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Lu Man went to the bathroom and took a shower.

After coming out of the shower, she quickly cleaned herself up and then the two of them left the room and checked out.

Then, Han Zhuoli drove his car to Lu Man and Xia Qingwei\'s new place.

This neighborhood was much better than the previous one.

These apartments were developed by Qi Chengzhi\'s company, Qi Lin and although the property prices in City B was sky high right now, Qi Chengzhi sold it Lu Man at cost price.

That was how Lu Man was also able to afford such a high-end neighborhood.

After all, with their house being so close to Han Zhuoli\'s house, it was expected of the property prices in the area.

Even the security facilities were excellent, if anyone who didn\'t live in this neighborhood entered, the security office would still have to confirm with the homeowner living in this neighborhood.

At least like this, Lu Qiyuan would never be able to barge into their home.

This time, since Han Zhouli had come along with her, Lu Man told the security officer to let Han Zhuoli in every time so that they wouldn\'t have to call for her permission.

After finding an empty spot, Han Zhouli parked his car.

Getting out of the car, he rushed to the trunk of the car.

Curious, Lu Man followed him and was surprised to see Han Zhouli take out bags and boxes from the trunk.

What\'s all this Why did you bring so many things Lu Man asked in surprise.

After closing the trunk, Han Zhuoli carried all the bags and boxes in his hands.

Honestly, there were several items.

He was carrying three boxes in his right hand and four bags with his left hand.

I wasn\'t around when you guys moved.

This is my first time coming to your new place.

So a small housewarming gift. Han Zhuoli smiled warmly and explained.

Lu Man was touched by his gesture as Lu Man really didn\'t think that he would be so thoughtful and considerate.

She reached her hand out wanting to help carry some items, but Han Zhuoli refused.

It\'s a little heavy, you shouldn\'t carry it.

This little girl had yet to even been spoiled and coddled, why would he let her carry all this.

No matter who carried these bags and boxes, it would still look rather awkward and clumsy, absolutely ruining the person\'s image.

Yet Han Zhuoli looking prim and proper, as he carried the gifts.

Although it looked a little out of place, he was still standing tall and straight, like a sturdy pillar.

Nothing could ruin his elegance.

Especially with that handsome face.

Then they took the lift to the 12th floor.

Apart from the excellent security measures in this neighborhood, the thing that pleased Lu Man was the system in the lift.

Every resident could only start the elevant with their own card and could only go to the level where their apartment was.

Not only did reduced the interaction between neighbors, but it also made it difficult to drop by and visit the neighbors.

However, most of the residents here are very busy people, they usually didn\'t have the time to drop by their neighbor\'s place to chit-chat.

But what pleased Lu Man the most was that this way even if Lu Qiyuan found a way to break through the security outside and get into the neighborhood, he wouldn\'t be able to take the lift to their place.

This was like a double insurance.

I still have two more spare cards at home.

Take one with you later, Lu Man said to Han Zhuoli.

Ok. Happy, Han Zhuoli smiled and agreed.

Honestly, Lu Man didn\'t know that this was also why Xia Qingwei agreed to move out of their old house.

If the trouble name Lu Qiyuan didn\'t exist, Xia Qingwei planned to live in that original apartment as she didn\'t want to waste money to buy another new apartment.

It was already enough that they could live in an apartment.

However, because of Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingwei was afraid that Lu Man would always be in a worry.

Moreover, Lu Man couldn\'t live with her forever.

Sooner or later, she would have to marry and move out.

Also, she couldn\'t possibly still bring along this mother of hers after getting married.

Once Lu Man moves out, if she lived alone in this neighborhood that had such excellent security, it could prevent Lu Qiyuan from coming her to create trouble for them and thus, Lu Man would be at ease, and she won\'t have to keep getting distracted and have to worry about her.

Right now, Han Zhuoli followed Lu Man and entered the apartment, surprising Xia Qingwei.

Xiao Han, you\'re back!

Yes, I just got back today. Han Zhuoli explained.


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