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He was already too sleepy.

While waiting in the car for Lu Man, his eyelids were already battling to stay open.

However, the moment he saw her, his sleep instantly disappeared.

As he cuddled her and she lay peacefully in his arms, he felt extremely satisfied and at peace.

This few days, you\'ve been suff— Before Han Zhuoli could say finish saying suffering\', his hot and thin yet soft and tender lips were sealed shut.

This completely surprised Han Zhuoli as he had never expected it.

All along, it was always him who would seal Lu Man\'s mouth shut with his lips.

Yet suddenly, the one whose lips were being sealed was him.

He circled his arms around Lu Man\'s waist, and subconsciously tightened his hold on her when he felt his cheek being caressed by Lu Man\'s soft, tender fingers.

She had actually squeezed herself into his arms on her own accord, and continued to deepen the kiss even further.

Since she felt a little difficult to deepen the kiss as she sat on her side, she kept moving, wriggling in his arms, arousing him instantly to get a bon*r bulging in his pants.

Precisely at this movement, Lu Man sat into the right position and straddled him, her feminine part right against his crotch.

Shuddering in pleasure, Han Zhuoli violently sucked in a breath.

Her seduction had sparked a hot flame in him.

Clasping onto the side of her waist with one hand, he held her nape with the other and he kissed her deeply.

The aircondingting in the car provided comfort and cool air blew on them yet Lu Man felt that her waist was on fire as Han Zhuoli\'s palm was pressed against her waist.

His hand made its way inside her thin, light blouse to her smooth skin, and his touch set her on fire.

Lu Man\'s kiss clearly let Han Zhouli know that she had missed him tremendously.

With their bodies pressed against each other, he could feel her heart beating rapidly.

Badump badump.

Her heart beats were speeding up.

Only if the bright, blinding light shining through the car window did not remind him of the time and place , Han Zhuoli would have done her right then and there.

Having not seen her for a few days, he really missed her tremendously.

Lu Man was feeling the same.

Although they were kissing for quite a while, yet no matter how much she kissed him, she didn\'t feel satisfied.

When there were rumors going around about her, she was indeed hurt and wished that Han Zhuoli could be there for her.

Every time something happened to her, he had always appeared at the right time and stood by her side, protecting her from everything.

This time, he wasn\'t around, Lu Man finally realized how much she missed him.

No matter how strong she was, there was still a layer of fragility in her heart.

Thus, she kissed him more fervently and passionately.

Sucking in a deep breath, Han Zhuoli suddenly pulled away from her kiss.

The next moment he placed Lu Man back into the front passenger seat.

This left Lu Man stunned; both of them were clearly aroused and it was going well, so why did he suddenly stop

There was actually a time where this man would actually stop on his own accord

Lu Man was already suspecting whether her charm wasn\'t working any more.

Was it that because she has been with Han Zhuoli for so long, he didn\'t find it new and exciting anymore Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Right now, Lu Man\'s mind was filled with all sorts of wild and crazy thoughts and the troubled and confused look on her face made Han Zhuoli\'s heart ache.

He suddenly turned to his side and fastened the seatbelt for her.

The moment he sneaked a glance at her plump, red lips, he couldn\'t turn away.

Her sweet body fragrance was still enticing him.

Originally he had planned to start driving, but in the end, he was so tempted by this girl that he couldn\'t even move his gaze anymore.

Cradling her face again and her kissed her passionately once again.

Surprised and stunned, Lu Man stared at him in shock, her eyes widening instead of closing.

What\'s wrong with this man

He clearly had enough of her and pulled away from her as if she was too clingy, but why was he now clinging onto her instead

When Han Zhuoli released her, having read her thoughts he asked, You thought that I was despising you for being clingy I just wish I can hang you on my skin!

Lu Man: …

What was this girl so foolish to think this

He didn\'t even feel like he had enough of kissing her, why would he be sick of it

However, in his heart, he still couldn\'t help but feel really elated.

She would only have such crazy thoughts because she cared about him, right

Han Zhuoli looked at her with his deep, intense gaze.

This look made Lu Man\'s hold her breath and his intense, passionate gaze made Lu Man unable to even dare to suspect that he would think she was annoying.


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