they could tell that he was a young mature, handsome man.

Standing next to the Mulsanne, with his back against the car, they could tell he was a tall rich and handsome man!

Why was Lu Man so lucky!

Han Zhuoli\'s aura way even better than Han Zhuofeng\'s.

Could this be Lu Man\'s boyfriend

So young.

That\'s definitely true, since Han Zhuofeng is not old, even though it\'s his older brother, he can\'t be too old.

What an amazing luck Lu Man has! Finding a tall, rich and handsome man.

Suddenly, everyone was green with jealousy.

There are many people here, let\'s leave first, Lu Man said, even though she did not want to let go of Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli nodded, and put Lu Man down.

He was leaning against the passenger seat door, and so Han Zhuoli turned around to sit inside, giving the students only one glimpse of his handsome side profile.

It was too fast, and a lot of people did not even manage to see it clearly.

Those who got the chance to see it for a second were stunned.

Just that split second of side profile was already so handsome that the scene would forever be etched in their minds.

Having seens his face clearly, they wondered how he could be heaven defying handsome!

A lot of the girls could not help but admire his looks, feeling that even if he was poor they would keep him as their boy toy and pay for him.

When Lu Qi came out, Han Zhuoli had already started the car, and was slowly driving away.

Thus, Lu Qi could only manage to see the back of the car.

She could hear everyone gossiping with excitement and envy.

Lu Man must have saved the universe in her past life.

Her boyfriend is so handsome, and so rich, even his family treats her well.

I can\'t not say that I\'m not jealous of Lu Man, how did she manage to get such good luck!

When Lu Qi heard it, she hurriedly grabbed a person.

You saw Lu Man\'s boyfriend just now

Just his back, he\'s tall and has a good figure.

I did see his side profile, it was too fast, but I couldn\'t get a clear view.

It was very fast, but his side profile is also very handsome.


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